Sunday, June 13, 2010

[FANACCOUNT]100612 Thanksgiving Concert p.7

Tokyo Dome first day
Junsu looked like he wanted to cry from the beginning
Yoochun’s eyes were watering…
Jaejoong cried in the end

They, all three of them, sang with sorrow, all cried.

Yoochun talked in the end

This performance, what we are worried about the most is will fans show up…… But this time seeing everyone’s smile, do you know how happy we are, you all know right~ Today onwards we still want to have 20 performances~ After today, really~ As Yoochun, I want to bring everyone happiness

Jaejoong’s last words in MC were tearful

Everyone have a lot of stuff you want to tell us right? We understand clearly what everyone want to say~~ but, want to say, can’t say it…… These times when you have a mouth but can’t talk, want to cry yet can’t cry out? But i want to say everything I want to say at this live~ cry when I want to cry…… but on this stage, sending everyone a happy smile is the most important thing.


Last year we stood in this same place, but so many things happened. Standing here today, I am very restless…… But everyone’s support is very touching~ I want to cry from the beginning, to repay everyone’s support, I will sing until the end, no matter when……

Account #2:

My heart is still beating nonstop~

What should I write?

Yoochun~~~ I love you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I just want to shout “Yoochun” continuously~~~~~~~~
The place I sat at, I couldn’t see part of the performance


It’s a miracle seat~~♪♪♪

Not really~~~ *laugh*

In front one of the stages~~♪♪♪

And in the first three rows

Isn’t that very close!!! *laugh*

Live — from the beginning Junsu suddenly appeared in the stage in front of me!!


From the beginning, all three of them had teary eyes and looked like they are about to cry

Then the three of them sang many times right in front of me~~

Being this close to listening to them

It felt like they were singing to me *laugh*

Yoochun was shy so he seldom looked this way

But I caught his eyes after he looked this way for the second time

Junsu ah~~~~~~~

His voice is so beautiful♪♪♪♪

I felt it was the best♪

He really is Asia’s number 1 singer~

The high school girl beside me is a Jaejoong fan, so whenever Jaejoong comes this way she would scream really loud *laugh*

When Chunjaesu stood on the stairs it felt like I was dreaming

only about 4,5 meters away from them

Yoochun’s butt is small ~~~~~~~ *laugh*

Jaejoong’s skin is so white~~~~~~~

The ball Junsu threw over here landed not to far away

Then three mommy fans started a battle fighting for it

In the end, a mommy fan would not give up because she couldn’t get the ball

They had to call the security guard to settle it

I saw the vicious side of females *laugh*

During My Girlfriend I thought maybe if I try I could be choosen

Even though Yoochun did look this way, he choose someone closer to the front, a 16 year old girl
so lucky~~~~~~~~~~~~

This little girl is so cute!!

During colors, Jaejoong was in the stage in front of me~~~!!!!

Oh gosh~~~ Spirit Jaejoong!!!!
All the kids around me were touched and cried~*laugh*

But he really is amazing

I want to introduce the track list, but forgive me this kind of B type person

In the end the three of them walked over

Yoochun cried (T_T)

So I stared at the shy Yoochun continuously

Thank you

The words in your heart, I received them all

The end, they looked over very seriously

Really watching live performance is not the same~~

They used their souls to sing theses songs will be carved into so many people’s hearts

Even thought today the Homin isn’t here today
Its really sad, but thinking of the trio’s feelings it makes me depressed

Their feelings will surely be delivered to Homin!!!

credit: 米仓+门牙+baidutvxq
trans by:
shared by: DBSKnights


  1. I'm waiting for more clips of JeJung focus on all the songs he sang...actually the whole concert with all 3.