Tuesday, January 19, 2010

he's been into sending messages to his fansites lately...
awww! so sweet!

To ParkYuchun
I always like the BGM.

*T/N – the BGM is his song at the smile again fanmeeting “Restless” and “Wind from Whence Does it Blow” at Come to Play

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Baby Changmin... xDD he looks so young with his hair...
much loveee! :D

i'm applying to be one of his make-up artists..
where do i send my resume?kekeke ^__^

wait! that guy is familiar...OH! it's Yunguard
shall we call him Minguard now??!! xD

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it's JAECHUN babiess! :D

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Jaejae, are you looking for me? xD
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are your hands one of these? xD
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Oh, CHUNNIE *___*
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handsome?,.. OH YEAH! xD

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*wow. our Junchan pleased the staff! Good job Junchan!
we will give you a cake from Starbucks! :DDD

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2010-01-185 15:07:08

A message from Yunho's father

I received a thank you mail from Yunho’s father.

There are some personal contents, and also some of Yunho's father's thoughts about the current problem, so I would like to disclose only a part of his message.
I thank you for your kind understanding.

TO: Mr. Yu Kigoshi
How are you?
It was very snowy and also very cold in Gwangju.
I do not know about the weather in Japan, but please always take care of your health.

I received the package that you have sent to me.
Yu-san's letter, candies, precious messages and the CD from the fans…
(T/N: the messages from the fans were partly printed out on paper, and the remaining was copied to a CD)
I feel deep love inside my heart, and I would pass the messages to Yunho, too.

I express my words of gratitude to all the precious ones, who have sent messages that will summon up Yunho’s courage.

So your messages will be handed over to Yunho.
Everyone, cheers♪

One of the other messages written were,
Yunho's father is thinking to lend a hand together with Yunho to Haiti, where there was the earthquake, and many passed away.
Yunho's father seems to think of volunteering for Haiti, when Yunho' schedule for this month is finished.
Not only volunteer work, but accomplishing something together with your father is really wonderful, I hope I can be like them.

I could not introduce the part where he is referring to the current Tohoshinki’s situation, but he seems to be very worried, and also feeling somewhat impatient.

I believe all your messages would be a great support to Yunho and Yunho's father.

I would like to treasure the chance between Yunho's father and me.
Yunho's father is the teacher of my life, he has created the opportunity for me to contact my real father again.

(few sentences omitted)

Recently, I am thinking that..
There are some that knew this blog through my books, some are regular readers from before, and some are newcomers from this project.
There are many people who leave me messages, and reading them, it seems that they are not worrying only about Tohoshinki but worrying and supporting me, too.
There are some who leaves comments just like my mother's words, lol. Maybe they are the same generation as my mother.

I was always told to be grateful to all the persons around me, and I am truly filled with thankfulness to all of you.

It is very difficult to express my feelings, but I wish that my feelings can be conveyed to all of you. Watching the news on TV, there are not many nice stories, but I hope that many who come to this blog will be able to smile for a time being.

As everyone had prayed for my happiness, I pray that all of you would be happy.

*so touched*
Father-in-law and hubby will probably go to HAITI to do some charity?
please don't forget to call me so i could with you. kekeke xD

Source: Yu Kigoshi’s blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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hey Chunnie, wanna have coffee?

okaay. truth is, HE WAS WITH ME. xD
waaaaaa! *runs away*

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Which of these groups will have greater longevity?

voting ends January 20, 2010
let's prove that DBSK rules! yeah! :D

*i voted already...have you? :D

Source: kr.news.yahoo.com

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There will be a combined broadcast of the programmes that Big Bang and TVXQ have been on!

To fulfill the audience's requests, a compilation of the programmes that these popular K-POP stars have appeared on will be aired through Mnet's popular programme [I LOVE Series]; a rebroadcast of Big Bang and TVXQ's TV appearances.

Big Bang's appearances come up to a total of 14 hours, while TVXQ's appearances come up to a total of 33 hours, and these will all be broadcasted.

Various images of them will be shown, for example, debut videos, LIVE videos as well as behind-the-scenes footages.

The Mnet Korea shows where they have appeared on, from their debut days in 2004 up until 2009, will all be broadcasted. The broadcast contents include in-depth, LIVE talk footages, LIVE videos that are full of charm, and their music videos will also be aired after the broadcasts of the programme. Those of you who have not seen TVXQ's Korean activities, will surely discover their new charm!

These precious videos can only be seen on Mnet.
Please enjoy every second of the videos as well as the weekly interviews with TVXQ.

Broadcast Contents

25 Jan - KPOP 10 Big Stars
26 Jan - School Of? / No Cut Story
27 Jan - Star Watch
28 Jan - 100% #1
29 Jan - 100% #2
This is the rest of the post

*would you watch 33 hours of DBSK? hmmm.

do i have to think about it? BIG YESSS of course! LOL.

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CD - Daily Rankings

DVD - Daily Rankings

CD - Weekly Rankings

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this so colorful :))






cutie :D

i got you under my skin! xD

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DBSKnights: Who's ready for some duck butt pic spamming?
Fans: Me! Me! Me!
DBSKnights: Aight, here goes.
Let's start from the very beginning.
As we can see, even when he was a child our Junchan has had that "kamo butt" of his.
My Greek mythology teacher once said that male gods did not just have great bodies, but also firm butts. Guess our Junchan truly is a "god" XD
It's not healthy to look at one's butt, but as Yunho pointed out, it's Junsu's sexiest part. XD
Even the members themselves can't help but notice it.
Yunho, where are you looking?? O.o
JS: Stop it. I'm so embarrassed now.
YC: Don't be. It's a gift!
CM: Yup, that butt is really something.
YC: Is he sticking it out on purpose?

YC: Is he??? O.o
DBSKnights: We'll answer that for you, Chunnie.
This IS on purpose.

Now, the rest of these times aren't.
Whether he's stretching or warming up.
Fooling around
JS: Look at how high my jump is!
CM: Yeah...it's high...high enough for the camera to focus on your butt.
JS: What? I didn't notice it was there!

JJ: Minnie, stop slouching! Junchan, stop...uh...sticking your butt out! -_-

Even if he's just walking...

Or just plain standing....
DBSKnights: See? It's hard not to notice! It's not like we're eyeing his butt on purpose. :D

You can totally tell the difference, right? ;)
YC: What about if he's sleeping??? O.o
YH: Ugh, I think it still pops out. Like when we were guesting in Family Outing.
YH: See what I mean?
DBSKnights: Here's another pic to help ya out, Chunnie :)
YC: Okay, okay. I get it. It sticks out on his own. Guess I'll have to do the honors and cover it once in awhile. I am the person always beside him and all.
DBSKnights: Alright, Chunnie. Go ahead. But we doubt you can cover it all the time. ;)

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