Monday, June 14, 2010

[TRANS] 100613 Tohomobile - Thanksgiving Live at Tokyo Dome Day 2

Thanksgiving Live in Dome has finally come to a perfect end thanks to everybody's smiles and support.
We would like to convey our gratitude to all of you from the bottom of our hearts,
each and every member of the crew has gained a great deal of confidence and motivation,
and we ask you all to watch over us in the days to come.

Source: tohomobile + TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. Looking at them makes me miss the whole group...

  2. Two missing pieces in the picture... they tried to fill the gap, but 5 always makes them complete...

    We all miss you TVXQ/DBSK/THSK

  3. Just suppoRt the 3 ok .how come when it's yunho or changmin activities people are not saying or commenting "it's empty coz their not 5"issue but when it's the JYJ thing always have the issue "oh their not complete or oh it's different coz their is no yunho or changmin" grw up people I love dbsk but what can we do they have their own life and decision the only different is the 3 choose not to be a slave of sm and the other 2 sided with the company. Just support them that all I can say

  4. thos three boys are very happy they still keep singing

  5. ^
    agree with u

  6. they did good
    they look exhausted
    I'm proud of you guys

  7. Yoochun has such beautiful skin ♥

    hwaiting~! It is wonderful to just see them three on stage, but they all have a lot of stage charisma. It must have been great to sing again on stage, representing Tohoshinki Jaejoong, Tohoshinki Yoochun and Tohoshinki Junsu, instead of just their solo activities.

    You could feel the vibe they had as five, their love for music and that is a comforting feeling.

  8. @anonymous:

    how come when it's yunho or changmin activities people are not saying or commenting "it's empty coz their not 5"issue but when it's the JYJ thing always have the issue "oh their not complete or oh it's different coz their is no yunho or changmin"

    --> because Yunho and Changmin didn't share any activities at all, don't you even know that? Yunho participated in MJ Memorial Concert in March, that's all. Changmin almost disappears...

    The only time they officially appeared together is the 3D conference. I swear it was painful to most of us seeing only 2. Just like how we felt incomplete when only 3 performed at the Dome. It's not about growing up or not. Sure we have to move on, sure we respect their decisions, sure we support 5 of them but after all we're human with our emotions, not Robot. Give us a break!

  9. Jae you are pushing yourself too much. After crying so hard he still poses in the camera and tries to smile though his lips can't even form a smile. That's Jaejoong for us.

    How can I not love them. They are all so sincere with their emotions. They not only shared their music but also a part of themselves by being honest.

    So what if I'm only a fan but you see I can't help to love NOT ONLY THEIR MUSIC BUT THEIR PERSONALITY AS WELL. How can I not give them something in return if they shared a portion of their true self to us. What I can only do is to give something in return and that is my Heart. I cannot even take my Heart back even if I wanted to cause I handed it to them in a silver platter and I don't want it back. I don't care if they don't know me personally. What I know is that they know without knowing us personally, how we truly felt. I love their music but I love the person that they have become because they inspire me to be strong like they are now. So JYJ, you have my support and I really do LOVE YOU. Don't worry I'm one of those people who will be watching over you.

    I'm glad you cried and let it all out. Only after you have cried and pour out all your emotions can Healing start. Pain comes before Healing and if you have to undergo that Pain so be it. Then and only then can you move on & look forward to a brighter future coz somewhere along that road you will be taking you will will meet them, the ones that you LOVE and PROUD of.

  10. lol why does chun like to accentuate his forehead? i see yoosu hands on jae's shoulder?? xDDDDD

  11. @ Mai
    I really love you for what you've said. Some people should respect what others are thinking rather than quickly assumed that missing 5 members = don't support the 3 = don't grow up

    Why don't they shout that 'grow up' to JYJ instead? They're the ones who obviously wanting as 5 more than us. They even wrote the song. If even JYJ want and hope and believe to be 5, why can't we?

  12. Well, whatever happens, we will always support the 5 of them, together or not, always

    That's why we still believe ^^

    Well, sometimes people will feel lonely, but hey, we're not used to yet... and well, there's still a chance? Oh well... the only important thing is to always support xD

  13. Congratulation for the best work!
    keep praying for your success and luck for the coming lovely days. still holding the hope of seeing all 5 members of DBSK/THSK/TVXQ performing together on the stage as one bombastic Asia group.
    Keep shining and fighting!
    *with love* ^.^

  14. I'm a fan of DBSK since the debut in 2003 and i think i know the member very well ...( sorry i can only comment in french :s)
    A chaque fois il ya les même commentaires des fans sur des sites disant " congratulation" " i'm very proud of you guys" ect ... c'est sur que c'est bien , mais faut pas oublié qu'il ya 2 membres mis sur le côté et que les trois autres ne sont pas arrivé là tout seuls MAIS c'est grâce au GROUPE!
    Et faut pas se leurrer ,ya un problémes entre les membres du groupe cela ce voit sur certaines apparitions en 2010. De plus Jaejoong Yoochun, Junsu on creé un nouveau groupe JYJ , et ils ont des projets futurs aux USA font des concerts.. Donc dite moi pensez vous vraiment que Changmin et Yunho le prennent bien et les encouragent a faire cela ?? Je ne nie pas le fait que JYJ les aiment, mais je pense que même si le groupes refait des activités ensemble, sa ne sera jamais plus comme avant connaisant le caractéres des membres. J'éspére me tromper :(

  15. ^^^^^^
    OMG you're french?
    Lol je suis d'accord avec toi, ce ne sera plus jamais pareil. Comme tu dis il ne faut pas se voiler la face, je ne pense pas que yunho et changmin soient totalement d'accord et n'aient aucun problème avec les activités de JYJ. Il doit forcément y avoir un certain ressentiment. Ils sont humains après tout. Mais j'éspère aussi qu'on a tort.
    (Moi je ne les connais que depuis un an ;_;)