Monday, February 22, 2010

[TRANS] 100219 Netizens Remember Yoochun Saved Sulli

The video involving TVXQ's Micky Yoochun carrying f(x)'s Sulli is a hot topic among the netizens these days.

This video is taken from TVXQ's "Vacation." Micky Yoochun runs out of a burning building with Sulli on his back. Sulli caught everyone's attention because even though her little face was cover with black smudges, she still had a sunny smile on her face.

"Vacation" is about the top idol group TVXQ's two-week break before their concert where they got to go on their dream vacation; a four-part story begins. Aired in 2006 and because it stars TVXQ, many people watched it and loved it.

The story involving Yoochun and Sulli is the last story called "Eternal." Sulli plays the part of Yoochun's childhood's first love. "Eternal" tells the story of Yoochun going back to his hometown for his vacation, and something mysterious happened therefore leading to the touching story of him protecting he's first love.

T/N: This article seems to be missing an important part. It does not mention why this video is a hot topic in korea right now. (Maybe because Sulli's birthday is coming up)

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I find it amazing that almost every kid they've interacted with is now making it big too.
For example, the little Jaejoong. As almost all of us know, he played the kid version of Rain's character in Ninja Assassin. :)

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  1. No wonder I feel the familiarity when I rewatched Vacation last week. =.=
    Oh and there's also Moonbin (mini Yunho) who acted as mini SoYiJung in BOF too! :D