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what's with that experession baby Changmin? xDD

what would you do if your hands were one of those touching jaejae??? kekeke

the Junchan transformation

i love that smile xDDD

YH: in three counts i will kill the spidey...! xD

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It looks like international fans' efforts have been noticed by the Korean media.
Take a look at this:

Following the Wondergirls craze, the Hallyu Wave has finally crashed onto the United States.

Degeneres, host of America's representative talk show 'Ellen', put up a notie on her website on the 21st stating that she was looking for international singers to present on her show.

The website read, " Ellen is discovering some amazing international music. Now she's looking for more -- and wants your help! If you know any great musicians from around the world, tell us why you think Ellen would love them."

As soon as the notice went up, suggestions for Korean idol group 'TVXQ (TVXQ, DBSK, Tohoshinki)' began flooding into Ellen's website.

Not only were overseas Koreans suggesting TVXQ, fans from all over the world including Japan, China, America and Southeast Asia praised and supported the group.

In the suggestion replies, there were other Korean idol groups such as SHINee, Big Bang, 2PM, SS501, and Brown Eyed Girls and it was near impossible to find artistes from other countries.

The world's netizens seem to be very passionate about K-pop singers and this shows that the popularity of Korean stars is spreading across the world.

The 'Ellen' website is open and suggestions can be made at

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He changed the background to a cute baby~
I wonder what's on his mind? lol

Micky's Background Music:

1. 긴 시간의 끝 - 메이트
(The End of a Long Time - Mate)

2. 커피를 마시고 - Urban Zakapa
(A Cup of Coffee - Urban Zakapa)

3. 사랑하기 때문에 - 유재하
(Because I Love You - Yoo Jae Ha)

Yoochun's style is actually really mellow, isn't it~?

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It's rare for me to like fan made videos especially those compiled ones but this one it did... It made me a little teary-eyed. I want to see these smiles back to our boys again. Pray with me, araseo?

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I think she forgot to attach Yunho in the email. ^^ Gomen, ne.

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Scroll down real fast and you'll see where they are. XD

93. T-ara Boram

92. After School Bekah

91. 4Minute Gayoon

90. After School Jnnga

89. T-ara Qri

88. T-ara Soyeon

87. 4Minute Jiyoon

86. T-ara Jiyeon

85. 2AM Changmin

84. T-ara Hyomin

83. 4Minute Jihyun

82. 4Minute Sohyun

81. T-ara Eunjung

80. After School Uee

79. 2AM Jokwon

78. 2AM Seulong

77. 2AM Jinwoon

76. 2PM Changsung

75. After School Soyoung

74. CSJH Sunday

73. 2NE1 Minji

72. CSJH Linna

71. KARA Jiyoung

70. 2PM Taekyeon

69. 2PM Junsu

68. KARA Hara

67. 2NE1 CL

66. FT Island Seunghyun

65. SHINee Key

64. KARA Nicole

63. KARA Gyuri

62. SHINee Minho

61. 2PM Nikhun

60. 2PM Junho

59. 2NE1 Dara

58. SHINee Onew

57. 2PM Wooyoung

56. 2NE1 Bom

55. SHINee Jonghyun

54. CSJH Stephanie

53. 4Minute Hyuna

52. 2PM Jaebom

51. SNSD Hyoyeon

50. Wonder Girls Yoobin

49. FT Island Jonghun

48. After School Gahee

47. FT Island Jaejin

46. SNSD Sooyoung

45. Wonder Girls Yeeun

44. SS501 Jungmin

43. Super Junior Shindong

42. SHINee Taemin

41. BIGBANG Taeyang

40. Wonder Girls Sunmi

39. SS501 Jungmin

38. Wonder Girls Sunye

37. FT ISLAND Minhwan

36. Super Junior Yesung

35. SNSD Sunny

34. SS501 KyuJong

33. SNSD Yuri

32. Super Junior Kyuhyun

31. KARA Seungyeon

30. Super Junior Hangeng

29. BIGBANG Daesung

28. SNSD Seohyun

27. Super Junior Ryeowook

26. CSJH Dana

25. Super Junior Siwon

24. Super Junior Kibum


22. FT ISLAND Hongki

21. After School Jooyeon

20. SNSD Jessica

19. BIGBANG Seungri

18. Super Junior Leeteuk

17. Super Junior Kangin

16. Super Junior Sungmin

15. SS501 HyunJoong

14. SS501 Youngsaeng

13. SNSD Tiffany

12. Super Junior Donghae

11. Super Junior Eunhyuk

10. Wonder Girls Sohee

9. Super Junior Heechul

8. SNSD Yoona

7. BIGBANG G-Dragon

6. SNSD Taeyeon

5. TVXQ Changmin

4. TVXQ Yunho

3. TVXQ Jaejoong

2. TVXQ Yoochun

1. TVXQ Junsu

Our boys are just so popular, aren't they? Talk about total domination. ;)

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Let's forget all the trouble and remember why we fell in love in the first place!
Just JUMP!

Cool MV, huh?
The song is "Jump" by Simple Plan, btw

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Haha, it seems Jaejoong has made a mistake again ^^

Whoah, old Junsu O.O

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

For the first time in my life, I want to be those red and green "thingies" flying around them. XD

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