Monday, March 22, 2010

[TRANS] 100320 Kamiji Yusuke blog entry

(t/n: T/N Kamiji is a popular actor!)

Title: Acting like Tohoshinki♪

Acting like an idol with everyone *laughs*

Our image is Tohshinki *laughs*

Each of us checked where to stand and made the face expression

Pashari (clicking sound of camera)

We check the picture

Start to crack up!!

We have absolutely no element of an idol (^-^)v

source: kamijiyusuke
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
shared by: + DBSKnights

7 DBSKnights Comment:

When did they start calling Tohoshinki idols??...well anywayz still funny

lol...!!! how funny!!!! that's sooo awesome!!

C: they're too short to be our lovely 5 boys!

That gave me a good laugh.

LOL i know them...! kekeke They're famous! this trio... wahahah

aww haha, that's cute x3

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