Saturday, January 2, 2010

[VIDEO] SNSD Yoona and DBSK Changmin in Mirotic Concert

Credits: galio3rd + sosiz
Shared by: DBSKnights

Please be nice and I see some EunSu loving at the background!


  1. u kno... before i thot yoona was pretty fake.. (she just gave me that vibe) but maybe shes just really like that??? if thats the case, then i'll take the "fake" thots back...
    i just think its funny how they're standing SOO far apart.. can they even hear each other?? hahhaha

  2. my changmin...
    yoona touched his hand...

  3. *talking to myself*

    sigh. i don't have any right over his life. it is his life.
    so get a grip on yourself, stop it, do not cry.
    take a deep breath, smile. there you go.

    oh hell.

  4. it so sweet to see eunsu together :3

  5. ERR i hope i don't get beaten for what im going to say
    *prepares to run first*
    i think both Yoona and Changmin's cute in the vid!
    maybe because their age are quite near?
    so it's good to see that our maknae is in good terms with his younger sisters in the company(:
    Ps. im not a SNSD lover though..but im not a hater either

  6. I think that YoonA is cute though (Her face) I don't know her personality so I couldn't say anything against her. But seems like many people don't like her that much. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of SNSD.

    So, I take this holding hand thing is just like supporting to the boys.

  7. are u guys crazy or wat?? she is just greeting him and went thr to support and u all are like she is molesting him or wat?? please be mature!! WTH..and its cm who find her first after all..
    **im not a fan of snsd but a big fan of tvxq but i cant stand anymore**

  8. 3.55
    please dont fight. d admin will disable d comments.

    and i dont geddit no one above is bashing snsd so whats up with ur comment.

  9. Micky and Siwon lovin', there.
    DongBangSuJu Love going on. I spotted Kyuhyun and Leeteuk, as well as Donghae (the guy in the white beanie?).

  10. its cute ne .. they just like brother & sister ...
    changmin love you XDXD

  11. Too much hotness in a room y'all!

    At 1st I thought Yoona was like afraid of Changmin lol;pp
    She's soooo tiny! ^^ I'm not a big fan of SNSD but I like her~

  12. can someone post this somewhere else..i cant see the video that come from utube....hhuhuhu....

  13. Well... at least he's friends with other SM artists and not an anti social :)) Lol. EunSu!

    *i'm no fan of SNSD, just to let you know; and i'm not mad that Chang Min did that. so, yeah, 동방신기, 화이팅!!*

  14. I'm not a SNSD's fan. But still, Yoona is cute, quite natural... Changmin... yeah, he looks happy to me :D

  15. LOL Changminnie ^^ he keep on claping... cuteeeee...

    im not SNSD's fan & don't knw their personality,so i don't want to comment anything bad abt them, but i smile seeing Yoona bow respect to senior ^^ she nice..(thats my own 1st impression..)

    waaa...DONGBANGSUJU!! haha.. so glad to see them showing support for each other...

  16. tbh i don't like snsd and i don't like yoona because she seems fake and ditzy
    but they look really cute together?!?
    LOL at how he's waving his hand in her face like 'look at me!'
    & i also like the fact that she did a 90 degree bow
    everyone must bow to dbsk greatness mwahaha/lurks

  17. wow i didnt know so many people dont like yoona 0.0
    i always thought she was the most likable one
    its usually tiffany or jessica that gets the hate
    im not a snsd fan n i hate it when dbsk n snsd interact
    but that was really cute. minnie isnt the type to intiate contact
    especially physical so it was really cute.

    yunho also approached taeyeon. that was okk i cringed a little
    but overall okk >.< shinee n suju were really friendly.

  18. lol, why was she so surprised?

    o.O i'm okay with snsd, but i think she's really pretty *_* and min seemed to be towering above her though i doubt she's short xD

  19. ayaaaaaaa changminnie is so cute...

  20. *anger* containing oneself.
    sighhh;; hard to admit, but it was cute i suppose :(
    *crazy changmin fangirl very very mad!**

  21. *...decides to ignore*
    I like the Suju+DBSK interaction 8D

  22. CHANGMIN IS SOOOOOOO CUTE! haha yoona is so lucky! i actually like her though so i don't mind ^^ but if he had to go out with someone in snsd, it'd have to be sooyoung! she's the only one i'd approve of my changminnie dating~

  23. wah!!!!
    love it..
    both of them..

  24. ChangMin is so cute! I do like Changmin brings that hat! So lovely, right?


  25. waaaaah changmin is soooo cuute love yaaa~~

  26. They are so cute (funny) together. Min actually initiated all the hand touching/high fives so its super awesome. I'm not a SNSD fan but a SMTOWN one so i'm happy to see the interactions.

    ps: Just from the people who commented here, you can see how narrow minded some TVXQ fans are towards SNSD.

  27. never like that girl and her friends since the beginning. what's good with the girls?? hmmmm..... nothing,i cant find.

  28. OMGSUN! I just remembered!
    On Come To Play Min was labelled the Casanova among them HAHA
    in 20seconds they touched 3 times 0.0
    (i'm xiah bias i don't even know why i'm interested in this lmao)

    @anon 7:32pm what's narrow minded about not liking snsd? i don't like them because i can't relate to their personalities in anyway. just like how jj was told not to talk in the beginning, sometimes it looks like snsd are being told to act a certain way which is why some people think they're 'fake'.

  29. not a big fan of snsd, but i have to say that the clip was cute :D

  30. ehhh... I don't think this is anything to get angry about. YoonA already has too many guys *cough Nickhun Taecyeon... cough* chasing after her. ^^ I think it was just a harmless little "HWAITING" thing. :D

    EunSu = CUUUTE.

  31. I don't know what's big deal is...Changmin is being friendly with Yoona is that a crime...They're in same company..they're a like siblings...they're both cute.

  32. I'm getting cold here~XD Jealousy or Hearthache?? uhh..*grab Changmin* Anyway, models were busy taking photos at the back..lols

  33. Whats wrong with you guys?! Theyre just greeting each other!Jealous much? Too much...Way too much...
    SNSD is okay,they're pretty much like Suju
    and theyre in the same company,thats why they're close
    I like SNSD and I'm not afraid to admit it...
    Whats wrong with them?Okay,theyre pretty,is that a sin?
    Fake? Maybe Tiffany but I think theyre like Suju and DBSk
    bcause they trained together.Can't they talk?Cant they look at each other?Can't they meet?Cant they seen together?Cant they?

    BTW,I really like EunSu!!!So cute!!! Miss both of them together~

  34. if you notice more than half the comment in this blog included, "im not a snsd fan." im trying to figure out why is that needed? if yu're neutral & yu have a nice comment then thats fine, but some people are jus being mean... i dont see the point of saying "im not a snsd fan" if yu're basically gonna prove a sentence later that yu hate them.

    instead of judging snsd like i did in the beginning, i choked up the courage to get to know them. they are honestly sweet girls and have become my absolute favorite girl group. im not here to convince yu to like them, but before yu judge them on how yu "think" they are based on a few videos yu've seen, think about whether yu ever even gave them a chance...

    people in this blog remind me of some certain netizens... i understand how our love for dbsk can be a bit blinding, but is it a sin for them to interact with one another... i call the negative comments jealousy. at the end of the day if yu dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all...

    sorry for the long comment, i jus get upset wen i see comments like i saw before. lets all be open minded. :]

  35. It just seems awkward since i'm a supergeneration fan :D Was our teukie jealous though :P And DongHae and his beanies<3

  36. i cant watch the video . huuu . i really want to watch it !
    i want to see my buu changmin . who has another link to watch it ?
    i cant open it in youtube . please anybody . help me .
    haaaa T_____T

  37. I was interested in SNSD when I first saw them, after watching some vids and shows, now I'm neutral (dun like nor hate them). F(x) is my absolute fave girl group btw. *gets kicked out for being off topic*

    I like fans who just express how jealous they are without bashing the girl. It's totally alright to be honest of how you feel, as long as you dun try to bring others down coz that only shows how ugly you are. XP

    I think Yoona and Minnie interaction in the vid was absolutely cute! Especially the high five part!

  38. Let me just say. SM TOWN IS LOVE. <3

    But I would have liked it if Sooyoung was there (and Xiah was the one who said hi. Oh my happy fangirl heart). *runs away* SIWON MICKY! But but but HYUKSU IS LOVE. :) <3

    I love how Yoona went "Ohh, ANNYEONG~" in a very fangirly fashion. HAHA. But she stood so far away from Changmin. TT Whyyy Yoona? Maybe she was afraid of anti-fans? Don't worry Yoona unnie, we Cassiopeia are nice, right? ;)

    Again. Let me hear you say SM TOWN FOR THE EPIC WIN. :D

    TVXQ SNSD SUJU <3 && TSZX SHINee f(x) && BoA && Kangta && Isak! && the other 2384830438493048 (haha) members of SM Town LOVE. >w<

  39. ^
    yea, I think the part high five was very cute too

  40. I agree with Lucyyy and hav same thought too.
    I just love them all. No antis. but i really don't understand why certain netizens are way too much and hating one grp soooo much and judging them blindly.
    nyway, love how they show support to each other. Suju, shinee and few of snsd members actually went to support TVXQ! SM town love.

  41. dang 40 comments,

    thsi is what changmin is supposed to do, Yoona came to their concert, he just can't ignore and walk pass her. and all they did was hi5 and shake hands (in their way). Although I don't like SNSD. I didn't see anythihng wrong, with Chanming Greeting Yoona.


  42. Hahah, no need to be jealous or become an anti of Yoona.
    Who knows what they have been doing together XD (Don't get dirty or anything like that)
    But they are SM siblings and the whole family where there, SNSD, SUJU and DBSK (SHINee too, but maybe not in backstage)

  43. ahh some Hyuksu back there <33

  44. i think ppl say they r not a snsd fan to not get bashed cuz we cassie are known to be pretty bias n jealous easily lol i admit that the dbsk snsd scandal was not pretty n i absolutely hate taesu.

    im quite neutral towards them. i have given them many chances. they r human afterall no one is perfect. i have seen may of their performances live n other variety shows. i like some girls n other i dont so overall im quite neutral towards them. but whenever i see snsd n dbsk in the same sentence te girl fan takes over lol. yess blame fandom.

  45. I just love Changmin's random hairball. Lmaooo. <3

  46. yoona is ugly!, I hate her ¬¬
    I love snsd without her!... agh >__< and changmin is my fav.. why God ;O;?

  47. i also saw eeteuk-siwon-yoochun loving ^^

  48. oh they're very cute ;)
    my friend won't like this though, lol. she's a big fan of changmin.

    and I spotted yoochun :DD

  49. aww yoona and changmin! how cute... and changmin approached her first what a gentleman...
    SM family forever


    I think i see Yoochun and Siwon at the back. :>

  51. O Chun junto do Choi e o Jun com um outro SuJu lá atrás!
    Que tosse engraçada a do Chanq -qqq

  52. awwwww yoona is so cute :D

    and her and changmin make a really cute couple...sorry guys :D

  53. Omo they are adorable together..
    DBSK and SNSD Fighting!!!

  54. Though i m a big fan of minnie, i cant bring myself to hate this video.
    They two look so sdorable cheering each other on. =DD
    DBSK and SNSD FIGHTING!! <3<3