Wednesday, March 3, 2010

[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki in KBOOM MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 Issue

Oooh~ That girl sure is lucky.
Anyway, seeing Junchan, Chunnie and Joongie smile like that made me smile too :)
There goes his tongue again! :)
Never really saw "Heaven's Postman" but I should...soon...
Joongie, are you trying to smell Changmin?
Nevertheless, I like watching that photo. :)
Looks like he's trying to talk to either Changmin or Yunho. :)
I will never forget Joongie's speech here.
His line + his teary eyes made crying so inevitable :{
Did you guys get your Best Selection album yet?
If so, isn't it awesome?! If not, you should grab one now!
It really is the "Best selection" ;)

Sorry if I won't be providing a download link.
But if you wish to download these awesome HQ scans, you can easily save the images one by one :)
Besides, it's not that many ;)

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3 DBSKnights Comment:

I just preordered it. I am quickly going broke. :)

in that pic were jaejoong looks like hez gona talk to yunho or changmin, is it b4 or after SM controversy?


that pic was after the SM controversy. it was during their rehearsal for the 2009 year end NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen. :)

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