Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[NEWS] #happybdayjaejoong Trending Topic in Twitter!

The fans has done it again!

They've made #happybdayjunsu and #xiahday a trending topic on twitter during Junsu's birthday.
And also #TVXQ on their anniversary. These even became the first trending topic for a few hours!
Well, today, they've, or should I say, we've, managed to put #happybdayjaejoong on the trending topic to celebrate our Mr. Visual Shock's 25th (24th if Western) birthday!

Here's screencaps to show the awesome process:

At 6:07pm KST





The tweeting was planned to begin at 6pm KST, but even before the clock turned 6, fans were already managed to put the hashtag for our Joongie on the trending topics. Then, when 6 passed, the moving up turned faster. And as you saw in the screencaps, it was only in a matter of minutes before #happybdayjaejoong became landed first!

Hours literally passed as #happybdayjaejoong remained as one of the trending topics. It wasn't until around 1AM KST that fans finally gave way for other topics to trend. ;)

Great job guys! ;)
And congratulations to ONETVXQ for organizing an awesome way for us fans to show how much we love these guys! ;)

Credits: cheryl_xiah + ONETVXQ
Shared by: DBSKnights

Btw, don't forget to participate in the #tvxqbreakout tomorrow at 7pm KST which is still organized by our friends from ONETVXQ of course ;)


  1. congrats!!!
    i'm happy coz i participate in this!!
    thanks for fan with nickname 'kat' for spreading the words!!

  2. i stayed up till 4:30am to tweet when i have finals the in a few hours >.<
    but anything for jaejoong <3
    i was dead tired this morning though...

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  4. Happy Birthday Hero!! From all your fans from Latinoamérica!! We LOVE you!! ♥ ^^ Don't forget us! ;)