Sunday, April 4, 2010

[TRANS] 100404 Max Matsuura's Twitter Updates (New)

Since I don't know if the Korean side will permit us, I can't say anything in my position, but I will try my best for the continuation of Bigeast. My friend messages will be updated @message_max

Max Matsuura just opened up a new twitter. If you guys remember how he used to send out friend messages on his blog, he says that this twitter will work as his friend messages. He hasn't been updating his blog these days, but he updates Twitter regularly.

I'll be happy if you can warmly watch over them who are having a fresh start. At the very least, I intend to go forward with the staff to a good direction with a positive and optimistic attitude. It's already Sunday evening, so I hope you'll spend the rest of Sunday well (end).

"The things that I've been wanting to tell up until now but cannot, but it would be good if I could tell you" is a strange expression. However, from now on, as a positive start, I'll change my attitude because I think it is a necessary thing to do. I think it's something I can do (cont.)

I am very sorry for making everyone surprised by the announcement made yesterday. I myself also don't know what to do… on the other hand, even if I knew what to do, everyone (cont.)

-First 3 tweets, irrelevant information omitted. He's talking about his day-

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  1. I really feel sorry for him. He sounds so sad and disappoited but still not giving up yet.
    And it seems like he is revealing something bit by bit on his twitter.
    Fighting Mr.Max!
    We Cassies and BE love U!!!

  2. agree with Fast...i feel he wants to tell the true but hes mouth must be shouting xD