Monday, June 14, 2010

[FANACCOUNT] 100613 JYJ Thanksgiving Live at Tokyo Dome Day 2

Part 1:

So I am back... Don't really know where should I start from.

Let's begin with the most heartbroken part... Weeping

At that time, I didn't cry, because I wanted to remember every single
thing, watching all of it... Jotting them down, telling everyone.

During the MC part in the middle (of the performances), when speaking
out his mind, Junsu looked like he was going to cry, but after saying
'first day we cried... then second day also... However, because it is
today, because it is right here, therefore we are not going to cry. We
wanted to spend our time together with everyone with our smile till
the very end.'
At this moment, (we can see)Junsu in the big screen was trying hard to
hold back his tears. Micky seems calm though. Jejung... hmm... still
looking fine at this point, still smiling.

They didn't cry, that's what I was thinking. I can go back and tell
everyone that tonight they didn't cry!

Yet... (They were) still crying in the end... at the very last
moment... when they thanked everyone...
To raise up the hand for the final time, bowing to everyone... (He)
cried... raised his head... covered his mouth with his hand, while
saying sorry he ran to backstage.
That cry... was vigorously... because all of us can hear it clearly...
it was loud... rushing to the backstage... the cameraman followed...
thanks to the cameraman... (all of us)saw it... Junsu who was
following at the back, was crying out loud too, but was not as intense
as Jejung... Micky didn't cry. We saw it clearly, he was the last one
who ran back to backstage.

Part 2:
Ok, let's start from the opening... Micky didn't cry till the end...
However at the opening... there was tears rolling down his cheeks, but
he didn't cry... only tearing...

Performance had started, very... hmm... I couldn't recall how does the
opening looks like right now, three of them, in white, singing the
songs that I was not familiar with. I wasn't sure what's my feelings
at that moment, able to meet them finally, that was great... so I
smiled. But deep inside my heart, and I didn't know why... tears kept
rolling down, unstoppable...

I am going to write down what I remembered first. The sequence... I
really can't put them in line now.

Since there were sentimental songs at the beginning, my heart was aching.
At last when reaching Micky's turn to sing 'Love is so beautiful'
everyone becomes energetic again.
Everyone was singing and jumping, whoa...

By the way, in this last performance, three of them had added a lot of
new things...
However I... once again... saw the reflection of 4th Live Tour...

(T/N: Part 1 and Part 2 are from the same author.)

Credits: TVXQBaidu + Wenjun企鹅
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. i wish to wipe those tears and pain away. or at least share their misery...

  2. tears of farewell... we won't know when we will see them sing again together, but we will always support them *nods*

    All of us wished to wipe those tears away, to make them all feel better, but all we can do is to keep supporting them anytime and anywhere

    Some cry and some not, but all of them have the same feelings... always believe and always keep the faith!

    Even though I cannot be there, reading fanaccounts, I felt heartbroken, happy and sad at the same time... their feelings have been shared to everyone who came and everyone who listen...

    Always keep the faith, always support our 5 Gods <3

  3. .. i'm crying too now.. even though i promised myself i wouldn't after the first concert.. yet..
    i don't know what i'd give to be rightnow by JJ's side, and hug him while telling him that everything is ok.. but.. i can't what can I do?
    i continue to keep the faith but.. it isn't changing what they're feeling..

  4. jae.. thank you for those tears (I HOPE U WONT BE CRYING ANYMORE.. ITS ENOUGH)... we are ONE!!!!


  5. @Kamerru,
    That is exactly what I want to do

  6. I feel so bad... My angels are crying and all I can do is supporting them from such distance... :(
    My feelings are really mixed up now.. I'm happy to see them on stage, singing but feel so sad seeing them cry like hell on that stage :(((
    Reading this makes me feel so helpless and useless... I would trade anything just to be with them even for 5 minutes to tell them that things will be alright and that I'll support them forever. Seriously, I do...

  7. This is really painful when reading this.
    To knowing that they were trying so hard to hold back their tears is hurt me.
    I just want them to do whatever they want to do.
    To cry their lung out, to smile so widely, to laugh with joy without worrying that our smiles would fade away.

    Please be strong!

  8. Today and so on, I want to believe that. We'll see them one day, together again. 5 as 1.

  9. after i read the fans account at kyocera and cried..and i told myself do not cry anymore no matter what the fans account write at tokyo dome...keep telling myself must be strong..must be the end i still can't hold back my tears...and th tears roll down of my cheek...

    However I... once again... saw the reflection of 4th Live Tour...

    yes...if homin are there...then they are super dampy happy...but in the end they didn't turned up...