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To smile... And show gratitude to their fans through their voices


Thanksgiving Live in Dome
2010.6.3. Tokyo Dome

Even though it's said that in concerts that there are many songs repeated, but because it's been such a long time since hearing the voices of the three, their huge presence gives us a heartfelt feeling that's hard to express in words. Like the last song in the concert , the lyrics like "hitotsu hitotsu nobotteikuyo" (climbing step by step) resound through and show their deep hope for the future.

Jejung Junsu Yuchun
The three's Thanksgiving Live in Dome successfully finished on the 13th of June in Tokyo Dome. There was a total of 4 performances held at the Osaka Kyocera Dome, and Tokyo Dome. Accordingly, the concert broke audience number records for the Kyocera Dome, and it attracted approximately 54,000 viewers to the Tokyo Dome. Both the three of them and the fans were waiting for this day of being back on the stage. When the concert started, a video of the three with their personal messages to the fans was shown and triggered many emotions. In this heated atmosphere, the three appeared on different parts of the stage and regrouped back in the center. Ah, it really feels like a drama....

Then they performed a new song (Always for You), and the three's voices that expressed their feelings deeply moved the audience. Jejung and Yuchun brought a lot of emotion with their love song , and Junsu sang the theme song for Yuchun's drama. After that, Junsu suddenly changed the topic to Yuchun's kiss scene and brought a lot of laughter to the audience.

On top of the songs , , and which were composed especially for the concert, Yuchun and Jejung performed which the whole audience sang along to.

Junsu followed on with his hot dance track which was released under the name "XIAH Junsu". His sensual dance moves and manly charisma took many's attention. Jejung and Yuchun also surprisingly joined in for a part of the performance, and was only available during this concert, something like a present for the fans.

After that was Yuchun's solo , and he chose a lucky fan from the audience. The fan, after arriving on the stage was quite confused, but with Yuchun serenading her and having his eyes on her, the rest of the audience was in a frenzy.

Under the criss-crossings of spotlights, Jejung performed intense rock song and held the same sexy charisma. The three that have these qualities awed the audience.

With special guest Lisa, they performed m-flo's and again rose the tension of the venue.

After all of those performances, the one with the most attention was their encore song that was sung with a deeply sorrowful voice that stunned the audience. Voices like these will always be treasured no matter what time it is. They expressed their honest and pure thoughts, as well as their gratefulness of being able to stand on the stage to the fans after the performance.

"I was worried if we could perform in the Dome once again, but the reason we're performing here is because of everyone's support", was Yuchun's emotion filled comment.

Junsu also said: "It's like the rope binding me tightly has been broken and I'm really happy, thank you everyone", and showed a face of emotion that was unforgettable.

Jejung commented: "I cried in front of everyone at the Osaka stage, and I think I shouldn't of done that. Compared to that, isn't singing my heart out and presenting a joyous stage more meaningful?"

The three's honest words stirred up a lot of emotion, and also tears. The three also were leaving the stage with red eyes from their emotions.

(concert song list omitted)

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