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all the single PUT YOUR HANDS UP! xDDDD

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This broadcast concentrates on the drama “Heading to the Ground,” where TVXQ’s Yunho (U-Know) took his first leading role as Jung Yunho. It will start on Sunday the 24th under the Japanese title “No Limit” and comes, of course, with unabbreviated subtitles. It will be aired at 9:45 PM on KNTV. On the website of the TV program, three trailers and a special section containing eight questions and answers are published.

“Heading to the Ground” tells the story of a nameless soccer player who succeeds in becoming a member of an established soccer team. Many fans are anticipating this Japanese broadcast, where Jung Yunho, member of the group TVXQ (who is very popular in Asia), is starring in. It has already been garnering huge attention even before the start. The slightly changed title of “Heading to the Ground” has a special meaning. Let’s try to think about what meaning it has! The answer is, because there is a special corner of the drama called “Navicon.”

Cha Bong Gun, who is portrayed by Yunho, is a young man who has been struggling since his childhood to continue playing soccer, and has become a member of a nameless soccer team. Keeping his outstanding talent a secret through positioning and powerful kicks, is the problem of the character. Becoming too explosive or hot-headed in many things always causes problems. On top of that, getting kicked out of his team leaves Bong Gun in a desperate situation. Here appears the soccer agent, Hae Bin. Hiding that she is the daughter of the owner of a professional baseball team, she has the strong intention to grow as a soccer agent. During the corporate team’s match, she is captivated by the volley shoot of an unknown player (Bong Gun). How will the romance between the self-confident Cha Bong Gun and Kang Hae Bin develop?

This time, the one who will be playing Yunho’s love interest is Ara, an actress who won the grand prize during an audition by SM in 2003. In 2006, she has also been chosen as the “Cinderella Girl” out of 40,000 participants during an actress audition by Kadokawa Haruki and Avex.

Because TVXQ is still in an unsolved dispute with their agency, their participation in events has been decreasing rapidly. Airing Yunho’s drama in a time like this, it seems that the fans excited voices can be heard everywhere.

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With the popular dance-vocal group Tohoshinki featured on the cover of March issue of the women fashion magazine JJ (on sale on 1/23), the magazine is currently out of stock. It was announced on the 25th that there will be an additional printing and restock for this issue.

The March issue of JJ magazine which features Tohoshinki as the first male group ever to appear on the cover became out of stock everywhere right after it went on sale. This is the first time that JJ is going to have an additional printing. The restock for this issue will be on sale on the 29th.

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Wow! They were the FIRST male group to appear on the cover, and now, it's also the FIRST time that JJ will have an additional printing. You sure make us proud boys!
I'm guessing this additional printing will be easily sold out as well.
JJ really made a good choice making them the cover, didn't they? ;)
우리모두의 자연스러움.


"all of our naturalness"

And in his diary....
He wrote:

다들 자~~알 지내고있는거죠???~^^


우리모두 행복해지자구요~~!!

p.s 지금도 너무 행복해요~!!풉!!
이제야 조금 제모습을 찾아가네요


everybody is going well ,right?
wanna meet you~!!!!
everybody let's be happy~~!!
p.s:I'm still so happy ~!!lol!!
now I'm finding my real self.

Looks like Yoochun's really happy these days. That's good, isn't it? ;)

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Oooh. I'd love to get my hands on that bracelet.
But I'd love it more if I got my hands on the model ;)

And this necklace too!
Leader shi is just TOO HOT in these photos!
Looks like his earrings are "U-know" too.

Well, as we all know, this is for an endorsement right?
So, yes, those goods are for sale. :)
If you're interested in buying, go HERE!

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To happyuchun:
Yuchun was really happy in this picture right?! Will be more happy in the future!
To M&M:
Are you blood type A? be careful…
My emotions are breaking a record! Really thankful!
To mickyfan:
Eh… Eh… I will get on a boat and leave now!!
Hahaha… boat… really…
To yuchun-ing:
Let's have a cup of grape wine?
kkk thank you!!

Really really thankful of you guys! I am completely well now!

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On the 20th of January 2010, our idol Jung YunHo donated 5,000,000 Won to Haiti. The angel-like heart of YunHo had once again touched us when we got hold of this information.

Being one of his fanclubs, we ‘有志竟成’ can’t just sit back and watch. Therefore, on the 22nd of January 2010, we donated a total of 2,000,000 Won to Haiti through MBC under the name of ‘Jung YunHo.’

T/N: 有志竟成郑允浩 is a Korean fancafe of YunHo on Daum; 有志竟成 is derived from the short form of 有志者事竟成/뜻이 있으면 반드시 이루어진다 which means 'Where there's a will, there's a way.'

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So, previously the white solo ones posted were only of Yoochun and Junsu. Now, we have Jaejoong and Changmin. Apparently, the white ones (the pics with white backgrounds) are postcards and the black ones are for CD only. So, now, we're waiting for Yunho's postcard.

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