Saturday, January 16, 2010

[TRANS] 100116 Toho Dancers in the PV “BREAK OUT!”

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What is great about this PV is that, the makeup of the dancers are so cool!
Well~~ there should be 6 Toho dancers ~~~ I want the 6 dancers ~~
There are only 5 of them~~ (sobs)

Since they have that super makeup, I am not so sure, but should they be the regular Toho dancers?
YU-KI isn’t there.
I capped the dancers. Why~~~~~~~~~~~!!???? Don’t say those words…
We 3 authors (T/N: There are three authors in this blog. "Green" who loves Yoochun, "Blue" who loves Junsu, and "Yellow" who loves Yunho and Changmin) love the dancers, too.

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So these are the Toho dancers. They are really cool guys.
I want the Tohoshinki members to have these kinds of makeup, too.
Well, there should be 6 Toho dancers … but this time, only 5.
I am so sad ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Since their face is painted so much, it is really difficult~~
I shouldn’t have made a mistake …
They are so cool~~~~~~~~~~
I want to see Tohoshinki and Toho dancers dancing on a live stage…






I think I’m correct, since I’ve checked with GREEN.

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T/N: Wow~~~~~~~~ the blog authors really love Tohoshinki, they even capped the Toho dancers, lol.

Source: In 東方神起and eternity ~toko?wantebaku~
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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  1. Didn't Ko say on his blog that he wasn't included in the PV as an acting part? So... they kept him in then? Or is the fanblog wrong? 'cos I recognize the guy they named as Ko, but I can't remember if it's one of the other dancers or him...

  2. Yeah Ko wasn't included in the acting part.. He said it was because he was bad at it (hahaha maybe it turns out to be funny instead of scary) lol