Tuesday, January 12, 2010

[NEWS] SNSD Tiffany and Jessica mentioned DBSK in Soompi Interview

Soompi: Well, since you've been here, you've obviously met a lot of people in the entertainment industry since you go to a lot of performances and events. Who have you met that has blown your expectations out of the water. Like, you had a lot of respect for them before but when you met them, you were amazed.
Tiffany: [pause, thinking] Definitely BoA. And I mean, she still tends to amaze the world.
Jessica: [thinking] Um... for me... Dong Bang Shin Gi.
Tiffany: [cuts in] Yeah, I have to say that, too. They're so professional.
Jessica: Yeah, they're like different people.
Tiffany: That's why we admire both of them. BoA unnie, she's tiny and little and cute and completely lovable. And she goes onstage and she's completely different.
Soompi: She's got a lot of power onstage.
Tiffany: With both of them, that's something that we definitely admire. When it comes to music, their passion is so intense that they're like different people, and that's what we admire.

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Any kind of bashing or just hinting of bashing against SNSD will be deleted immediately. Cassies, please be nice... and don't be immature alright? It's getting old.


  1. why bashing SNSD? on the other hand, we have to thank them for praising DBSK.
    I agree with these 2 girls. DBSK and BoA are different level w/ the rest SME artists

  2. cassies can be silly sometimes and hate on others...particularly snsd...for no reason. yeah, i don't get it either. it's ridiculous.

    they're (tiffany and jessica) are so sweet! ^^

  3. AH..I agree with them too.
    Both BoA and DBSK are amazing and great. I love to see them and admire them too. ^^

  4. I agree with you, patricia :)

  5. I agree with them. Both BoA and TVXQ are very professional and talented. Seriously, I'm not just admire their appearance, but both their potential and skills are no joke. They've totally blown me away! O_O

  6. I totally agree that DBSK and BoA are very professional and charismatic. *faint *

    And SNSD,they have been bashing by many bad rumors,

    but there're a lot people to support all of you, keep going.