Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[FANVID] That YUNJAE touch

OMG. Yunjae....i so miss them.

Credits: Yunise7
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i love this video so much. yunjae is soooo real! :D


yunjae is real!<33
Miss them alot.
they must miss each other too. Jae must need Yun comforts now.*sighs

so lovey dovey.... i miss them too

I miss them so much. T___T *tear*

AWW THIS IS SOO CUTE. u can soo tell that jae is smiling after they held hands XDD <3 <3. I miss these guys :( btw wut song was playing at 3:54??

i don't care if they are in a romatic relationship
but they obviously care so much for each other

Lets spray some YunJae love~! xDDD

*gives YunJae cookies* xDDD


T.T I Miss Yunjae a lot , that is so Real

There's only one person I'd willingly hand over Yunnie-shii... and that's Jaejoong!!!Hahaha!!

UMMA JAE!!!! Reunite with Appa Yun and let us see Yunjae in 2010!!!!!

Miss seeing the both of them being like this.........
I dun think Yunho has done this to others...only to Jae2x!! Hahaha!

Yunjae 4evah!

Whoever posted this rockzzzz!!! i love u dbsknights admin! LOL

Man, I miss those two and I looovee this song!! Thanks a lot for posting this, guys :)

i miss their interaction!!!
thks for the vid~~~!! :)

I just miss all 5 of them being together.

T____T seriously miss YUNJAE SO MUCH!! MISS THIER INTERACTION!! not only that..miss 5 of them being together also!!! i hope they can be together again!!

We all miss yunjae not to mention soulfghters too T_____T it has been 1 year already.. wow I never knew we would have to go through this for a whole year and I hope it won´t be 2 years . everyday I wake up in hope I would find an article about everything has ended but as a loyal fan I doubt it will happen soon . I miss them ;_; always keep the faith and screw sm!!!! why don´t they take care of the lawsuit insted of letit be for whole year!!!!??

AWW. i miss yunjae!!!! argh. >.<

sorry can i ask what is the songs title for the video?

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