Friday, January 22, 2010

[TRANS] Yunho's Donation to Haiti was done SECRETLY...

it would've been an anonymous donation but:

It was found that TVXQ's U-Know Yunho donated to the earthquake victims of Haiti while trying not to draw attention to himself.

On the 20th, 'MBC Newsdesk' revealed the names of those who participated in the donations to help the Haiti earthquake victims.

'Jung Yunho', which is also U-Know Yunho's real name, was seen amidst the names and fans began speculating whether or not this was TVXQ's U-Know Yunho.

MBC carefully stated, "We're not supposed to reveal the donor's identity without his or her consent," and "U-Know Yunho's father called in instead, gave his condolences for the people of Haiti and donated 5 million Won (approximately $4,400)."

MBC also stated that, "He told us that the donor wished for us to show the donation under the name Jung Yunho so not to have his identity as a celebrity revealed. We thought that he did not want or need his stage name to be seen with his donation so we put Jung Yunho in the subtitles."

Netizens said, "His actions shine brighter because he donated under his real name," "It's great to see him donating secretly," and "He is good to the core," and left words of praise for U-Know Yunho.

i also have a wedding with him was also done secretly. *__*
*runs away from loads of flying bricks* kekekek ^__^

Source: [etoday+DNBN]
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  1. Naw... how sweet. Yunnie is so sweet! :D Kekek! I throw bricks at you, lol, nah.

  2. hahahahah.... ohhh ur horrible... squeezing that in in such small letters... hahaha....::evil laser glare!!:: jk!! ^_^

  3. He's trying to clean his image now so he's doing all this charity for name.

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  8. Thank you Yunholicious_babe once again for hard work.

    Thank you and respect you very much.

  9. stop those bashing guys~~~
    TVXQ is always as 5 do NOT forget that
    im gad our angel Yunnie donated ^^
    it doesnt matter how he donated
    in fact that he DID donate im so glad :)
    lets all continue to TRUST & support our TVXQ!!

  10. Yuan, you scare me. Don't be so crazily defensive, that girl just said some silly comment, let it lie. The focus should be on the fact that Yunho did a noble thing, actually scratch that, the focus should be on the fact that THOUSANDS of people are dead in Haiti and there are over a million orphaned children. Let's have some perspective yeah?

  11. Yunho is a great person, who does great things....and whoever says otherwise is wrong.:)

  12. Biwi, why would he need to clean his image? Image, after all, is a matter of perspective. In order for it to be objective, it has to be juxtaposed to the individual's history and lifestyle-of which, none of us is the wiser. But take it from Jae Joong who has witnessed and vouched in numerous magazine interviews about the integrity of this man. Why else would he initiate a shout out about his love for this man (and Min) in the middle of accepting a MAMA award? Let us not let our prejudice color our perspective.

  13. Biwi, I disagree with your opinion. We all know Yunho is a giving person who participated in charity events even before the lawsuit.

    Yuan, you went too overboard. I understand you love Yunho. We all love Yunho (most of us, at least), but no personal attacks, please.

    I know that Yunho, regardless of the circumstances right now, cares very much about people. He has a sincere heart, and that's one thing that makes him a great leader. :)

  14. since birth, before debut, after debut and until now.
    jung yunho has always been kindhearted, generous and down to earth man. period.

  15. Biwi, I assume you just come in DBSK's world,so you don't know that Yunho donated a lot before, and many years ago.

    I don't see anything wrong to make him 'clean' his image.

    Please don't start rumor here.

    Nothing wrong with Yunho's image, or any members in DBSK,they are human "love hate like dislike" just like ours,

    Just be theirself, that's good enough for me, nothing more.

  16. Please, backtrack all tvxq/yunho history and you would know how much had he done for the group and how much charity he did. Can we just have you blocked? That's one of the uses to have us singing in with our google account right?

  17. of course he did, thats our Yunnie and since he donated secretly I hope some poisonous mouths shut cuz he helps because he feels like it, he is not doing it for himself or anything. I agree with run, I mean cleaning up his image!? What is that? He hasn´t done anything wrong!!!!
    ppl really dont know what to invent -.- shame on you!!

  18. I just want to ask one question. Why would he need to "clean" his image?? He have done nothing wrong & there is nothing wrong with his image. Why u would need to clean something when there is no dirt on it? Isn't it funny?

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  20. that's great... but why he can be so nice to everyone else... but he can support his friends JAECHUNSOO.....

    i don't understand what did he think...!!!

  21. Dian, Yunho helps people who are in need.Jaechunsoo (unfair contract or not) are definitely NOT in need.
    Did you ever consider that there are people out there who value other things over distribution of profits and such?Yunho seems to be like that.

  22. ok, my comments get deleted, but I dont care, all I want to say is Yunho said in 03,2009 in a interview in Japanese magazine that he want to spend the half of his money to help ppl in need.

    The most Charity work he did is before the lawsuit, even ppl say he does this for clearing his image, I hope more ppl can do same thing.

    thank you for leave all this attackend comments as evidence and show us how unfair the world can be.

  23. LOL..look?? u guys did it again??? bashing other members like as always u guys did in yunho article before...shame on u!! i dont unsdrtnd ppl like this... if u really love & care about dbsk, then y it's hard for u to support all of them in no matter what happened.. pls be matured in your comments... even i'm joongie biased, i dont even like fans bashing on yunnie,minnie,chunnie&junnie also... i support all of them, IT'S HARD FOR U GUYS TO DO??? aishhh..... so much drama~~~

    btw, yunho is a kind hearted man as we know... he really do care about other ppl.. HE IS A GOOD LEADER-shi...LOL \o/

  24. dian, we'll never know what happened behind the closed doors and we shouldn't even pry, that's their private matters and whatever they do, all five of them, they must have a reason for doing it.

    i don't know why donating now makes yunho a bad person, this is purposely reading things in the wrong way -_- even before the lawsuit saga, yunho's been actively working with charities and things haven't changed since then. and we should be glad for that.

    i have my biases too but let's be honest, saying things like that in public will do nothing but create unrest =( the last thing they need now is for the fans to get divided. let's not do that =)

  25. yes, agree with ekkusuchan...i also dont get it why donating makes yunho a bad person O.o
    as far as i know donating is a good thing to do...haiz!

    btw, i just wanna say i BELIEVE in JUNG YUNHO as a normal human being with heart of an angel and i also BELIEVE in JUNG YUNHO as U-KNOW YUNHO; a leader of TVXQ with the heart of an angel too...

    p/s get to know them more before you wanna bad-mouth them...