Sunday, May 9, 2010

[TRANS] 100509 U-Know Yunho's Surprise Outing For A Close Friend

TVXQ's U-Know Yunho recently displayed his loyalty for a close friend.

U-Know Yunho visited the SBS Open Hall on the 9th. He, who did not venture out often since the suspension of TVXQ's activities, was there to support rookie group J.Rich's performance and entered a broadcasting company's waiting room for the first timeAlign Center in a while. A rumor did circulate that U-Know Yunho would be featuring in the song but all he did was drop by the waiting room.

One representative said, "U-Know Yunho visited the waiting room of J.Rich because he wanted to see the debut stage of his close friend Woojoo, who he first met in high school and who will be debuted after six years of training. He told Woojoo not to be worried and to show off his talents."

U-Know Yunho appeared in the music video for J.Rich's debut song . Park Soo Jin, who costarred in the music video, was also there to support the group.

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  1. Yunho-sshi is very considerate and caring ^^ Lovable xD

  2. leader ssi is simply the best supporting everyone

    hwaiting o.^_^.o

  3. our leader Yunho I like it ^-^
    He is very Good and the best supporting everyone

    Yunho Opa Fighting ^-*

  4. awww..Such a good friend. I just watched J.Rich's performance in Inkigayo and it was great. Of course it helps the picture of yunho was in the background screens. lol