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Selling Time: Jan. 13th (Wednesday) 20:00
Place: Keimyung Art Center
On-Air Dates:
Feb. 27th 3:00 p.m.
Feb. 27th 7:30 p.m.
Mar. 6th 3:00 p.m.
Mar. 6th 7:30 p.m.
Mar. 7th 3:00 p.m.

Source: Musical Mozart Official Web, Xiaonei and Goldenxiahking
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Okay, guys, don't be shocked...But...according to some informants our adorable and innocent Junsu has a kiss scene! Waaaa! :{ And he has to like do that 5 friggin' times. I think my heart will ache when I see that. *sigh* But, in time, i'll get over it.

Anyway, go Junchan! Fighting!
I've never done a fanaccount before, hope this is alright.


I got to the airport at 5:58. We (myself+the people that i came with) walked around for about 5mins and then just stood outside the Check in area. About 5 mins after my friend came i think a bus pulled up. I didn't notice 'cause i was talking to friends, but then the fans i arrived with called me and then i looked outside and saw soo many people!

I ran outside and Changmin was already out, trying retrieve his luggage. Then i saw a puff of smoke coming out of his mouth. O__O" We were all like "OMFG IS HE SMOKING?!" T__T HE WAS. -sigh- I didn't see any cigarettes but we saw the smoke come out from his nose/mouth. Hopefully it was just a one off thing. ><" There were so many other people coming out of the bus. (Apparently the crew booked 14 rooms in their hotel, with 4 people in each room. That's 56 people for crew staff.) Lee Yeon Hee was probably one of the first to retrieve all her luggage. She was standing there sorta amazed at the amount of people here to see them/Changmin off. She's really pretty btw, her skin is amazingly white & she's very skinny. Changmin got his luggage out and walked towards the entrance that many of us fans have stood at waiting for him. The manager saw everyone filming and kept saying "NO, NO". 'Cept the amount of people taking vids/pics outweighed him, so people continued. LOL. Everyone was following, well behaved and we all kept our distance. All of a sudden he stopped and everyone stopped with him - he put out his cigarette and chucked it into the plant area. He continued to walk to the check in, by then everyone was staring. He started by standing to the side of the counter. Fan's were already crowding. After about 5mins they had to backtrack to get into the line in the 'Prestige area'. Everyone was standing around the check-in area filming. Changmin looked great. Although he was shorter then what i thought & much skinnier than in pictures he still looked amazing. He was dressed in a black long sleeved top rolled up to his elbows, a pair of dark jeans & brown shoes. :) HE LOOKED GOOOD. He also had sunnies on, which were a pain 'cause we couldn't see his eyes. T__T We all sort of stood there admiring his greatness. He was happy and was smiling. He seemed to be joking with one of the staff members. It was great to see him smile. ^^

He finished checking in with his manager and headed for customs. To get there you had to go on an escalator and then fill in some forms once you're down there. Everyone like ran to the escalators. I think that was the closest i got to him. I didn't get that close .. closest probably around 3-4metres. =D Close enough considering how far Korea is.

He went very slow on the escalator and everyone was like OOOOOOH then he filled in the forms for a while.

Changmin was done pretty quickly and he was waiting to compare his form with his manager's. The manager finished and they headed to customs - we couldn't film anything once they left that table as we couldn't see anything ><" & So we headed for the viewing terrace. The viewing terrace was also right above some shops downstairs. From where we were standing we could all see branded sunglasses. One by one, the co-stars all came. At about 6:45am Lee Yeon Hee came and tried on a couple of pairs. At about 7:15, the guy that was with Yoo Hana also went into the same shop.Hahaha he was major posing and everything. We were all laughing. I don't think he realised that poeple could see him. LOL How embarrassing. :P

We also saw Yoo Hana walking around with 2 other guys at about 6:40am. Some thought one of them was an IRIS star. But yeah, we were pretty sure that they were both actors also. They were all dressed pretty casually & it didn't seem as if they were worried about anyone recognising them then doing something stupid.

It was getting to about 7:30am and we were still waiting. Then we saw Changmin again. He was walking from one side of the airport to the other. We had no idea where he was going until he went outside (I'm guessing its a smoking area as people were smoking). Changmin joined them and the fans all died. He was with the other 2 guys that were previously with Yoo Hana, they talked for a while & smoked. I personally didn't see him smoking but there was smoke around him. I didn't get the quick enough to see him inhale from the cigarette but yeah, everyone around me saw it. Yoo Hana joined them afterwards and we realised she was also smoking. (Why does everyone smoke?! T__T) I just looked through my fancams & theres like one moment when he puts something to his mouth. But yeah, i didn't see the smoke. =/ At that point some film crew began boarding, they had cameras.

Changmin then walked back to the other side of the airport & dissapeared from our view. That was before someone noticed he was sitting down near 'Noodle Box' behind a Palm Tree (LOL I KNOW RIGHT xD) - Ninja Changmin !! He didn't have sunnies on & i think was drinking coffee. He sat there for ages. LOL Even when the sign said, 'Final Call', he sat there drinking and didn't move. We were all like o__O". Even the boarding staff were just staring at him waiting. Some other film crew boarded & then Yoo Hana + the other 2 males joined them and entered the tube of nevertobeseenagain! -shifty- .. ehehe .. they entered the plane T__T

At about 8:10am he finally stoood up! He put his sunnies on and then walked to the check in area. Fans were like scream-crying because he was leaving. T__T It was a pretty funny sight because once he walked into that tube/boarding thing, some fans stopped filming, whereas other were crouching lower and lower just to capture him walking all the way. By the end of it 5 or more fans were lying on the ground, on their stomach, trying to capture changmin's last moments. LOL

We left soon after he went into the tube. I didn't stay to see the plane take off because my driver had been waiting for a while already. So i said my goodbyes and we head off.
I got into the car, & spazzed. Today was well worth the 3 other visits to the aiport, the $50+ spent on travel & the hours of sleep i've lost. IT WAS GREAT.

Hopefully Changmin isn't a frequent smoker .. even if he smoked twice in like 2 hrs today T__T But its okay, i still love him very much. =D I guess its not so bad now 'cause they don't have many vocal performances.
one down , four to go ~


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*These CD/DVD are sold by Avex which DNBN suggest us fans to purchase from.
And I believe that this store's sells numbers are counted in the Oricon chart. ^^

Best Selection 2010 (Jacket A)(2CD+DVD)(Japan Version)

DVD Region 2Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ)

Price: US$55.99
Free International shipping world wide
Expected release date: February 17, 2010. Preorder Now!

Find discription of the album below.

Best Selection 2010 (Jacket B ) (CD+DVD)(Japan Version)

DVD Region 2Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ)

Price: US$46.25
Free International shipping world wide
Expected release date: February 17, 2010. Preorder Now!

Find discription of the album below.

Best Selection 2010 (Jacket C)(Japan Version)

Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ)

Price: US$30.75
Free International shipping world wide
Expected release date: February 17, 2010. Preorder Now!

Find discription of the album below.

Credit: Avex
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Number of discs: 1
Item weight: 4500g (about 9lbs)
Label/Distributor: Tokyo Cell Video
Origin: China
Price: USD 160.45

* Import from China. Fourth photo book features tons of photos took in Paris. Set of three photo books (Bonjour Paris I, Bonjour Paris II and Parisien) eight postcards, eight poster and bonus DVD featuring making-of and interview. * DVD Region code 3.

Note: Sorry, no Korean version of the photobook (we know a lot of people want that). In this version, the DVD is only in a sort of sleeve, while in the former, it's in a proper DVD case. Not sure about the quality of the pages of the photobook. Also not sure if this import from China is also the Hong Kong version that's been circulating.
If you want to get your hands on this photobook, order it now before you regret it. ^^;

Korean version

Source: CDJapan

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Since this is exam season in Japan, Tohomobile launched a special section to convey Tohoshinki's encouraging messages to students who are taking the exams.

It's gonna be okay since I'm gonna be with you!
Be confident in yourself☆

Relaxing is very important!
Calm down and do your best!
Never give up until the very end!
Let's give it all of our best!

You're definitely passing!
Please do your best until the very end!! (^o^)

You're definitely passing~~ (^^)
It's no good being nervous!!
Let's relax with a smile♪

Source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

This is clearer. I can see their faces better :)

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-TVXQ Special 2009
01/31(Sun)18:00~19:00 [Mnet]
02/03(Wed)13:00~14:00 [Mnet]

-4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME
01/30(Sat)19:00~21:00 [CS・TBS]

-Yunho Drama: 『No Limit~Heading to the ground~』
01/24(Sun)Start from the first episode / Every Sundays 21:45~23:00(Weekly)KNTV]
Non cut with Japanese subtitles、All 16 episodes.

-Zoom In Special: Only Zoom Knows TVXQ Special Unlimited CSVersion
01/10(Sun)16:00~17:00 [NTV Plus]
01/30(Sat)15:00~16:00 [NTV Plus]

-Zoom Followed TVXQ. All About TVXQ Special:
First appearance and unseen videos of TVXQ. All are revealed at once. 
01/17(Sun)13:00~14:30 [NTV Plus]

It is one of the total collection of continued special from a previous week「NEW YEAR SELECTION」
Preview will also be broadcasted.
01/09(Sat)18:00~18:30[Fuji TV]

A Total Collection Special. Past appearance with the talk part will be on air.

-NHK Drama8:『Tomehane!Suzusato HS Calligraphy Club』
Theme song is「BREAK OUT!」。※TVXQ’s appearance is probably not expected in this show。
01/07(Thu)20:00~Start / Every Thursdays 20:00~ [NHK]

-An incredible Creator / Foot Stem of Katsuto Matsuura (Avex CEO)
Documentary of Max Matsuura。BS site has TVXQ’s name to appear in this program.
01/09(Sat)13:00~15:00[BS Asahi]
01/17(Sun)21:00~23:00[BS Japan]

-KNTV TVXQ Special!
From the selected previous appearance of TVXQ at MBC・SBS
【Planned air time and date.】
・『TVXQ Special』・・・Drama/Xman etc
01/03(Sun)Start / Every Sundays. 24:15~27:45
・TVXQ in Song Festivals: 2004-2008
01/03(Sun)Start / Every Sundays:13:00~16:40
・TVXQ in SBS Popular Song Contest
01/07(Thu)Start / Every Thursdays: 17:55~19:00
※Time and the date may change.

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Trans: Junsulv
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[FACC] Fan account from a Japanese blog

Kouhaku Report

(few sentences omitted)

My seat was on the third floor, in the 7th row.
It was as though I was looking down to the stage.
I was mostly able to see the artists by my own eyes, but when Tohoshinki appeared on stage, I was always using my binoculars.
The remaining goods in the bag (T/N: NHK gave out to all the audience a big bag full of small items) was the program list, lyrics of “Utano-chikara” (which the members of Tohoshinki also held in their hands), and message from Yusuke, and Kouhaku questionnaires.
Oh, you shouldn’t forget this.
This was really big, lol.
I could not fasten the zipper of my travel bag when returning home.
Of course, I supported the white team~~

Tohoshinki appeared on stage during the opening, “Utano-chikara” (T/N: all the participating artists were on stage, singing the song together), their performance of “Stand By U”, and during Ayaka’s song to the end of the program.
When Tohoshinki first appeared on stage, I thought “Oh, Changmin is so cool!”
I muttered it twice.
Changmin was a true handsome boy, looking by my own eyes. (But I am a fan of Yunho)
During “Utano-chikara”, Yunho made a mistake and sang a part where he was not supposed to sing. So cute~~~~~~~

First of all, I capped some pictures from their song.

Their silhouette was so cool!
When Tohoshinki appeared on stage, there were tremendous cheers.
Tohoshinki in white clothing were so lovely.

(few sentences omitted)

These are the flowers used during SMAP’s performance.
Yunho was swinging a big flower (maybe peony).
He was swinging it so hard, so cute of him!!!
Yoochun was holding a hydrangea.
Maybe it is because his birthday is in June, lol. (T/N: Hydrangea is in full bloom in June in Tokyo.)
Changmin was holding a white flower, like a lily.
Jaejoong was holding a pink rose, though he didn’t appear on screen.
These flowers were collected immediately after SMAP’s performance, lol.
They were sometimes talking, when they were on the wing of the stage.
I was able to see the smiling faces of the 5 members.

During Kitajima’s performance, I was watching them swinging the fans.
After that, great amounts of paper snowstorm was falling down, so Changmin and Yunho were fanning each others’ head, since every artists’ head was covered with the small papers.
Jaejoong was fanning right above his head, so that he would not be covered with the paper snow.
Yunho was making greetings and bowing deeply to the FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, the person standing on the right. (T/N: a man)
Junsu was making greetings and bowing deeply to Ai Haruna, lol. (T/N: a girl)
Jaejoong was smiling to the audience.
During the ending, I was always looking at Tohoshinki, so I wasn’t watching the singers performing on stage.

I capped these, since the members were so cute.
So sorry that Junsu and Yoochun did not appear on screen.

The result was, the white team won!
The members of Tohoshinki were cheering, too, swinging their fans.

(other sentences omitted)

Source: mad about TVXQ! (Tacho’s blog)
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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I want those!!!!!

Please refer to this post for more information on this good sale.

Today is the opening date of the sale, and the preview pictures are up on mu-mo shop.
Note: only Bigeast members are able to see the pictures and purchase the goods.

・Mini tote bag (with a charm): ¥2,800

・2010 schedule book: ¥1,800

・Post-it: 1,200
・Commuter pass' case: ¥1,600
Source: Bigeast's mu-mo shop
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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this PV is not that clear but the audio is REAAAL Good! meee loveey their voices! awww!
check out the HQ vid tomorrow! :D

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