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2010-01-15 13:53:38
I sent your messages to Yunho and Yunho’s father…

I think that everyone should have been waiting for this news.

I wanted to send some things together, so I was busy preparing them.

These were the things that I’ve prepared.

My desk (in my company) is shown, too…

For the singers, the condition of your throat should be important, so I prepared some candy. (I didn’t want to burden them, so the candies that I sent were not so expensive ones.)
Since the very dusty season, the yellow sand season is approaching, I sent them candy that will refresh their throat and nose, yuzu (T/N: an aromatic citron) candy, Milky, milk caramels…

And, hoping that the current situation will improve, I put into the box the beans for the bean-scattering ceremony.

I will not be able to introduce to all of you the letter from Yunho’s father (T/N: which should be sent to me in return), so I will like to introduce a part of my letter now, since it should be your concerns.

Since I’ve sent the letter in Korean, I would translate (T/N: the letter to Japanese) and post here.

To Yunho and Yunho’s Father

I wanted to send a present to you, and made this package.
There are a lot of Bigeasts in Japan who are anxious about Yunho and also for you, Father.
I am anxious too, so though I know that my power is limited, I want to help out.
So during the year end and the beginning of this year, I’ve collected messages in my personal blog. I wanted to give Yunho, who is making a great effort and going though hardships as the leader of Tohoshinki, and also to you, Father, who took time for my interview during the hard days last year.

There were more than 1000 messages, so I could not print out all of them. I printed a part of the messages, and for the remaining, I have copied them to the CD.

At first, the plan was for the Japanese fans, but where did they know, there were international fans that came to my blog to leave their messages.
Thus, I will send you the messages in Korean and English, so that it will be easy for you to read.

There were Japanese fans who do not know Korean, but tried their best using the translation engines, and some of those who were not fluent in English, they also left messages using dictionaries.

There are many messages that are cheering Yunho and you, Father.
I hope that looking at them will smooth over your feelings…

Last summer…Father, I met you…..The conversation between you and me, and your words were just like my own father’s ones …I was really impressed.
This is just my personal story, but during these depression days, we are in trouble, too.
Now, our family could not live together.
But after hearing your words, Father… I came to understand that parents are always praying for the happiness of their children, and anxious about them, too. I thought that I should support my parents much more in the future.

Today, Jan 15, I am going to meet my father after a long time, and drink together.
Father, I think of you as the teacher of my life…Thank you very much…

I wish that true happiness will reach you again this year.
All the fans are supporting Yunho and Father, both of those who left messages and those who were late in participating, too.

For the contents of my present…
I prepared some candies since Yunho is a singer.

And, can you see some beans inside? (Lol)
There is a deep meaning for this.
In Japan, on February 3, we have the “Setsubun” ceremony.
“Setsubun” is a ceremony to invite happiness and drive out the wicked.
We throw beans out of our front door of our houses… (Lol)

1. Say “Oniwa-soto!” (T/N: Devils out!) and throw the beans outside..
2. Say “Fukuwa-uchi” (T/N: Fortune in!) and throw the beans on the floor of the entrance hall

How to use the devil’s mask
Somebody needs to put on the mask and stand outside the house, and a person standing inside the house should throw beans at the person with the mask, saying “Oniwa-soto!”, lol.
If you do this, it is said that wicked and evil will leave the house.

I pray that 2010 will be filled with happiness to Yunho, Father, and all the others related to you.
Yunho!! Father!!!! Good luck!!!

I sent a message as the above.
Of course, I enclosed all of your messages.

I started this project casually, but this project was introduced in an international site, and there were many talks all around for this project, I was so surprised…
I will be happy if all of your messages will comfort Yunho and his father.

I will start reading your messages and comments one by one. I am sorry that I am late in responding.

In the future, I would like to provide you with heartwarming stories, interesting stories, and true stories, not only stories about Tohoshinki, but Korean artists and culture. I would like to send out stories in the large Korean limit.

Please support me in the future.

T/N: I have previously sent out a private message to Yu-san, in behalf of all our English speaking friends who have left their messages, thanking for his kindness. Just today, I’ve received his very polite reply, thanking me for introducing this project to our English speaking friends, saying that he wanted to send out as much messages as possible. Yu-san is a true gentleman, I was so impressed by his mail!

Source: Yu Kigoshi’s blog
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He's really into it. Awwww :} Junchan, fighting!

That position kinda reminds me of Jaejoong in Dating on Earth.
Only difference is Junchan is on top of a table, Joongie was on a stage.

Omo~ So is this the girl, then? O.o Aigo~
I wish Junchan would also hold me in his arms like that. *gazing into oblivion*

I though he was gonna run towards her and comfort her. But looks like he just passed her by. XD Junchan, did you avoid comforting her coz u don't know how to?
Why don't you just sing "My Little Princess" again, just like what you did in King's Men Parody ;)

Why do I see so many women touching and being touched by our Junchan?
I am seriously dying out of envy here. :{

I wish I could touch his face like that! That girl is SOOOOOO lucky!!!! :'(

Just two? Junchan, if you need more musicians for the orchestra I'll gladly join. :D
(Even if I don't know how to play any instrument.LOL)

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Looks like Changmin, along with other SM artists, attended the VIP premiere of Super Junior's Kim Kibum's movie "Jumunjin".

Is that Tiffany of SNSD behind him??? O.o

He sure looks like he's concentrating on the movie

What's up with Heechul's outfit? Does he have a cold or something??

Is that a smirk I see? :}

Well, he looks like he's having a lot of fun which is really good, right guys? :)

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Since Music Station is coming close to its 1000th broadcast, they decide to create a special game called a "4-week Keyword Quiz".

Basically, people who want to participate in this quiz have to watch all four broadcasts of Music Station on 1/15,1/22, 1/29, 2/5. During each broadcast, some random keywords will appear on the screen and the viewers have to be fast to catch it. After 4 weeks, people will have to respond to Music Station's mobile site with a complete 11-character keyword, and Music Station will pick random people who answers are correct to give away T-shirts with autographs of 50 artists, including Tohoshinki.

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This game is actually just for those who are living in Japan.
But anyway, its fun and interesting, right?
Gosh, how I wish I was living in Japan right now.
They're so lucky. *dies of envy*
So, I'm guessing this is on the same day we saw photos of him in Starbucks?
After all, he has that cap on. ;)

If you can't spot him in this picture, just look for the dude in the all black outfit (long sleeves, skinny jeans, boots, and cap).
Do you see him now? :)

So, many women around him. *sigh* Soooo envious :{

This might be the girl he has to kiss. MAYBE T_T

Awww. I wanna hug Junchan too! :{
Haha. The kid's cute :) Lucky kid.

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A beer on his right hand and a phone on the other. Kinda reminds me of that story that Jaejoong talked about in the "Of Course!" game in X-Man when he was against Changmin.
Chunnie, who are you talking to? Why are you so busy on the phone??? O.o

Wait....don't tell me...were you trying to contact me?! I must have been in class when you called. Sorry chunnie. ;) *gets stoned by fans*

Tattered jeans and a beer on his hand. Nice! Anyway, don't you guys think he looks a lot like Chunnie?! O.o Omo~ He really is Chunnie's little brother! Their similarities are so insane!

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Top 20 flower boys and girls in Kpop

selected by Thailand Magazine!

A Thai magazine selected the Top 20 flower Boys and Girls among Kpop artists!
Majority of the stars are from SM Entertainment.
Here's the full list:

1. Jaejoong (TVXQ)
2. Donghae (Super Junior)
3. Sohee (Wonder Girls)
4. Eunhyuk (Super Junior)
5. Lee Taemin (SHINee)
6. Tiffany (SNSD)
7. Sungmin (Superjunior)
8. GD & Top (Big Bang)
9. Yunho (TVXQ)
10. BoA
11. Leeteuk (Super Junior)
12. Kibum (Super Junior)
13. Sunmi (Wonder Girls)
14. Taeyeon (SNSD)
15. Dana (The Grace)
16. Yoon-A (SNSD)
17. Hongki (F.T.Island)
18. Heechul (Super Junior)
19. Siwon (Super Junior)
20. Gyuhyun (Super Junior)

Source: Daily Kpop News, Super Junior's Baidu
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As expected, when it comes to "flower boy" Jaejoongie will always be first. Hehe :)
Congrats to JJ and Yunho! ;)

Good morning everyone!

Is ok to lift a ban, isn't it?
[T/N: I have no idea what he's talking about here, I don't follow his blog]

That's right! This time I appear in a PV!
Since Summer Dream.



The filming was very fun!!!!!!!!!!

There were so many funny talks and we laughed so much we couldn't even talk!

Me and... ah, can't tell you who (LOL)

By the way, this time the dancers also make an acting performance.

Everyone was so intense, they look so cool.

But I wasn't included in the acting.

Why? Because I was bad at it... It was a funny story. Eh? NG? Cry.

I watched the complete video and laughed.

It was a bit of... an accident. LOL.

But us dancers also did our best. Please watch the PV.

This time I really felt the presence of TohoTeamwork. From Tour to a-nation, PV, magazine, the staffs that I've been working with until now, I also think of them as artists.

Makeup artists, stylists, choreographers, everyone really gave their best at everything.

I'm glad that I've been having this job since last year.

-unrelated information omitted-

Source: Ko-san's Blog
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Cool! I wish I could do that~
Really got the eyes there, looks just like JJ's!

Credit: phutran1981vnn2

Thank you for the birthday messages! Junsu has finally turned 23 years old! On that note, I'd like to show everyone a Junsu that has become an adult and has progressed in his music, this year, I'm really happy for your love, but next year, I'll work much harder for a better, happier year! Thank you!

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Seungri proves his fanboy-ness once again!

In an interview with Japan Daily Sports, Big Bang was asked:

How about your Japanese?
*V.I and D.Lite says something in Japanese. I think they were mimicking someone* (Laughs)
V.I.: I’ve been studying by watching Japanese dramas and listening to Dong Bang Shin Ki.

[V.I. is Seungri's stage name, short for 'Victory']

He's especially a fan of Junsu. Remember this radio show?

Awww~ He's really a fan!

Rock on, fanboy!

Thanks for the tip, Lily ;)
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Faith eternally…

“The desire to continue singing”, “Believing in eternity”, ‘Break Out!’ engraved their determination.

- Non-related part omitted –

‘Break Out!’ is the new single from Tohoshinki, who we had not been able to see for a long time. They had chosen to release this song to not disappoint us, this up-beat and full of passion song will definitely attract your attention.

The lyric is the composer's personal understanding of the interpretation of their current situation and it seems to deliver the message to us with their determination through the english part of the song. “The desire to continue singing”, “Believing in eternity”, this is what I believe in.

The second song, ‘Xiahtic’, revealed a cool and intense dance song, JunSu, who is skilled in ballad songs, revealed his powerful dance and charismatic vocal. JunSu not only once again proven his singing ability with ‘Xiahtic’, we can also see his talent in composing. At the same time, Tohoshinki had proven us that they are a talented group with infinite potential members within.

Source: BaiduTVXQ
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Special about J-pop bands (THSK) in Peru

On January 8th, the radio program ‘Tu Opinion Importa’ hosted by a famous peruvian actor, made a special about J-POP. The special was about the j-pop bands that are very famous here in Peru [TVXQ, Arashi & Hayabiki] (ps: Hayabiki is a J-Rock/Pop banb from Peru). The program was recieving calls from the listeners and the fan clubs of those bands were interviewed. Also the host said that this special was very succesfuly and they recieved many calls.

These are the articles on the program’s blog:


At last… the members of the fan clubs of Arashi Peru, DBSK / TVXQ and Hayabiki will be this friday (January 8th) to talk about the J-pop and all the asian music wich is a hit in this moment…

Yes, because not all is cumbia(kind of music) and you guys ask for this, so from 1:30pm on Radio capital you will listen your favorites bands, so ask for you favorites songs that you love and tell us why do you like these bands.

Translation: January 5th, 2010

Since Christmas, the day where a fan call to ask songs from DBSK, the comments of thanks for the music from the band that we played in the program don’t stop comming.

We have the link of the fanclub, and many videos from Youtube, the member’s names, the nicknames, as how they are called in China TVXQ, in Japan Tohoshinki, but we need to contact the members of the fanclub to have a complete special.


Always Keep the Faith!

T/N: He was so kind with us, & he wrote in the end of this article ‘AKTF’

PART 1: the rest of the parts are HERE

Source: Radio Capital [Carlos Carin]
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this is the DBSK Domination. :D

Daily CD Ranking

DVD General

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