Friday, January 22, 2010

[TRANS] 100120 Wu Zun of Farenheit Praises DBSK

As a member popular Taiwanese group Fahrenheit, and as a actor, Wu Zun received Asia Star Award at the 5th Asia Model Award Ceremony. On the fifteenth, he visited South Korea to attend the 5th Asia Model Award Ceremony.

This is not the first time Wu Zun visited South Korea. In 2007, he went with the Taiwanese cast of “Hanazakarino Kimitachie” to receive an award in Seoul, and in 2008 he went with Fahrenheit to participate in the Asia Song Festival.

Recently when filming MV with Koo Hye Sun (A/N: Koo Hye Sun is collaborating with Fahrenheit in making a MV entitled “Touch Your Heart” for the Taiwan Tourism Board), Wu Zun expresses ” She is very kind, intelligent actor. Very knowledgeable, and very talented. If there’s a chance, I would like to act with her.” Regarding meeting DBSK at Asia Song Festival, he praises, “We meet at the Asia Festival, greeted each other, gave CD as gifts. Their stage is not simple, their performance was amazing. I have personally bought their concert DVD.”

source: OSEN
credit: tvxqasia+baidutvxq
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  1. wohooo--Mr. chun also like our dearly dbsk?kekeke
    I used to be so crazy over fahrenheit--until i know dbsk xP

    another celebrity being-conquered by our boys!:D

  2. Wu Zun is soo cute!! I love Hana Kimi!! I'm glad he is impressed with our DBSK!!

  3. Wow. i let out such a fangirl scream when i saw this post

    Chun praising Hero, Yunho, Micky, Xiah, and Max?!? JOY!!!!
    (I can go work harder on my thesis with a smile now--asm thanks to this, i've been reminded of how hard all of these guys work to be successful at all they do. I can at least follow their good examples!)

    And: MrCKDexter, thankyou thankyou thankyou for posting this :)

  4. kholrose, you are very very very welcome ;)

  5. awwie!!
    wu zun! :)
    omg, he praises dbsk too?
    oh goodness :)
    cant stop smiling! >.<
    i love both groups soo much! :DDD

  6. Wu Chun looks so good. Such a pretty boi!!!

  7. my friend would love this coz she's a fan of Fahrenheit!!thanks lots~and who wouldnt loovvvee dbsk??;p

  8. I like WuZhun too ^^ he's a Brunei-an. So near yet so far.
    Good to hear he praises DBSK too

  9. omggggggg!!!!!!!!
    WU CHUN!!!!!!! <3
    i cant believe it!!!!!
    GO TVXQ & CHUN!!!! <3

  10. :)))) way to go Wu Chun !!!! :))))