Wednesday, March 3, 2010

[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki in KBOOM MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 Issue

Oooh~ That girl sure is lucky.
Anyway, seeing Junchan, Chunnie and Joongie smile like that made me smile too :)
There goes his tongue again! :)
Never really saw "Heaven's Postman" but I should...soon...
Joongie, are you trying to smell Changmin?
Nevertheless, I like watching that photo. :)
Looks like he's trying to talk to either Changmin or Yunho. :)
I will never forget Joongie's speech here.
His line + his teary eyes made crying so inevitable :{
Did you guys get your Best Selection album yet?
If so, isn't it awesome?! If not, you should grab one now!
It really is the "Best selection" ;)

Sorry if I won't be providing a download link.
But if you wish to download these awesome HQ scans, you can easily save the images one by one :)
Besides, it's not that many ;)

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  1. I just preordered it. I am quickly going broke. :)

  2. in that pic were jaejoong looks like hez gona talk to yunho or changmin, is it b4 or after SM controversy?

  3. @xxAzznMusicLoverxx

    that pic was after the SM controversy. it was during their rehearsal for the 2009 year end NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen. :)