Saturday, July 31, 2010

[TRANS] 100731 To all of Cassioepia: It's been a year...

Today is a day that no Cassiopeia would ever forget. It's been a year, and it's gone by in a blink of an eye, hasn't it?

We've waited an entire year, and in truth, it is undeniable that this period has really shown to us all how much we genuinely love our boys.

Throughout this time, we've had our doubts, our worries and even conflicts amongst ourselves, but all that is behind us now, we've made the decision to stay, and to keep waiting. Cassiopeia is a force to be reckoned with, seeing our enthusiasm, it's almost as though nothing ever happened. Every now and then, we may speak of our boys, about how much we miss them, but it's only because we want to see the five of them together again. We motivate one another, we encourage those around us to stay positive, and we vow to wait together; I'm proud of what we've achieved, of this entire fandom.

Many of us have shed tears, and yet we continue down this path because we believe. The boys have our unconditional and wholehearted faith and patience.

Some say they are charmed by our boys' looks, some by our boys' music, and some by our boys' love and emotion. Me? I'm a fan of these fans.

Others may not ever be able to comprehend this kind of unconditional love that we fans have to offer, yet we sacrifice it anyway, to a point where we could almost be deemed reckless and foolish. Even if we may never see those that we love, we love them anyway, regardless of other people's words, perception and lack of understanding.

It is magical, the way the emotions of others are able to affect our own.

Some say that to be a fan of an idol group is to inflict pain upon oneself. Groups inevitably separate, leaving fans with no choice but to focus their support on one particular member. On the other hand, we are Cassiopeia, and each and every one of us knows that we will continue to support DBSK as a whole regardless of the outcome of this difficult situation, wouldn't you agree?

And after writing all this nonsense, my one hope is that all of you will continue to wait, to support and to protect our boys.

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Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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  1. of course! Cassiopeia is indeed a force to be reckoned with..
    Always Keep the Faith!
    Cassiopeia Fighting! :D

  2. Thank you, Chinese Cassiopeia. I gather my strength from knowing that there are other fans keeping the faith too. I really needed this.
    Thanks for sharing, admins!

  3. no matter what all of us will wait them for eternity.. we'll always support them and give our love to them.. we'll unite and stay strong for them..
    TVXQ for eternity!!

    p.s: for those of u who is reading this article and has twitter, pls tweet #imissdbsk as much as u can.. thanks!! ^^

  4. thank you so much for writing this article !! yeah, we are Cassiopeia who will be waiting for dbsk and supporting them forever. DBSK ,fighting !
    Cassiopeia ,Fighting !! saranghae ^^

  5. i couldnt have said it better myself.
    It's been a while since i last visited this site, but today being today, i had just had to. i remember this day last year so clearly. Having just finished a month of Summer School in Korea, i was on my way back to the UK. When on the high-way back to my city, my sister sent me a text notifying me of court-case. would you guys believe me if i told you my period started immediately upon recieving the news. i was so baffled.

    I think we can only grow stronger from our experiences. Patience is a virtue. Being part of Cassiopeia is phenomenal. Thus waiting will not be a problem.

    Thanks for sharing. ^_^


  6. will love them no matter what~~ ;D

  7. I'm going to stick around, there's no doubt in my heart.

  8. I was so moved reading this. I started liking the guys in early 2005 and it opened my heart to love music again. I started learning to read and write Korean because of them. They made me want to try so many things that i never even dreamt of doing. I always believe that their voices are gifts that i was lucky enough to chance upon and love. Each of their voices are like a different musical notes and only when they come together that they become this beautiful song that we all love and adore. I am willing to wait forever just to hear that beautiful song again. 동방신기, 사랑해요. 영원히.

  9. Yes I'm waiting because I don't think I will ever be able to find another better group. It's alr a year, so why should we stop?

  10. i will waiting no matter what... DBSK saranghae!!
    CASSIE saranghae!

  11. i totally will waiting for them!!! bcoz only them taht i adore... really love.. really take care about~!!
    even like now i still happy bcoz they still work hard just to satisfy us.. there will no other artist or group taht can ever replace them!!!
    even in my heart~!!

  12. umm i know i might sound annoying but what are you talking about its confusing me because i became a fan just a few months ago

  13. umm.. its been a year since the lawsuit begins.. & from that day.. it was very challenging for DBSK fans to face it until now..
    eventhough they still not back perform together.. we'll just wait ok..!!

  14. thankyou very much ^___^ even though i dont know vwery much ill keep on supporting them till the very end and always keeping faith

  15. Thank U Cassiopeia. I fall in love, in one Year, for u! ^^
    I stay for Dbsk, and with u, Cassio, will better...


  16. As long as fans remain as one, DBSK still exists, no matter what. They always existed because of the give and take of love. This group was only partially created by SM. The really important part was created by the love between Cassiopeia and them.

  17. if DBSK can wait...y not we, CASSIOPEIA!!
    as jaejoong said: lets wait together!! im still hold to his word^^

  18. DBSK forever, baby~ Even by next year this may not be over, but I'll still be waiting. I'll keep praying and I won't forget them.. Baby, I Keep the Faith, eternally~♥

  19. this letter is perfect! all true *^*
    we're strong because of them <3

  20. We are strong and I think that this year shows that.
    We've stay together even when things sometimes are getting worse.
    Time is a powerfull weapon, you know? It can show if a person is worth it or not.
    And I think we, as Cassiopeia, prove everyone wrong.
    We choose to stay here. Silently and waiting.
    To them to come back to us.
    Sometimes I feel I can't take it... but then I see their faces and everything in my life makes sence again. The tears I share are full with the love I feel for them.

    So no matter what could happend in the future... I choose this path, I will choose it all over again if that's what it takes to feel like this about them.

    Always Keep The Faith, Girls.
    Because no one can take this away from us.

  21. DBSK Forever!
    Always Keep The Faith <3
    Even though one year passed, I'm still waiting. And, I will still be waiting even if it takes many more years.

  22. Though I'm an American fan, I like to think that I'm a Cassiopeian at heart...
    because like all of you,
    I love these guys!!

    And no matter what,
    I will continue to pray for and support
    Yunho, Max, Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu
    in any way I can, and I will


  23. of course I will tweet it, of course I will.

    although I'm only Cassiopeia by heart... although this one year you mentioned is the same time I'm loving DBSK... Ironic, that the moment I start to really love them this whole thing happens... *bitter smile*
    But... I couldn't stop loving and supporting them.
    They're our DBSK.
    They need us.
    They need to know that even if so many shit happens in this world we are always behind them.
    We always love them.
    And we never stop believing and keeping the faith.


  24. thanks for these words :)Lets keep the faith...

  25. Seeing that so many other Cassiopeia's are still fighting with all they have to love and support and to be there for our boys, it really hits me knowing that I have loved them so unconditionally for so long and each day I love them more and more.
    We will wait and through this we will become stronger in our love and support for them!
    They need us and We will always no matter what stay by there side! What ever they are going through we will always be there right next to them to love and support them because we love them and we will always love them!
    ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. it's already been a year.. but it seems like forever...
    i've already waited for this why will i stop?! i'll be waiting for matter what.. i don't think i'll be able to let go of them...
    always keep the faith!<3


  28. my hair was stood during reading this note..
    omo..ill always save them keep them in my heart
    DBSK is always a big big stars,
    a legend
    well keep waiting
    no one knows how this difficulty will turn into happiness
    ill wait for that day

  29. i feel like crying (again) when i reda this post..
    seriously,, i can't believe that time flies so fast,,
    it's already a year after all this commotion happened...
    and i will always waiting,,
    i believe in them..
    one day, they'll be back, together, as 5, as TVXQ...