Tuesday, January 26, 2010

POLL: if Jaejae would be in a movie, what would be the title?

1.) INCREDIBLE JULK [No transformation needed just jae-TOPLESS moments...xD]

JAEJOONG: omigosssh. you guys know i'm innocent when it comes to being topless...
(hmmm. whatever jae!)

2.) MR. AND MRS. JUNG (yeah.., back off, BRANGELINA!)

3.) The Proposal (no comment xDDD)
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4.) Jaejoong's Body *___* (with the special participation of Baby Changmin)
i wonder if he'll be the one who eats people or he'll be the one eaten by fans...kekeke ^^

Chunnie: wow. awesome body! jae!
JJ: you don't have to remind me Chunnie xD

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5.) Jaejoong...Junsu...Barcelona

6.) Sleeping Jae-ty (who will be prince charming? *coughs* yunho *coughs*)

7.) Raising Jun-chan

8.) Memoirs of a Jae-shia (will Zhang Ziyi be in the film??? *__*)

9.) Forbidden Love (gets slapped by Yunjae fans xD)

10.) Final Destination 5 : Yunho's Destiny

12.) The Curious Case of BenJAEmin Button

13.) The Grudge III : the Revenge of Jaejoong
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14.) Yunnie Potter and the Heaven's Postman

15.) Jaegally Blonde

BONUS: if you look up HOTNESS in the dictionary, you'll probably find: KIM JAEJOONG

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REMINDERS: please wipe your drool, girlsss! xDDD
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can shoot my heart *___*

Please continue Jae,,, xDDD

No Jae, we're not looking, just peeping! kekekke

the Happy Family ofcourse.. :DDD

ooppsiess, this one's just my fave... my badddd! kekeke ^__^

STAY HEALTHY, PRETTY *gets bricked by jaejae*, HANDSOME, and HOT! :D


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The fans has done it again!

They've made #happybdayjunsu and #xiahday a trending topic on twitter during Junsu's birthday.
And also #TVXQ on their anniversary. These even became the first trending topic for a few hours!
Well, today, they've, or should I say, we've, managed to put #happybdayjaejoong on the trending topic to celebrate our Mr. Visual Shock's 25th (24th if Western) birthday!

Here's screencaps to show the awesome process:

At 6:07pm KST





The tweeting was planned to begin at 6pm KST, but even before the clock turned 6, fans were already managed to put the hashtag for our Joongie on the trending topics. Then, when 6 passed, the moving up turned faster. And as you saw in the screencaps, it was only in a matter of minutes before #happybdayjaejoong became landed first!

Hours literally passed as #happybdayjaejoong remained as one of the trending topics. It wasn't until around 1AM KST that fans finally gave way for other topics to trend. ;)

Great job guys! ;)
And congratulations to ONETVXQ for organizing an awesome way for us fans to show how much we love these guys! ;)

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Btw, don't forget to participate in the #tvxqbreakout tomorrow at 7pm KST which is still organized by our friends from ONETVXQ of course ;)

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While I'm speaking to myself these stuffs, today 1/26 is his birthday.
I know that birthday wishes for him will be spread around many different sites.
He's a really blessed person who is loved by everyone (LOL).

Although people who are already old like me always say that we aren't happy when it comes to our birthdays,
it's not something we say to hide our embarrassment.
I don't think female will understand this but…
Since it's our own birthdays, we have to take care of everything,
and to celebrate our birthday, we have to be concerned about everyone;
so in the end, we will be the ones who are the most worn out.
I wonder what kind of birthday he will be celebrating today.

This seems like an endless talk but,
I'd like to stop it here.

Matsuura Masato
masato max matsuura

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Translation: linhkawaii @ onetvexq.com
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whattah handsome Mozart!

LOL. mee likeey this! xD

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The anticipation is rising in Japan for five member group TVXQ's new single 'Break Out', that is to be released on the 27th, and their Best Album, which is scheduled to be released on February 17th.

On Japan's Oricon Chart for the 22nd, it was revealed that TVXQ ranked first on the most anticipated upcoming albums rankings. TVXQ beat popular rock band L'Arc~en~Ciel and AAA, who are both releasing their singles on the same day, to receive the title.

TVXQ's 2010 Japanese activities are uncertain as the lawsuit between some of the members and their agency has been going on since July of 2009. However, to have their album rank first as most anticipated album shows the direction in which TVXQ's Japanese fans want the group's activities to be heading.

On online shopping site Amazon, TVXQ's best album 'Best Selection 2010' is currently the most reserved album.


Source: Newsen + DNBN

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Leader shi's postcard is finally here! :)

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Congrats once again DBSK/THSK/TVXQ! ;)

Leader shi looks so serious :)
Happy birthday to Jaejoong btw!
Junchan looks so HOT here. *drools*
Reminds me of the making of the PV. "You should put a more gentle expression" XD
Minnie is all grown up now.

These photos are different from the ones that are released as photocards.
Also, along with it is, as you can see, are messages and autographs from the boys themselves.
Those Bigeast fans sure are lucky, aren't they?
I bet you guys wish you were in Japan right now. *sigh*
Don't worry. There's tons of us! XD

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