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T/N: This musical actress has the role of Constance, Mozart’s wife. She plays opposite Junsu in all his 14 performances throughout. I’m sorry, but I don’t know her name because this came from Chinese translations of the original ^^;;


Please look forward to it. Also, this is Junsu’s first time participating in a musical and he worked really really hard, and he did an outstanding job, so the cast who will be performing him are very assured. If all of you watch the performance, you will be really surprised^^

Because Junsu did a spectacular job, everyone was very surprised. So don’t worry too much about it^^

Recently, it seems like a lot of females are jealous over me. For me, it doesn’t matter, but the people around me are very worried… Need to be careful of scary things ㅠㅠ
But a performance is a performance, that’s all there is to it.
As long as I work hard for it, it’s fine.
Even so, it seems like a lot of Junsu’s fans like musicals… I hope they’ll like my songs during the performance.

Comment received:

Fan: Unnie (T/N: honorific for a younger female addressing an older female as ‘older sister’) is very charming ㅠㅠ
Although I’m just a kid who was attracted to the musical for Mozart because of Junsu oppa, I’m making preparations now so I can fully understand the musical.
Counting down with my fingers for the performance date!
Look after your health and I look forward to an amazing performance! Go for it!!
P.S. Unnie~ If Junsu oppa is not eating well or pushing himself too hard, please punish him properly! ㅠㅠㅎㅎ
→ Junsu has been eating properly and practicing very hard

CYWORLD ENTRIES/COMMENTS (T/N: Her replies to comments, all made after the very first performance of Mozart)

→ Junsu is really blessed… because there are so many fans who support him… thanks to all of you, I also receive strength.

→ This is a request!! Junsu is so smart… ㅎㅎ I will pass on the message.

→ Because of everyone’s support, we kicked off the first performance on a good start. Although the songs in Mozart are a little difficult to sing, but Junsu really did an excellent job, I love it to death^^ Tomorrow is Park Eun Tae’s first performance in Mozart, really nervous, and next week is Kim Junsu’s first performance for Mozart, which also makes me nervous… I’m really looking forward to it. Go and watch the performance and give Junsu strength.

→ There will definitely be a good result!!! Also, although it’s a secret, our production cast and crew calls Junsu a musical genius ㅎㅎ

→ It’s like that? A little skinnier… I will bring him to eat good food. I hope everyone doesn’t feel the heartache. Also, I accepted the request!

→ Just now I asked Junsu if he was nervous and he said he wasn’t.

→ Tomorrow, once the performance ends, the Internet will be in a frenzy because of Junsu’s popularity.

→ If Junsu starts performing, other singers and actors won’t dare to join musicals.

→ There’s nothing wrong, he’s doing really well (to the extent that it drives you crazy!!!), so you don’t have to worry.

→ Junsu is very comfortable on stage, and his vocals are very stable, he’s great ^^ Please look forward to it!

→ He’s cute and child-like, but on stage he’s really charismatic. He’s a genius.

→ My stereotypes towards idol groups began to vanish when I saw Junsu singing during practice, there’s actually a reason for his popularity, Junsu is a musical genius.

→ I didn’t expect that Junsu’s fans would be so supportive of the cast… I’m really touched by Junsu’s fans!!

Note: She also said that she was very moved when she saw the following: “We won’t ask Junsu oppa to do this or that… No matter what kind of decision he makes, we will always be waiting, and we will always support him!! Go for it! No matter what it is, do it with good health…^^ Please tell this to oppa!”

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JJ: stalker! spotted! xDDD

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*drooling forever* kekeke ^__^

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wow. too lucky!
Changmin should film all over the world so everyone could take pics with him..
LOL-ing *___*

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he's back from Jeju...
think he visited Baby Changmin... :))

Shekshiiii Back...YEAH! *___*

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This is March 2010 issue

Fashion Theme: ‘Innocent College Student’ who loves ‘SPRING’ Style

YooChun: There are many types of dressing styles that I like (in the magazine). The model's make-up is light, very natural, and not bad. I would also like to be one of the models in the magazine and get published, can’t I (Laughs)? Feel like it’s really close to what I would wear normally…

YooChun, who was reading the magazine detailedly, not missing a single corner of it, wasn’t joking around. It seems like he meant everything that he said. His usual dressing style is also the casual type (liked he had mentioned).

YooChun: I like wearing beach slippers during the summer, the comfortable and simple college student's style.

As he wanted to wear something different from his performing outfits, he chose to wear a long coat that he bought a long time ago. Initially, he was still worrying whether it will be suitable or not, but after pairing it with a tie, it really suited the YooChun who is casual yet retaining a high class feel.

YooChun: I really like this shirt. Recently I bought a brown leather jacket in Japan, and during summer I would like to buy a bathing suit from Japan too. JaeJoong bought one before and I felt like getting one too!

We asked YooChun, who is well-versed in both Japanese and Japan’s culture, on what he wishes to receive during Valentine’s Day.

YooChun: I would like to get the signatures of Murakami Haruki, Yoshimoto Banana, and Tsuji Hironari (they are famous novelists in Japan). A long time ago, I read ‘1Q84’ by Murakami Haruki, the thoughts are very meaningful, but what I read is a translated version. If only I can get better at my Japanese, then I would be able to understand the meaning of the words on a deeper level, and the beauty of it. However, there are still parts that I’m not able to fully understand in the book, it’s really difficult. Keep having the thoughts of how good it will be when I can fully understand the meaning of the book by reading the Japanese version.

Other than that, I would also like to receive a letter from my brother, whom I sent a very big present to during Christmas. Though I heard from others that he ‘loves it very much!’, but he has not shown a happy expression to me when we were together (Laughs). Rather than receiving the chocolates from my brother’s girlfriend who was being polite, I would like to receive truthful thoughts from my brother.

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Junsu looks overwhelmed and happy with how the musical ended. :)
Looking at these photos, it seems like he was lost by the audience's loud cheer for him that the kid had to remind him or something like that. Hehehehe :)

We're all proud of you, Junchan!
And good luck for your other performances! ;)

Tohoshinki still remains in number one!!!

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Fan Account #1:

Junsu is genius. A truly gifted singer!! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif)
Simply amazing Junsu! Once again I learned that Junsu can do everything and anything so well!

As soon as Junsu appeared on stage, I was so overwhelmed and I started to cry right away
and I could not see anything. Because of his passion, his powerful voice,
he gave me goose bumps throughout his performance.
He sure is a man who keeps working hard and we surely fall in love with this guy.
I am sure his condition was not perfect due to his recent sickness, yet his performance was superb!

I noticed that when he is not with the other members, he looks taller in person,
and very handsome and attractive. But then, to my surprise, a real kiss scene was there!
Real kiss scean......I cannot even write a comment about it, because I am still in shock.
My dolphin and angel Xiah is now a grown man.....

The other fans at the performance said that, his parents, Junho, Yuchun and Jeajoong were there.
Yuchun was with his mom and his friend. And the fans said that Jeajoong and Yuchun were watching them at the third floor.
(T/N: They could not get VIP ticket??)

Some said that JJ, JS and YC were spotted at the Karaoke place. It must have been to celebrate, Jeajoong's Birthday together.
And after that they went to Yuchun's house. I hope they had a great time together.

I am still in shock at this moment of time as I write this report. Junsu's performance was amazing and that kiss scene....
many more days.....Junsuah~~~

-by Moe

Fan Account #2:

I just saw Junsu’s Mozart performance.
His singing voice gives you goose bumps all over your body.

Actually, I saw Junho walking by me after the musical, but I could not move or stand up
because Junsu's magnificent performance made me speechless and numb.
I could not move my body for a while after the show had ended.

We all talked about Junsu's kiss scene.
His kiss scene did not look bad at all to me; it was not that deep scene at all to give me a shock.
I just simply thought “Junsu and she look cute together.”

More than anything, what I thought was that I want as many people as possible to see his performance.
He looks like a fish (T/N Dolphin?) released in the water!
His performance is magnificent and Junsu is truly amazing singer/performer!

You all must see Xiahzart!
(I know...We all know...That's why most of us feel like crying...*sigh)

-by Sakura

Always Keep The Faith!

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Reading the fanaccounts made me feel giddy :)
But then, I also felt the same "shocking" feeling from the first fan account
concerning the kiss scene. *sigh*
Oh well, nothing we can do about it. They're artists after all. :)

Anyway, congrats once again Junchan for a job well done! ;)