Sunday, June 27, 2010

[FANACCOUNT] 100626 - JYJ in Los Angeles Airport

So, around 1:00 AM I got the message that JaeSu were on their way to LA. I couldn’t sleep well and had to rely on energy drink in the morning . This is my 2nd attempt going to the airport. The 1st time was when Yunho went back to Korea but I didn’t succeed that time. I arrived at LAX around 10:00AM and found Reiko, her sis, and her mom (I envy them so much because I wish my mom and my sis could be fans of them too). Waiting and waiting, waiting and waiting, I was praying inside because I wouldn’t want to miss them again. When I was waiting, the song Run Devil Run kept popping up in my head lol. I got so bored after a while and began looking around. Reiko on the other hand kept her eyes fixed at the gate ^^. When I said something, she was surprised, I found that so cute ^^.

Ok, no more ranting. HERE THEY COME. I smiled and waved at them but got no reaction lol. I got my camera ready to film them but after I saw them, I just gave up because I’d rather stare at them with my own eyes than through camera. There were around 20-30 fans around so I’m pretty sure someone would take much better vids and pics than I would. I was so disappointed when I saw Jae and Su wearing mask. Well, at least I could see Jae’s eyes. Everyone screamed when they saw them (I didn’t though XD). We ran towards the exit and I still had time to look at people’s reactions, they were like “what’s going on” and I heard an ajumma said in Korean “who’s that?” They got a little lost after they got out and I found Jae’s reaction really cute, just like a lost child. (Sorry, I was focusing too much on Jae that I didn’t see much of Junsu. )

We were following them outside and I expected to see a car coming to pick them up right away. However, fortunately, they are going to the parking lot instead which meant more walking time ^^. When they crossed the street, I was following and I was surprised that most fans stayed behind. I was checking if I did anything wrong lol. Anyway, they followed shortly after. When we were waiting for the crossing light to turn on, Jae stood really close behind Junsu, like really really close. I was amused because I felt like Jae was finding some safety behind Junsu with the fans around lol. After crossing the street, they took the stairs and we fans took the elevators. Oh, that was when I saw YooChun’s back. I was surprised because I was informed that only JaeSu would come. I recognized his back right away because it looked exactly like in the pics. We went to the 2nd floor, I didn’t see the car so I just followed other fans. The 1st thing I did was checking the car plate. BUT, there was no car plate T_T. I think it was a white BMW. Anyway, I heard screaming and when I looked inside the car, they took their mask off. I saw Jae looking at my direction (heart stopped for a moment XD). I waved goodbye to them as they left.

This is my 2nd time seeing the members. 1st time was Hollywood Bowl. My feelings are always messed up after I see them. I think I’m not the type to scream when I get too nervous/excited/shocked. I was silent the whole time (yes, even during their performances at Hollywood Bowl and the same thing happened this time). I guess I was too much in a daze upon seeing them, time just stopped and I didn’t exactly know what was going on. The best I can come up with to describe how I feel is the whole world just turns black and white and they are the only ones in colors lol (Well, the time in Hollywood Bowl, all I could see was Min ^^). Both time happened so fast that I didn’t think I ever saw them at all.

Some other thoughts: I was closest to Jae and the closest I got was 1m with fans ahead of me. So, I didn’t “smell” them, touch them or anything like that XD. Jae is not as tall as I thought and he’s not as skinny as I thought. Also, I saw 2 guy fans there. One looks very professional filming them and the other just trails behind like me. Just think I have to mention guy fans because they are very RARE.

Anyway, that’s the 1st fan account I ever wrote. I promise the girl who helped me out with the info that I would write one. Hope you like it and I will make sure to let you know if I get a chance to see them when they stay here.

No pics and vids from me, sorry T_T.

Just want to share my experience with meeting JYJ. Last night after coming home from the movies after 1 am. I got the news that JYJ will be arriving to LA tomorrow. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. I check LAX to make sure the time of Korean Air and Asiana flights that were coming frim Korea Woke up at 6:30 and got to the airport at 7:40. I was wondering if any other fans will be there or not. Around 9:30, i notice that there were a few fans also waiting Around 11ish, there were more fans waiting. Waited until around 12:50 pm, saw Jaejoong and Junsu walking out of the terminal. Start taking pictures and running toward them. jaejoong was going to the wrong way and the staff had to call him a few times before he notice he was going the wrong way. Lol Didn’t see Yoochun at first and wondering where he was. I turned around and notice Yoochun was walking out. Everyone start taking pictures of him, I was face to face with Jaejoong and I totally forgot to take his picture. Too shock to do so. Lolz I can’t believe I actually saw them. I follow them until they went up the stairs to their car. So happy to actually get to see them. I dead and went to Heaven. Lolz

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  1. " Jae’s reaction really cute, just like a lost child" AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW~~
    cutie <3

  2. when i read "who's that" I can't stop thinking about junsu

  3. aaaaw!! the fans were really really REALLY lucky!! imagine...face to face with them! omgsun!! hahahaha!!
    and yes,i can't stop thinking Junsu when i read the "who's that" part.hahaha! lmao!xD

  4. How do u get inform about these things at the airport. I really wanna know a website where they inform us when and what time DBSK's flights are.