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this is the DBSK Domination. :D

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"baby, we keep the faith eternally"... meee likeeey! :D

everyone! sing along now. :D

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This is a special feature only for people who have sent Junsu birthday wishes via Tohomobile.
Thank you for your birthday wishes.
I was very happy.
Since I have turned 23, I want to challenge myself with many many things.
Everyone, please support me more than Yoochun.

Cool Junsu

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My nephew’s diary when he met Jaejoong and Hyunjoong in Canada


My nephew saw Jaejoong and Hyunjoong too
After he called me, he was bragging a lot
When I went to his hompi
He posted about it so I’ll paste it here ^^



20:21 Diary Information: Seunga’s Diary

While I was shopping in the Pacific Center with Haein we rested because we were exhausted

We were going to Robson to eat dinner when we saw someone who looked like Kim Hyunjoong

I thought “It’s Kim Hyunjoong” but because I was hungry, I thought I was hallucinating.Then, Haein suddenly went “That person looks exactly like Kim Hyunjoong” so when I looked again, it was actually Kim Hyunjoong
Hyunjoong was looking for something in his pockets, taking his hand in and out again, with a very clear face

He looked like a baby that was just born. His eyes were so big… he was so pure.

After he looked around his eyes met mine and with a blank expression he waved his hand to me and Haein. He was so cool and cute.
Behind him was Jaejoong.

The first thing that came to my mind was, wow I’m looking at Jaejoong.
What in the world.. it was really Jaejoong.
I was so surprised my mouth wouldn’t close.
He was so dazzling. That’s the only word that comes to my mind…

Today, I was so lucky..^^
Maybe it was because there were no Koreans, because Jaejoong kept talking to us

I did a interview with him but it was too long
He was holding a camcorder and kept shooting us. It was embarassing.
When I hid behind the clothes counter he asked me why I was hiding and told me to come out. I kept pride-crushingly hiding again and came out ^_^. I didn’t want to be broadcasted.

Luckily they said they were going to Japan so I stuck my head out?
Anyway, Jaejoong asked Haein how many years she/he lived there and Haein said 5 years (it’s really 6 years) and asked me how long and I said 5 months (really 4 months) (I’m still not sure why we lied) Then said I must be really bad at english and I said I was good then told me not to lie

I was a bit scared they might make me say english but I was thankful they didn’t

But it was such a burden that they kept shooting us with the camcorder ㅜㅜ

Anyway after a few minutes I was walking around with Haein and we went down the escalator. Beneath us we saw Hyunjoong and Jaejoong again and Jaejoong started shooting us with his camcorder again. Since he was shooting from below I was a bit worried about my chin fat.

So I covered my face and said “We’re not following you, we’re trying to find the exit….we’ll go home”

and he said

“The exit is here. Where are you trying to get out? keke”

When I looked around, all exits were closed besides that exit and I was embarassed again.

Truthfully, we were following Jaejoong and Hyunjoong.
They’re hard to find even in Korea so we were so happy that we met them in Canada.

We went out together and walked together with Jaejoong and Hyunjoong to Hoe St

Jaejoong said there weren’t any Korean people there who were good at english so he asked us if we went to school, and if we’re not busy to translate for them.

Haein said she would like to kekekekekekekekekekeke

When they come out in a Japanese show I’m going to capture to them..
It said it was Nippon TV..

Anyway I was really excited but unfortunate (that we had to depart)..

After that, we went to eat because we were hungry. I was happy because there was another episode of me and Hain ^_^
It was such an amazing event that we met Korean celebrities in Canada..Not to mention it was the the best DBSK’s Jaejoong and F4’s Hyunjoong..hehe

If my cousin Harin who is a major fan of DBSK saw him, she would’ve fainted.

When I called her in Seoul she kept screaming KyaKya~!!..keke

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First press editions of Break Out versions A & B were restocked at HMV Japan

If you haven't ordered a copy yet, get one here:

Version A (CD + DVD)
¥1,701 ≈$18.50 USD

Version B (CD)
¥1,050 ≈$11.50 USD

Support our boys! We're gonna break a record with this one :D

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Avatar = Awesome
DBSK = Awsome

DBSK + Avatar?


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We all know what a reliable and mature magnae Changmin is, and I found a couple of videos of him supporting his hyungs which was so adorable! If anyone has anymore instances comment and I'll add it to the list! :D

Watch 2:45 onward. ;) Changmin supports Yoochun's high notes.

[Embedding is disabled, click here to watch video]


When his hyungs are in a difficult spot, the youngest steps out to support them.
On DBSK's 4th comeback stage, all the members caught a cold, on that day Jaejoong's condition was the most serious. Now please watch Changmin.
Jaejoong who is affected by his cold is finding it hard to sing. Changmin is watching him worriedly.
Once his part is over, he turns to watch Jaejoong again.
He continues to watch Jaejoong to make sure he's okay.
During the adlib part, Changmin watches Jaejoong struggle with the notes and watches him worriedly. Even though Jaejoong sings well, Changmin still seems to be unsettled and worried.

2007.11.16 THSK is performing Forever Love. On that day, everyone was down with a cold again. It was hard on all of them once again, but Junsu particularly was hit the hardest.
Once again, observe Changmin.
Changmin who is watching Junsu from time to time.
When Junsu has to hit his high notes, his voice sounds like he is struggling.
Changmin continues to watch over Junsu.
Suddenly, he raises his mike and follows Junsu's high notes.
(@1.46, OMG I never even noticed although I've watched this performance tens of times. Compared this with the original Forever Love performance in Bigeast and this is supposed to be Junsu's solo.)
Changmin is still worried and keeps continues watching Junsu.
Listen to it one more time, Changmin's voice is supporting Junsu's.

YH: our youngest, changmin. actually although we joke around a lot, changmin has the deepest thoughts in thsk, and he knows how to manage and support this hyungs well.

There are times where Changmin displays his charm as the youngest but there are also times that he is as mature as his hyungs. Your thoughts are always the deepest; one whom THSK cannot do without. An important presence, Shim Changmin.

Thanks for the tip, ekin_hardy ;)
Video: TohoDancoFighto + makirain + YUAERUBI
Credit: candy_swirlz@dbsg

Singers, Kim Hyun-Joong and Jaejoong went for a trip to Canada together.
Jaejoong and Kim Hyun-Joong are traveling around the Vancouver and the whole area of Canada from January 9th and spent the first holiday of the New Year there.

It seems that this trip happened since Kim Hyun-Joong heard the news that Hero Jaejoong was planning to pursue a trip to Canada to enjoy and rest from the work. And Hyun-Joong wanted to go together with Hero. As for Jaejoong, he is traveling with a few acquaintances and Kim Hyun-Joong appearance reflected on traveling alone.

The aid of two of them had described that, "Kim Jaejoong and Kim Hyun-Joong progressed a kind of relationship model of being - "younger and older brother". If they have spare time, they meet up often and it is described that they introduce each other’s acquaintances which expands their acquaintances even more together.

Jaejoong visited Australia recently and right after his return to Korea, he faced towards Canada immediately. The reason of the trip is to rest from the hard work he had done in the past, last Decembers fan meeting plus multiple activities in Japan. Kim Hyun-Joong also worked hard both as an actor and a singer and left a good result last year, and the time to heal fatigue was necessary.

The aid mentioned that they were surprised to hear the news that the fans witnessed two of them being together in Vancouver, Canada. The news seems to be shown that the fans felt that it was unique that a member of TVXQ and SS501, two representative stars of Korea went for a trip together.

The aid also mentioned that two of them sent a message to the fans to say….. “We met some Canadian fans and they encouraged us and we were really happy to see them!
(*Message sent to the fans from JJ & HJ. They specifically asked the aid to deliver their message to the newspaper editor so that the fans would know that they were encouraged and happy. Yep! they love overseas fans as much as they love Korean, Japanese, Chinese and their other Asian fans!)

Kim Jaejoong and Kim Hyun-Joong are going to go back to their own country around January 16th.

Source: Korean Daily News
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Translation: Junsulv
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Yesterday, we reported that the upcoming musical, wherein Junsu was casted in, "Mozart!", will be up for the 5th round of ticket selling, right?

Guess what....our Junsu has done it again!

Well...more specifically...the Cassies have done it again!

The moment the selling of the tickets went live at 2pm, the fans immediately crashed the ticket servers due to high demand and traffic.

I don't know if this is right, but I wanna say "good job" to the Cassies! :)

Just goes to show how much they all wanna see and support our Junchan, right?

It's nice yet scary to hear this. Hehehe :)

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Yay! I was hoping luvdbsk7 would make this~ And she did! lol

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Haha, Narsha is so random. I love Brown Eyed Girls

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This picture surfaced in the internet a long time ago... But lately, it's been grabbing people's attention again. So, for those who haven't read this before, here ya go:

Letter to God… I, Yunho am worried…
My grandmother is very sick.
If my grandmother is sick, my mother will be heartbroken.
I like my grandmother a lot too.
Please let her be well! If you do, I will really try my best…
I’ll live helping others who are having a hard time. Oh yeah!
Is my grandfather doing well?
I was really hurt when my grandfather left (passed away) first
but…it would be nice if it didn’t hurt too much now.
I need to study hard and later go to a good college
and I also need to take care/be good to my parents but…
I just worry all the time and…
I’m confused as to what is what…
I want (expect) a lot of things right?
I’m just talking about me…
but what do you look like?
If I will be able to meet you….
That’s why I don’t know your worries...
(T/N: I think he’s trying to say he doesn’t even know
what God looks like or even be able to meet him
so how could he possibly know what God’s worries might be)
God, I’m getting tired all of a sudden
so I’ll stop writing! God, you’re not only mine.
Please take care of everyone around me.
I’ll write again.
Then, goodbye…

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As always, the man looks HOT! ;)

He sure is in a hurry...Look! He's already outside!

Hmm....Is it just me or does his coat look familiar? O.o
Aha! I remember!

Chunnie was wearing that same coat in the 2nd Bigeast Fanmeeting! :)
Awesome! KISS couple! :)

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