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[INFO] Selected by Tsutaya Users! 2009 Best Songs & Best DVD Ranking 10

[INFO] Selected by Tsutaya Users! 2009 Best Songs & Best DVD Ranking 10

1 Believe 嵐
2 イチブトゼンブ B'z
3 ふたつの唇 EXILE
4 Someday EXILE
5 遥か GReeeeN
6 春夏秋冬 ヒルクライム
7 キセキ GReeeeN
8 マイガール 嵐
9 みんな空の下 絢香
10 Stand by U 東方神起

Source: DNBN
Translated by: starshine@dbsknights
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[VIDEO] 2007 DBSK Christmas Greeting

I miss these boys so very much~

Credit: Yunise3

[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki - Music Station Live Part 1

Credits: as tagged
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[NEWS] 091224 Japanese Fans to Raise a Whopping Five Million Yen for Newspaper Ad

TVXQ/DBSK supporters in the motherland and overseas have been riveted by the SME lawsuit for the past few months, and it looks like a certain group of international fans is really stepping up their game.

Five Balloons, a group of Japanese TVXQ supporters, recently created the TVXQ Smile Project, in which members donated money to put an advertisement in a daily Korean newspaper. Its monetary goal for Christmas? A whopping five million yen, which is approximately 64,400,000 won, $54,700 USD, or the price of a pretty nice sports car. [ omitted ]

The ad is expected to include the words 'TVXQ Smile Project,' a message about TVXQ's entity as a group only complete with five members, and a promise to forever love TVXQ and wait for them to sincerely smile.

As of yesterday, over four hundred participants collectively donated 1,764,000 yen (approx 22,700,000 won or $19,400 USD). Since this doesn't meet the initial December 25 goal, the members plan to extend the period of donation collections and purchase the ad in mid-January.

[ omitted ]

Written by: lawlietta
Credits: allkpop
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[TRANS] 091224-25 Kikuchi P's Blog

Kikuchi P is FujiTV's PD who is responsible for programs such as MUSIC FAIR, HEY!HEY!HEY!, etc.
In this translation, Tohoshinki's unrelated content is omitted.

Well then, MUSIC FAIR will be on air on 12/26 at 6pm.
It will be compilation of 2009's highlights, which consist of many songs of Tohoshinki, w-inds., Koike Teppei, AAA, Hata Motohiro, and many many more!
Please look forwards to digest talks that haven't been broadcast before!


And then, MUSIC FAIR will be on air at 6pm on 12/26, which will be a compilation of 2009's highlights and consist of 34 songs!
There are Tohoshinki's many songs, their famous songs, famous performances, and famous appearances.
And the 9 talks that haven't been aired before.
It's almost like you'll be able to see all of their whole year!

Source: Kikuchi P's Blog
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[INFO] 091225 Results of DBSK vs. SS501 on MartZzang

Dong Bang Shin Ki was defeated in the competition that lasted for 2 days with SS501. Dong Bang Shin Ki lost to SS501 with a ratio of 31% to 69%.

The next battle will be between 2PM and BigBang, whoever wins will then compete with SS501 for the final battle.
*For more information on MartZzang: LINK

Source: TVXQYard + MartZzang
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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MJ Pre-Kouhaku Special to be broadcasted on 28th!

There are only a few days left until the Kouhaku live performance.
The construction of the stage at NHK Hall will start shortly.
(Every year, we start making the stage after the performance of Beethoven Symphony No.9 by NHK Symphony Orchestra.)
This is the set model for the 60th Kouhaku.
Please watch the broadcast to see how it really looks like.

MJ has remade the Kouhaku Special broadcasted in November.
This time, it is a 49 minutes’ version.
We will introduce J-POP artists in addition to the artists who will perform in Kouhaku for their first time.

We will rebroadcast the "MJ Christmas Special" after the "Pre-Kouhaku Special".
Please enjoy the Christmas Special once again.
For Remioromen and Tohoshinki, who has perfomed in the "MJ Christmas Special" and
will also perform in Kouhaku,
We will introduce you another song which we filmed within this year. (T/N: already filmed.)
So, even if you watch both programs, you can enjoy different songs for Remioromen and Tohoshinki.

Our staff will work night and day from now on.
So we have to take care not to catch cold or influenza.
TV broadcasting stations are busy during the Bon Festivals (T/N: mid summer) and New Year.

T/N: OMG~~~~~~~Ishihara P is again so considerate to Tohoshinki and fans!
Additonal 2 more broadcasts of Tohoshinki within this year in NHK! If you count Kouhaku, that will become total 3 appearances.
If you want to make a comment on the article, visit EYESBLOG. For instructions on how to comment, see HERE.

Translation: smiley @

[VIDEO] 091225 Intro + Stand by U at Music Station


Stand by U

In all black~

Credit: mmaturi897

[VIDEO] Sekine Impersonates Junsu on Waratte Iitomo


OHMYGOD, even watching with no sound is hilarious!
I can't wait to watch it with audio!

Credit: nellojnkeis

[TRANS] 091225 Tohomobile Staff Blog - Oranamin C Strap


I received an Oronamin C's strap♪

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you~

Yunho got very into the Oronamin C strap that looks exactly like the Oronaminc C bottle!

"Thank you~♪ by Yunho"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I received a present!

It's a great delight to receive an Oronaminc C strap☆

"A present that raises your spirit! by Jaejoong"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It's wrong, Yoochun!

It's an Oronamin C's strap... but this pose

Yoochun, it is a strap! (LOL)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Please take care of me~♪

Changmin was very amazed listening to Tohoshinki's singing voice!

"Please take care of my monopoly energetic campaign~! by Changmin, the person in charge of advertising"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ohmygodsun, I want one too!

Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @


Credits: FrinmrLvTVXQ
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[VIDEO] DBSK - Korean CF/CM Parodies

Credits: onlyYUSOO + (우월한놈)
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Beautifully done ^^

[TRANS] 091224 Tohoshinki's Christmas Messages

Merry Christmas

This year too, I wish you would be having memorable moments...
Please spend it enjoyably~!!

PS ⇒ Take me with you to party too♫♪




Merry X-mas---
This year too, I wish you would have a warm X-mas~
Thank you as always ♥


How is everyone doing?

Were you able to find a lover~?
For me, I'm still by myself... ㅠㅠ
But I'm not lonely~!!!
Because I have you guys~! Thank you!
Merry Christmas



Merry X-mas~♥

This time, instead of spending it by yourself
please spend it with your precious one.
It would be good if you could meet Santa~ ^.^



Merry Christmas~ ^^

This year too, please spend your Christmas happily~!♡
with your precious one~ ^^


Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
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[ADMIN] Merry Christmas from the DBSKnights

To the readers who supported us,
To the five men who inspire us,

Merry Christmas

Thank you for a year of Sleepless Nights
And here's to many more!

With love,
The DBSKnights Team

Now let's celebrate with the voices we all fell in love with!
~ Christmas songs by DBSK ~

[FANACCNT] 091224 Sekine Mimicked Junsu at the program "Waratte iitomo! Tokudaigou"

Everyone, did you watch "Waratte iitomo!! Tokudaigou"!?! (T/N: on-aired on December 23)

Our Tohoshinki was the last artist to perform TTTT

…to give you the correct information, it was Junsu Sekine who appeared at the end (Lol)

But I think this is great news!

The (impostor) Junsu appeared at the famous special program,
on the very last, and danced "Summer Dreams".
And he made the audience lively with his "Oyaji-gags"!

I watch "Iitomo Tokudaigou" every year,
And Sekine-san is always the last to perform.

Every year his mimicry is …
So I was not watching with care.

Before Sekine-san performed, Tohoshinki was introduced!!!! (With panels!)


And, Junsu Sekine appeared with 4 dolls, which doesn’t look like Tohoshinki in any way.


This should be a place where you laugh,
but I was almost in tears.

Why was I almost in tears?
I may have felt Sekine-san’s kindness in selecting Tohoshinki for the mimicry.

Or, was it the fact that I saw the audience becoming lively even though it was not the real Tohoshinki?
I don’t know myself.

I have never thought that I will be in tears hearing
"Oshiri penpen, ball pen!!" (Lol)
(T/N: Junsu’s famous oyaji-gag.)

Judging from a equal point of view,
the audience was really livelier!!
Tamori-san (T/N: the famous MC for "Waratte iitomo") was laughing his head off during the "Ball pen" and "Aoyama".
I was so surprised, since I am very familiar with the original Junsu’s version.

Selecting Tohoshinki for the mimicry (he said himself as Zunsu!)
It may have been a challenge from the point of well-known jokes,
but Sekine went ahead and did it.

I felt Sekine-san’s yells to the fans,
I was really impressed and warm hearted after looking at the program.

T/N: Tsutomu Sekine is a famous Japanese comedian, and he is also a great supporter of Tohoshinki. Please watch Sekine’s mimicry of Junsu here. (This is another program. Yesterday’s program is already put off from the request of Fuji TV.)

Source: Yuka’s Blog & tokutokuhada @ youtube
Translation: smiley @

[INFO] 091225 How to watch Music Station Live in Keyhole

~Music Station Special Super Live~

Well, first.. of course you need KeyHole. Install it and open the program.
Search for TV Asahi channel. Don't type it out because you need the Japanese name and it's:

Just copy and paste it to the search engine. There's only one channel that will pop out and that's it. Unlike NHK, it doesn't ask for a password.

You can easily watch Music Station Special Super Live. The show is live and it will air 7PM JAPAN TIME. It would be

5PM in Indonesia
5PM in Vietnam
6PM in China
6PM in Singapore
6PM in Malaysia
6PM in Philippines
7PM in Korea
9PM in Australia
5AM in Ottawa, Canada
5AM in Peru
7AM in Chile
8AM in Brasilia, Brazil
10AM in England
11AM in Germany
11AM in France

If you guys need your time, ask me now or else I'll forget to add it

Credits: DBSKnights

[ADMIN POST] Let's make #TVXQ trending in Twitter!

⌘ It's Time for #TVXQ on Twitter on the 26th! ⌘

Head down to this LINK for full details! Help #TVXQ trend!

[FANARTS] Junsu and XiahKi - Colors~ Melody & Harmony

SO CUTE! This just made my xmas day a lot happier.

Credits: 샤키짱@DNBN
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[ADMIN POST] JaeHoMin Birthday Project - The 3 Musketeers

⌘ JaeHoMin Birthday Project ⌘

♛ The Three Musketeers! -

Jaejoong, Yunho, Changmin ♛
M E S S A G E S F R O M Y O U-

Manipulated Picture by, Graphics by ɐıuɐɯǝǝʇ

Three of our favourite boys have a birthday coming up soon, and we, of course, could not miss the chance to wish they have a great one!
Join us in wishing them a great Birthday by leaving a message on each of the boys respective threads. Our Wonderful staff at OneTVXQ! have come up with clever ideas for you to show them your love and support with us.

Sign in, check it out and leave a message. For more Information on what our plans and gifts are, as well as rules, dates and instructions for your messages, click on the boys respective threads in their names below.

[1] Main JaeHoMin Thread

[2] Message Threads:

[TRANS] 091224 Teddy Bear Reproduction of TVXQ on Display

On the 24th, a teddy bear reproduction of group TVXQ was on display at the '2009 Seoul Doll Fair' at Samsungdong Coex TaePyoungyang Hall.
The '2009 Seoul Doll Fair,' hosted by Money Today and MTN, will be held/opened until the 4th of January 2010.

Source: Money Today
Translation: 2MY @
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