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he's looking at me...and you too! waaaa!

Missing Yun... T___T

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The first page writes, “Teagoon and Jeajoong (from TVXQ) are childhood
best friends.”

It became news that Hero Jeajoong from TVXQ performed in his debut song PV “Call me”, and they still contact with each other often.

“After I entered entertainment society, Jeajoong introduced me lot of his friends. I became good friends with SS501’s Hyun-Joong (leader)and Jiyong (G-Dragon).”

“Every day, seeing Jeajoon’s dazzling activities and accomplishment gives me motivation to do my best. Jeajoong and I always speak with each other, -we want to sing together on the same stage-; therefore I have to work even harder. LOL

In Taegoon’s concert, his childhood friend Hero Jeajoong, Xiah Junsu, SS501 leader Hyunjoong, Wheesung and popular Japanese group w-ind’s Keita Tachibana who are allgood friend of Teagoon, their supporting video messages were shown

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As an avid fan of TVXQ!, both my caller ringtone and SMS tone are of TVXQ.
I'm sure some of you probably does the same.

Now, here's the dilemma:
Caller ringtones are easy 'coz calls usually uses the whole song.
But for SMS tones, they should be shorter...WAY SHORTER.
And I'm sure in the songs, we each have our favorite parts
(like the bridge of Asu Wa Kuru Kara, the rap part of Mirotic, etc.)
which we'd want to be the SMS tone, right?

And so, I'd like to share this video that has samples of DBSK SMS tones:

If you'd like to check out what other SMS tones are available, you can go HERE.

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Earlier today, we posted a picture of Chunnie's rumored car.
Anyway, here's a closer and much better view of that car.

It's amazing how fans could actually tell which is his.
According to the fans that posted this on the internet, this car is definitely Chunnie's because it was parked in his parking space.

Anyhow, the car looks awesome and I must admit it's very YOOCHUN.
He really has good taste when it comes to cars ;)

Here's a video of Yoochun spotted in his house's (T/N: Maybe she meant apartment. I doubt someone has a parking garage like that on their house) parking garage:

I'm sure you'll notice that Chunnie stares a lot at the cars in that garage.
He really does like cars. :)

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Ooh. Hyun Joong and our very own leader shi
Saipan :)
Jang Geun Suk (Hwang Tae Kyung of "You're Beautiful") is the front page.
Nonetheless, I would seriously buy this magazine....if only I could. *sigh*

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The original benefits for the "BEST SELECTION 2010" (to be released on February 17, 2010) selling at the following stores have been decided! For the other CD shops, the poster will be the benefit.
Please reserve well in advance since there are limits to the benefits.


HMV notebook (Picture A)

B2 size poster (Picture B)

【TSUTAYA RECORDS (excluding some shops)】
Card type desk calendar (Picture C)

【Vanda Records】
【Liondo CD/DVD】 
【Fan Style】
【Imagine, shops selling CDs】
【Magical Garden, shops selling CDs (excluding some shops)】
【Hakuyo, shops selling CDs】
【Dispa! Tougo】
【Best Denki shops selling CDs (excluding some shops)】
【Books misumi】
【TSUTAYA Miyakonojo】
QR code to enable screen saver download, book marker with code (Picture D)

【Yamano Music】
Clear file (Picture E)

B2 size poster (Picture E)

【mu-mo shop】
B2 size poster (Picture E)
※There will be no B2 size posters for those who purchased at the Bigeast official shop

【Recochoku shopping】
B2 size poster (Picture E)

【7net shopping】
Screen saver (Picture E)
Given out when purchased online before 23:59, Sunday, February 21, 2010.
※ Please be informed that the download period is until 23:59, March 17, 2010.

【Rakuten Books】
Jacket size mini notebook (Picture E)

【Seven - Eleven】
First comers’ reservation benefits: Original post card (Picture E)

First comers’ reservation benefits: Original post card (Picture E)

【Circle K Sunkus】
First comers’ reservation benefits: Original post card (Picture E)

【Other CD Shops】
First comers’ reservation benefits: Original poster (Picture E)
※There are limits in the numbers of benefits to be given out, so the service will finish when all the goods are given away. There are some shops without the benefits of the posters.

Picture A~D: Original pictures
Picture E: BEST SELECTION 2010 (picture of the artists)

T/N: Hoping to see the pictures soon~~~bet they're cool!

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*T/N It’s on the vision factory mobile website so non-members can’t see it.

But if you go to the main vision factory site ( you can see the little teaser trailer

HAHAH, I just watched the part about the money again.

Dude: …What’s this?
Keita: Oh, that’s Korean money!
Dude: (why do you have it or something)
Keita: Uh…well…Jaejoong from tohoshinki gave it to me and said it was a new kind of currency so nobody else has it so…
Keita: *nervous laughter* DDDDDD: NOO!! WE WON’T USE IT! DDDD: *nervous laughter*
Dude: (Haha you looked really worried!!)
Keita: HAHHAHAHAHA 8D;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Dude: Don’t worry, we won’t do that.


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Q : In the future you will continue participating in musicals so do you have any work that you want to try individually ?

Yesung : Personally, I have many work that I want to try. It was pity that I had to practice for “Namhan sansung” so I missed “Notre Dame de Paris”. But the musical that I want to try most is “Mozart!”, it’s pity I couldnt participate because of the year-end music award ceremony.In the future if there are chances, I want to do not only historical musical but also challenging myself in license works.

-part omitted-

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She's very good.

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T/N: Han Seok Jun is a MC of KBS Entertainment Relay.

Wow. Junchan truly has a lot of fans. Not just ordinary people, but even celebrities.
A round of applause for our Xiah Junsu! *claps*

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It was found that Xiah Junsu was once hospitalized for a viral infection.

Xiah Junsu was said to have received emergency treatment at a hospital in Gangnam after feeling unwell on the morning of the 18th. Xiah Junsu had been suffering from pain and vertigo from the day before but visited the hospital the next day when the pain became unbearable.

A representative of Xiah Junsu stated, "As he was not feeling well, we were going to go to an emergency room at a big hospital, but we thought there might be too many people there so he was hospitalized at a close hospital. We were told by the doctors that he had contracted a viral infection from an accumulation of fatigue."

Xiah Junsu rested that day as he received a blood test and was put on an IV. It was found that he had gotten the viral infection from fatigue and not a disease. After hearing from an early diagnosis that he did not contract any big diseases, Xiah Junsu decided to leave the hospital that night on the 18th.

The representative also said, "The hospital urged him to be hospitalized for at least a week and receive treatment as well as rest. As the diagnosis was one in the early stages, a thorough examination is needed. However, if Xiah Junsu was hospitalized for a week, it would cause problems with rehearsals for his musical that starts at the end of this month, so he decided that he had to leave the hospital."

After staying at home to rest, Xiah Junsu went back to his musical rehearsals on the 19th. As his body had not fully recovered, he decided to continue on with rehearsals while taking medication for his body. As his first performance is scheduled to be on the 26th, there isn't much time left for him to rehearse.

Xiah Junsu will be playing the role of genius musician Wolfgang Mozart in the musical . Xiah Junsu is said to have said, "This is my first try at acting. I heard that the fans have high expectations. Although my health is not at its best, I want to give them the best performance that I can."

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Awww. Our Junchan really is hardworking. Even if he's not feeling good, he's still talking about giving his all in the musical. At least now we know that it's not because of a disease. But then, fatigue shouldn't be taken lightly as well.
Anyway, hope you'll get well soon, Junchan. Fighting! ;)
T/N: Song Yujin, born March 1, 1969. Origin, Korea. He states himself as a culture broadcaster and entertainer. He appears in some Japanese CS programs as a commentator for Korean pops and drama related programs, and he is also a writer for some Japanese women’s magazines. He has been continuously trying to support Tohoshinki, please click here for his current activity, “Submitting a Petition to the Korean Government” project.

2010-01-17 10:46:04

What should Tohoshinki, SM, and Tohoshinki fans focus in doing?

Tohoshinki’s “BREAK OUT” would be released on January 27.
I watched the PV, the song should be very popular.
Looking at these facts…that the CD would be released, we really feel a sense of security.

There are some Japanese media that are guessing that their activities in Japan may cease.
But when the CD is released, there should be promotion activities.
Avex should do their best, and Tohoshinki should appear in the music programs on TV.
Of course, Avex should be under planning such strategies, and I am going to support Tohoshinki, too!

It will be nice if all the media will make an offer for them to appear on stage.
I frequently go to the main office of USEN (T/N: USEN Corp., the largest cable radio broadcasting station in Japan) in Roppongi…so I’m thinking of asking them a favor. I want to do everything that I can.

In Korea, I am planning to discuss this item over with K-POP broadcasting planners so that Tohoshinki will be able to continue their activities. I will try my best so that there will be good plans, so everyone, please do your best, too.

What I want everyone to do from my personal point is that,
Please do not anticipate by watching where the members have gone or whether or not they were smiling…
Please make requests (T/N: to the radio stations) so that Tohoshinki songs will be on-aired,
and continue to support them by messages..
The base should be, believing in them and doing your best, smiling!

I know that my powers are limited, but I am doing my best, believing in Tohoshinki.
So I am seeking for help to many persons related in the entertainment industry.

To Tohoshinki and SM...

Tohoshinki’s activities in Japan is really a big fortune for the Korean entertainment world.
This is the fact, it is unquestionable for both the media and the entertainment world.
Though there seemed to be some ideas and principles for both SM and the members, but I think it is important for them to continue the negotiations, thinking about what is the most precious and valuable thing, as I have stated above!

(few sentences omitted)

Source: Song Yujin’s Private blog
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Warning: To all Changmin bias fans out there, the pictures here might break your hearts, so watch at your own risk.
If you do, I suggest you take a deep breath first.

Well, she's pretty.
Lucky girl. She gets to hold Minnie's hand. *sigh*
Minnie's hand :{
Awww. That smile! Those mismatched eyes! We missed this, didn't we? :)
Is it just me or this side view of him looks like Lee Min Ho??? O.o
Minnie, what exactly are you looking at? O.o
I bet they're still holding hands here. -_-
Fans: You don't have to remind us! *throws stones*

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Yesterday, we reported that Chunnie bought a new car and there was a mistake.
So, it was a Porsche Panamera and not a Porshe Cayenne. Guess the images were right and the name was the wrong one. Hehe :)
Nevertheless, it's still an awesome car. ;)

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