Thursday, January 14, 2010

[TRANS] Little Yunho's letter to God

This picture surfaced in the internet a long time ago... But lately, it's been grabbing people's attention again. So, for those who haven't read this before, here ya go:

Letter to God… I, Yunho am worried…
My grandmother is very sick.
If my grandmother is sick, my mother will be heartbroken.
I like my grandmother a lot too.
Please let her be well! If you do, I will really try my best…
I’ll live helping others who are having a hard time. Oh yeah!
Is my grandfather doing well?
I was really hurt when my grandfather left (passed away) first
but…it would be nice if it didn’t hurt too much now.
I need to study hard and later go to a good college
and I also need to take care/be good to my parents but…
I just worry all the time and…
I’m confused as to what is what…
I want (expect) a lot of things right?
I’m just talking about me…
but what do you look like?
If I will be able to meet you….
That’s why I don’t know your worries...
(T/N: I think he’s trying to say he doesn’t even know
what God looks like or even be able to meet him
so how could he possibly know what God’s worries might be)
God, I’m getting tired all of a sudden
so I’ll stop writing! God, you’re not only mine.
Please take care of everyone around me.
I’ll write again.
Then, goodbye…

Credits: lovelyyunho@soompi
Shared By: DBSKnights


  1. naw what a little sweetheart!! i want a baby yunho!
    hehe i can just see little yunho sitting at his desk scribbling this down w/ such a concentrated face, naw

  2. man that is so sweet,
    made me cry. Young Yunho, so loving and caring, just like he is now!
    Oppa stay strong <3

  3. <333
    but i think he...was already in highschool when he wrote this?

  4. is it written by our Yunho???? seriously

  5. no, he was elementary schooler when he wrote this letter.

  6. Highschool really? I don't think so.

    Wonderful men like Yunho, usually start off as sweet kids.

  7. I thought it's elementary school, when he wrote this. But I'm wondering if it is really his writing. There's crosses by pen on his name. he should not write his name wrong right?

  8. ^Por: the place where he crossed out n wrote his name.. if u look carefully, its cuz he was gonna write something else, instead he decided to just write his name...

    i teared up looking at this...
    all of them are just such genuinely caring and nice guys... its always horrible for me to see anyone bashing any of them... =( and im sure you all feel the same...

  9. It sounds like Yunho.... sweet and caring & so~ responsible!! I just love that young man!!

    Dear God, please bring DBSK back together! Through these hardships, help them to learn to hold onto what's truly important. Help them to be humble, loving and be willing to sacrifice for others over self-centered desires. And please encourage Yunho at this moment wherever he is. Help him not to lose faith in you nor lose hope in you! Bless him God in all he does!!

  10. really sweet.
    so filial to family.
    Dear God, hope everything is gonna be alryt and I have same wish as Mia too.
    In return, I'll do my best in life like Yunho and I'll always support and love DBSK always, no matter what!
    Always keep the faith!

  11. awwww yunho oppa was rly sweet as if he's now
    he always will b de sweetest thing ever
    saranghae oppa..n yeahh God isnt olny yours
    He definitely will take care all of ur surrounding^^
    ur de best Jung Yunho...