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[ADMIN POST] To Celebrate DBSKnights' 10Million Hits

We have two surprises for you guys~! I already mentioned it at the last Admin Post and have you guys been anticipating since then? Well, we are really thankful for all the support you guys have been giving us and we're finally going to hit 10 million hits despite all the criticisms and bashing T_T

The first surprise is going to take place in January. We're setting up a contest to win a BreakOut CD. We are still planning but please anticipate! We are going to do this contest to support the BreakOut Project.

The second surprise... TADA. We subbed Heaven's Postman. YES. WE DID. WE FINISHED. However, we are still worried with the people's reaction... So please comment if you want to watch Heaven's Postman even if it's LQ. The subs are great as always even if some don't think so :[ (But I worked on it really hard!) If you guys decided no... DBSKnights staff would be the only ones watching it and our subs will come out with the HQ file. (ps. The file won't come out till next year xD)

So, please comment :) Now, I'm gonna watch it alone xD

PS. If everyone said yes, it would be posted obviously... but once we hit 10 million hits.. The release is to celebrate our hits. So once u see that we hit it... anticipate.

YOU GUYS misunderstood! I will release the subs LQ if everyone said yes. We will also release another version once the HD file comes out next year.


[TRANS] 091220 Tohoshinki to Appear on CDTV SPECIAL on 12/31

It was announced on TBS CDTV mobile site that Tohoshinki will perform at CDTV SPECIAL on 12/31 before they perform at Kouhaku.

Date and time: 12/31, starting from 11:45am, live broadcast for 5 hours.


Performing Artists:

* Fukuyama Masaharu
* Hamasaki Ayumi
* Kobukuro
* aiko
* Aqua Timez
* flumpool
* Becky♪♯
* Kato Miliyah
* Shimizu Shota
* Sukima Switch
* Kai Natsu
* Ikimonogakari
* w-inds.
* Shimatani Hitomi
* Perfume
* Shido
* Hilcrhyme
* Nakagawa Shoko
* Porno Graffitti
* Tohoshinki
* AKB48

Source: TBS CDTV Mobile Site
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[TRANS] DBSK'S Yunho and Changmin and SS501's Kim Hyun Joong and Young Saeng attended SNSD's first concert

Boy group DBSK U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin and SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng appeared in SNSD concert and created lots of attention.

4 of them attended the SNSD concert at 4pm, 20 November in Seoul Songpu-gu, Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium.

It was commonly known in the entertainment circle that U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin and SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng are best friends even though they are from different groups. Their attendance despite the cold weather had attracted the attention of a lot of fans.

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[PHOTOS] 091218 Changmin Filming Paradise Ranch Part 1

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[PHOTOS] Junsu - Mozart part 1

Time for the real xiahzart :)

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[NEWS] 091218 Mnet Japan To Broadcast Exclusive Program

Mnet special program will be broadcasted on the 31st!

Date: 12/31 8:00PM~9:00PM
Rerun: -not confirmed-
Featuring: Tohoshinki

Asia’s No. 1 group Tohoshinki’s charisma!!
Their presence, singing and dancing will be broadcasted and we will detailedly introduce the group that is now Asia’s No.1 group, Tohoshinki.
With all their 2009 news and activities, we will also show videos of their music as well as some analyzation.
Please look forward to this special exclusive program for Tohoshinki produced by Mnet.

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[FANART] DBSK Cute Fanarts

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[News] 091220 Yunho and Changmin Spotted at SNSD 1st Concert

The two members of TVXQ, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin were spotted to attend SNSD first solo concert.

SNSD opened their first solo concert, ‘Into The New World’ on the 20th afternoon at Olympic Park Fencing Stadium, Seoul after debuted for two years and five months.

The appearance of 2 TVXQ members U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin in SNSD concert which mobilizes 13,000 audiences surely rose cheers and attracted many attention. However, this incident also made many speculations and opinions regarding the current dispute of their label SM Entertainment with the rest 3 members Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun. Yunho and Changmin were spotted to come to the concert venue a bit early and watched the 3 hours performance until the very end.

U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin looked to be considerate and supportive towards the first concert of their fellow label artists SNSD. Meanwhile there were other artists as well who were spotted watching at VIP seats such as SS501 leader Kim Hyun-joong and Kim Tae-woo.

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[INFO] TVXQ Schedule in Dec 09

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[FANART] Xiahzart

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[TRANS] 091218 Oricon Yearly Top Rankings for Singles, Albums, and Total Sales

2009 Oricon Yearly Top 50 Single Ranking
From 2008/12/22 to 2009/12/21

21 - Stand by U - Tohoshinki - 225,812 copies
30 - Share The World/We Are! - Tohoshinki - 174,508 copies
32 - COLORS~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter - JEJUNG&YUCHUN (from Tohoshinki) - 169,564 copies
49 - Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide - Tohoshinki - 110,717 copies
Tohoshinki and AKB48 Had a Big Jump in This One Year
If we have to talk about groups that have had a big jump in 2009, they are no one other than Tohoshinki and AKB48. Both groups only had one of their singles to rank on the Yearly Top 50 Singles in 2008, but this year, Tohoshinki enters the chart with three singles - "Stand by U" which becomes their highest rank on this chart grabbing the 21st place, "Share The World/We Are!" (30th place), Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide (49th place). Moreover, their special unit JEJUNG&YUCHUN (from Tohoshinki)'s single "COLORS~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter" also ranks at 32nd place on the chart. Moreover, the unit's single even beats the other 3 singles to create a new record for first sale number. To be achieve things such as to become a promotion face of a Japanese CM, they have worked really hard from being a Korean artist to the point where they are being recognized in Japan, and their hard works have been paid off.

2009 Oricon Yearly Top 50 Album Ranking
From 2008/12/22 to 2009/12/21

22 - The Secret Code - Tohoshinki - 297,719 copies

[T/N: There is no comment in this category]


2009 Oricon Yearly Top Artist Total Sales

From 2008/12/22 to 2009/12/21, which includes all single, album and DVD sales

1 Arashi - 14,461,000,000 yen (≈160 million USD)

2 EXILE - 12,932,000,000 yen (≈144 million USD)

3 Tohoshinki - 6,895,000,000 yen (≈76 million USD)

4 B'z - 5,374,000,000 yen (≈60 million USD)

5 The Beatles - 5,200,000,000 yen (≈58 million USD)

Tohoshinki Who Had a Big Jump in 2009 and Continue with Their Great Success

Speaking of artists who have had a big jump in 2009, we cannot not mention about Tohoshinki. All of their items were distributed widely, and they have enthusiastically welcomed in the last one year. They also started a special unit, and that is just the first step, and we are not yet to know how far they'll be able to go in the future.

T/N: DVD sale ranking has not yet been available.Want to see Tohoshinki being in the top 10 of 2010 chart? You can contribute to that success by participating in BREAK OUT project by ordering your BREAK OUT single.

Source: Oricon
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[News] TVXQ Received Hallyu Tourism Achievement Award

On the 19th, 19:00 at Yonsei University, Seoul was held the 100th anniversary of ‘2009 Hallyu Tourism Night’ by Korea National Tourism Organization. The former idea of this event is to celebrate the surpass of 7 million foreign tourists visit to Korea on last November 23rd.

Korea National Tourism Organization, “In mid-December, it’s certain that Japanese tourists’ visits to the country will break 3 million for the first time. So far, among foreign tourists visiting Korea, Japanese are the most, thus to achieve another increase in spreading the ‘Hallyu wave’, this event was designed.” explaining the purpose of ‘2009 Hallyu Tourism Night’.

In the event, various video promotions starring Lee Byung-hoon, Song Seung-hun, Ji Jin-hee, Son Ho Young, Andy, FT Island, and Kim Joon to emerge Korea tourism was shown. Theme song from drama ‘Winter Sonata’, ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter’ composed by Yoo Hae-jun was performed by T-MAX and SG Wannabe who attended the celebrations.

At the event, Korea Tourism awarded Hallyu Tourism Section Merit Awards’ for song ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter’, while Kim Joon, Son Ho Young, Song Seung-hun, Sin Seung-woo, TVXQ, FT Island were also awarded ‘Hallyu Tourism Lifetime Achievement Award’.

credit: SSTV
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[INFO] 091221 How to watch NHK Music Japan in KeyHole

Well, first.. of course you need KeyHole. Install it and open the program.
When you type NHK, NHK radio will pop out and that's wrong!

Type in: 総合
The channel will ask you for a password. The password is in caps: NHK

The airing time is 11:30PM JST. That would be 9:30 PM in Vietnam, 6:30 AM in the U.S, 10:30 in Malaysia, etc.

Remember, don't confuse yourself with NHK radio ><

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[TRANS] 091220 ERIKO KITAGAWA’S Blog Update

2009-12-20 14:05:02
Oh, no~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (I found in your comments)

It seems that Tohoshinki sang Oda-san’s (T/N: Kazumasa Oda. Original singer of the song) “Kotobani Dekinai”.
I wanted to watch it..
I wanted to watch “Bokurano Ongaku”.
I wanted to watch it so much, I want to borrow a video tape from Fuji TV.

Please inform me. Please inform me well in advance. Please inform me on a timely basis about those things.

2009-12-20 17:12:36
Wow~~~~~~~ (I found in your comments)
Thank you for the person who informed me of the youtube address~
I went to watch it.
It was lovely. Tohoshinki’s “Kotobani dekinai”.
I think Oda-san will be delighted, too. They have sung the song so lovely.

By the way, who was playing the piano? Suga-san?
Suga Shikao?
Looking from behind, it was similar to him.

2009-12-20 17:16:12
Their pronunciation of “To”

I love their broken Japanese.
I just love their pronouncing “to” of “Tohoshinki”. It’s so lovely. It makes your heart beat.
I like the way they sing “to” in “Koto~bani♪”.

Thank you very much for your informing of youtube.
It was a 4 minutes experience for a change.
Where did they film that song?
That is a lovely place.
The window was so large, and you could see the Tokyo Tower.
I thought, if it is a restaurant, I would like to go there.
But I think that was a studio.

T/N: Eriko Kitagawa is the original screenwriter for the movie “Heaven’s Postman”.

Source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
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[PHOTO] 091220 Stalking YooChun

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[INFO] Documentary feat. CEO Max Matsuura (& TVXQ appearance?)

The Future's Engine; An Enthusiastic Creator - The Miracles of Matsuura Masato

T/N: 2010+ The Future's Engine is a series of documentaries of real stories about individuals who have made their dreams come true. There are 5 stories being told in this program, with categories ranging from baseball to movie and music. One of those 5 stories is about the creator and current CEO of avex, Matsuura Masato.

Broadcast Time:
* 2010/1/1 (Fri) 21:00-23:00 on BS-TBS
* 2010/1/9 (Thu) 13:00-15:00 on BSAsahi
* 2010/1/17 (Mon)21:00-23:00 on BSJapan

Participants in this Documentary:
Matsuura Masato, Kenjou Tooru [Gentosha Publisher's CEO], HIRO (EXILE), TRF, Every Little Thing, Hamasaki Ayumi, Koda Kumi, misono, Otsuka Ai, Tohoshinki, Goto Maki, GIRL NEXT DOOR, and more.

avex's president Matsuura Masato. His "passion" for music has built up a new era in the music industry.

His first step into the entertainment business industry was his part-time job at a rental CD shop. Speaking of himself at that time, Matsuura said, "Anyhow, at that time, I was inside my dream." During his college years, he encountered dance music. He said it himself, "It was a shocking music experience for me." From that moment, Matsuura's life has made a turn, and he immersed his life into the music industry. Starting off with a small record company, in the 90s, Matsuura's passion has created a new era. With dance music as the main genre, he swept away the music industry. Moreover, during that time, Hamasaki Ayumi was born. What has Matsuura been thinking during those big times?

The program will start off with the unseen scenes of a-nation09 and a close look at Matsuura's daily life. Beside Matsuura Masato, we will also look back at the interviews with artists whom he has raised and the numerous hit songs that he has produced. And by watching that and following the miracles that he has created, we will able to have a look into a man who has created a revolution in the music industry.

We also conducted a special talk with Gentosha Pubisher's president and looked for other sources that we could on Matsuura Masato, to make sure that we will be able to draw the complete picture of a legend who has become the frontier of the entertainment industry that has captured the hearts of young people.

Source: BS2010
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[INFO] Kouhaku Uta Gassen Songs Announced!

Today Kouhaku announced the songs each artist will be performing.

Our boys are doing Stand by U

See the complete list HERE

Are you excited? I am!

[TRANS] 091220 NHK MUSIC JAPAN, Christmas Special Tonight!

Comments from Ishihara P!
This week is the Christmas Special!

This week’s Music Japan is 30 minutes longer than the regular programs.
It is a love song special which fits perfectly to the winter season.
I will introduce you the artists in Japanese hiragana order.

(Many sentences omitted)

Tohoshinki’s song is the masterpiece ballad, “Stand by U”.
This is the full version, as the same as the “Eco-uta” version.
(T/N: Eko-uta is also a special program for MJ)
I hope you will enjoy both the solo and chorus parts.

(Few sentences omitted)

Please enjoy the MJ Special on your winter night.
Merry Christmas!

T/N: The picture at the top is our famous Ishihara P, who is always so considerate to Tohoshinki fans. T/N2:The Music Japan Christmas Special will be broadcasted tonight from 11:30pm. There will be a Christmas special message from the 5 members, which was filmed on December 4. Getting excited!

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[PHOTOS] 091217 Yunho Stalker Pictures

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Nobody knows the lyrics for sure yet, these are just a good guess.
For instance, "I keep break the heart and baby, we keep the faith eternally" could be "I keep praying. Don't forget it. Baby, we keep faith eternally!"

What lyrics do you hear?

Translation: linhkawaii @

[NEWS] 091219 JJ phone call in Love Faith; born to be TVXQ Event



Love Faith; born to be TVXQ Event,

The event took place at IT Square , Bangkok Thailand around 10:00 – 18:00

The event organizer called Jaejoong’s sister and out of the blue it’s Jaejoong on the phone.

I can only translate the comment

Comment 1 “when we 1st heard Jaejoong voice, All cassiess did scream like crazy. We told him we are all gonna fly to Jaejoong. And He said PLEASE COME.

The organizer asked how’s he doing. JJ said he’s doing fine and happy.”

Comment 2 “We said we love you. Jaejoong said I love you too”

(t/n: We’re verifying this news and we’ll find the vid for u)

credit: siamzone
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Don't forget I'm monitoring the comments.


During the phine-in to Sook Jin Unnie (Jaejoong’s 4th sister) I never thought I’d hear Jaejoong’s voice on the phone XDDDDDDD

Many Thai Cassie must have seen from the schedule that Sook Jin Unnie would record Jaejoong’s voice for us but it’s not! It’s real Jaejoongon the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was holding hand with my sister thinking “are we dreaming or what”

It’s not the record. It’s the real Jaejoong LIVE on the phone for Thai Cassies

I wanna die and reborn and die for many many times. I was out of my mind while he’s on the phone.

I can only remember a few conversation

The translator “Thai Cassie will take the whole plane and fly to Korea (to fight against SM? – - this part i am not sure) for Jaejoong”

and Jaejoong said “OK I got it”

At one part we all yelled out “Jaejoong Oppa Saranghaeyo” for at least 3 times.

The translator asked Jaejoong “Do you love us”
Jaejoong said “YES”

[T/N she gave more cute comments of Jaejoong's voice on the phone like it's different than how we hear him via the microphone cuz it's a phone and the speaker that makes him sound a bit different]

After that many Cassie started to cry because of the happiness

They tried to call Yoochun’s mom but she’s not at the shop and also Junsu’s dad.

source: ^^Lovin_you_TVXQ^^@siamzone
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[INFO] 091219 THSK in ‘What’s In’ February

Japan magazine ‘What’s In’ February issue will start selling on the 14th of January 2010 that Tohoshinki’s related topic will be included in which was a last minute decision, however there are chances of changing too.

Artists preview includes:

* Mr.Children
* Porno Graffitti
* flumpool
* Kimura Kaela
* HY

Source: TVXQYard
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[TRANS] 091219TVXQ Earns 90.3 billion Won In Album/DVD Sales In Japan This Year

[TRANS] 091219TVXQ Earns 90.3 billion Won In Album/DVD Sales In Japan This Year

Popular group TVXQ place third in highest earning Japanese artistes in album sales in 2009.

According to Oricon's '2009 Oricon Yearly Ranking' that was released on the 18th that accumulates all singles, albums and DVDs, TVXQ placed third after Arashi and EXILE. 4th and 5th place went to B'z and the Beatles respectively.

Arashi, who placed first, earned a total of 14.6 billion Yen in single, album and DVD sales, and EXILE and TVXQ earned 12.93 billion Yen and 6.89 billion Yen (around 90.3 billion Won or $76 million) respectively.

Oricon introduced TVXQ as "The group that made the biggest leap in 2009 and is continually growing at the fastest rate," and said, "They were perfectly balanced in all areas and this was the year fans passionately supported them."

Source: [yeonhap news+DNBN]
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[TRANS] 091219 Max Matsuura's Blog

Regarding Junsu's Solo Song to Become the Coupling Song of the New Single

I heard from the staffs that they have been receiving different opinions regarding the fact that Junsu's solo is going to become the coupling song of the new single.

This is something that has been decided in the beginning of the year, as a part of Tohoshinki's solo project.

In Japan, Jaejoong and Yoochun released their own single, and in Korea, Jaejoong and Yunho both took part in their own dramas.

And now Changmin is also going to act in his own drama. These are all parts of the solo project.

At first, avex and SM were thinking of having solo projects that are suitable to each member's own special ability.

Of course, we are also under consideration to release Yunho's solo song, so please do not worry about that.

Source: Max Matsuura's Blog
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I really don't see anything wrong with Xiahtic although, I do admit I want another new song.


I disabled the comments due to the bashing of the other members. If you guys can't stop complaining and bashing other members, we will shut down the comments. DBSKnights is a TVXQ blog so we don't allow any insults to any TVXQ members. You think you're helping them with complaining to get more solo projects and insulting other members? You are not! You're hurting them. I now can see who are the real TVXQ fans and who are not. This is so disappointing. What happened to the "Always Keep the Faith in you guys?