Monday, July 12, 2010

[TRANS] 100711 Jaejoong Completes Recording, Shows Off Sexy Tattoo But Looks Frail

On 11 July, Tohoshinki's trio Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun ended the recording for their new album in America, and returned to Korea from LA. This trio, often referred to as "JYJ" will be releasing an album for the first time after the lawsuit with SM Entertainment, and this is getting a lot of attention from the Asian entertainment Industry.

The trio's current agency, Avex, managed to invite famous American producer Kanye Omari West and Timbaland to participate in the production of the new album, and there has been internal information that says "Both men are major hit producers, and this album is arguably the most expensive Asian album ever to be produced." The proceedings of the recording were also considered as "Top Secret", with the trio flying to Hawaii to work with Kanye, then to LA and Miami for discussions with Timbaland.

However, the trip to America has been plagued with issues. The announcement about Park Yong Ha's suicide on 30 June was a big hit to the trio, who were close to him. Kim Junsu had a sudden bout of fever that went over 40 degrees, attributed to overwork and grief about the loss of a good friend. Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun then took a short break from the recording, and concentrated on recuperating with Junsu before returning to the studio.

One point to note is that the passing of Park Yong Ha has had a great effect on Jaejoong, and insiders say that "It might take a while to get over the sorrow," revealing a close friendship between the two. When Dong Bang Shin Ki debuted, Park Yong Ha had already gained popylarity for his role in "Winter Sonata."

"To Dong Bang Shin Ki, Park Yong Ha was a role model." Even though that had exchanged a few words at a program recording previously, but it was only 4 years ago, through a mutual friend, that brought their relationship closer. This was especially so between Jaejoong and Park Yong Ha, and the two often share phonecalls and meals together. "They were both Korean artists trying to establish themselves in Japan, and this situation made them close friends." When the trio got involved in the lawsuit against SME, Park Yong Ha called Jaejoong to show his concern, and even on the day before his suicide, Park Yong Ha made a long distance call to Jaejoong and invited Jaejoong to watch his Live performance, and made arrangements to meet up for a meal when Jaejoong returned. What Jaejoong didn't realise at that time was, that it would be the last conversation between the two.

People close to Jaejoong also revealed that he was shattered after hearing about Park Yong Ha's demise, and said "I really cannot believe that he left us this way. But I was really worried for him recently," saying that Park Yong Ha was indeed acting strangely. During their last conversation, Park Yong Ha was especially high, and talked a lot more than usual. "Did you drink? Are you really okay?" were questions that Jaejoong had asked him during then.

Appearing at the airport on 11 July, dressed in a white singlet,and one could see part of his sexy back tattoo, but many people also pointed out that he had slimmed down visibly, worried that he was still grieving over the loss of his good friend. After returning to Korea, Yoochun will be concentrating on the filming of "SungKyunKwan Scandal" while Jaejoong and Junsu are expected to head over to Japan for more activities.

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  1. cry when you feel unbearable sad
    smile when you happy
    but don't let anything make you suffer
    Cause you're Kim Jaejoong
    the forever Hero of TVXQ.

    Love you..

  2. jaejoong bb, i wish i can do something for you :(
    please know that your fans, your brothers, your family, your friends will always stand by you and love you

  3. I remember I felt great pain because a family member was very ill while I should feel great joy because of a family wedding. But the pain took hold and I got angry and thought "why do I have to let bad win over the good? I should let the good overpower the bad". I decided to concentrate on the happy wedding event. Of course I did all I could to comfort the sick etc. but that day was a turnpoint in my life where I decided I should let the good things have more power in us.

    JaeJoong, please look onto the good, the great love of your family/friends/fans and be comforted.

  4. we love you jae....