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Dear Yunho, where art thou going? :DD

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I do suggest that you turn down the volume while watching this...loool XD

Changmin's Mirotic Scream

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Xiah "singing" Titanic with his dolphin voice

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eenie minnie mainie mow...all these guys are HOT you know?!

don't cha wish your boyfriend was hot like them...don't cha! aah haa ha! xD

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awwww! too cute! :D

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Junsu: Oh my God sun, it's Yoochun!

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I just noticed. With all the hype about their lawsuit and the disbandment rumors at the end of last year, most of the fans failed to notice that Yunho was actually nominated in the category of Best New Actor in MBC's Drama Awards for his role in his drama, Heading To The Ground.

Check it out for yourselves. Here's a video:

Credits: DBxTOHO4

2,791 228,603 東方神起 「Stand by U」
2,219 171,783 JEJUNG & YUCHUN (from 東方神起) 「COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter」
1,750 176,258 東方神起 「Share The World/ウィア!」

3,701 304,312 東方神起 「The Secret Code」

5,185 212,077 東方神起 「4th LIVE TOUR 2009 -The Secret Code- FINAL in TOKYO DOME」
3,546 109,434 東方神起 「HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.4」
2,788 121,083 東方神起 「3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~」
2,642 *70,469 東方神起 「2nd LIVE TOUR~Five in the Black」

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OMYGODSUN, they're so cute and fluffy!

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Another fan account of our boys at the Japan Record Awards :)

T/N: Black letters: Words of the blog author, Yunohina. Orange letters: Report of A-san.

Wow~~~A-san sent us a report about our Tohoshinki!
A-san, thank you always! Everyone, please enjoy what the 5 members were doing, watching the performance.
*Oh, A-san was sitting on the 2nd floor, on Yunho’s side … she was looking down at Tohoshinki from the right diagonal angle.

After the opening finished, they exchanged greetings with the artists surrounding them.

As soon as he sat down, both of his hands were on his knees. The five fingers were opened, so cute.
When Kumi Koda’s video was shown, his body was swinging wiht the rhythm. He was watching the screen on his right side, so I was able to see his right profile.
When Bigbang received the Best Newcomer Award, he was clapping his hands all the time while they were singing.
When the program finished and they were walking toward the stage, Yunho and Keita (w-inds) were walking together, arm in arm with each other.

Throughout the performance, he was sitting quietly like a stone…so Yunho encouraged him to clap his hands, lol.
Just before the Japan Record Award was announced, he was stretching, turning his palm (of his hand) inside out.
After the announcement of the Japan Record Award, he sat down and started to smooth out the wrinkles of his jacket.

Jaejoong was speaking frequently to Yoochun.
The whorl of his hair was cute.
When he was looking at the videos, he was taking the rhythm with his right hand as though he was playing a piano.
He was playing around with his fingernails.
When Bigbang was announced as the Best Newcomer Award, he stood up and clenched his fist in triumph (together with Yoochun).
Just before the announcement of the Japan Record Award, he was stretching himself, moving his waist to the left and right.
After the program was finished and they were walking toward the stage, he turned around and bowed to the audience around him.

When he was to sit down, he was looking as though he was thinking “Is this the right place to sit down?”
The whorl of his hair was cute.
He chatted frequently with Jaejoong.
He was touching his sideburns, so cute.

The whorl of his hair was cute.
Sometimes he spoke with Kumi Koda, who is sitting right in front of him. Junsu lips were near Koda’s ears, oh~~
After the performance, when they were going back to stage, his jacket was turned up, so we were able to see his cute butt.

【The 5 members】
When they finished singing, they walked off stage from the left side.
They appeared to be one of the audience around 21:55, coming from the right side of the stage.
When Bigbang received the Best Newcomer Award, all the 5 members were watching, clapping their hands.
When EXILE received the Japan Record Award, all 5 members stood up to applause.

When Bigbang received the Best Newcomer Award, they were speaking in Korean.
I heard at that time, Jaejoong and Yoochun were laughing aloud, clapping their hands.

I was happy to hear that Yunho and Keita (w-inds) were walking together, arm in arm with each other.
The other day, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu were playing together.
There was a picture in Keita’s blog.
Even when they were not able to be there at that time, Yunho and Changmin should be good friends with Keita, too.

Thank you A-san, for letting us know about the 5 members, which were not broadcasted on TV!

T/N: Though this article is not allowed to be taken out of the blog, I made a special request to the blog author Yunohina in order to share the lovely information with our English speaking friends. I thank Yunohina and also, A-san, who made the lovely report so much. When reposting (if any), please correctly credit as written below, I thank you all for your kind understanding.

Source: ...with TVXQ♡ (Yunohina’s blog)
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the CHANGMEAT

The CHANGMEAT is a creature known for it's voracious appetite and un-magnae-like habits.
If you ever encounter the CHANGMEAT, specialists recommend you
give it a massive grilled steak and back away slowly.
You may also be able to pacify it by calling the CHANGMEAT "Hyung".
For the singles ranking for 18 January, from amongst the songs performed during the "NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen", that are in the Top 50 rankings, the songs that have increased in rankings the most since last week (4 January) are Fuyumi Sakamoto's "Loving You Again/Pirates In Asia" (released January 2009) and Tohoshinki's "Stand by U" (released July 2009). From 87 to 15 and 112 to 40 respectively, both artists jumped up the charts by 72 ranks.


The 18 January rankings are a summation of two weeks, from 28 December 2009 - 10 January 2010.

Works that increased in ranks because of Kouhaku Uta Gassen

Source: [Oricon]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
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Mel's note: READ THIS! It's so funny! God, I love the two Joongie brothers! Such dorks <3

Location: Vancouver Pacific center
Date: 9 January Canada Time

Jae Joong & Hyun Joong Canada tour

From: Xiaonei

When the fan came out from the lift and saw them,
(The fan might have probably ask him whether he is Kim Hyun Joong)
Leader say: "I looked like Kim Hyun Joong?"
Jae Joong said: "You are Kim Hyun Joong!"
I have no comments........

Seems like Kim Hyun Joong & Jae Joong currently are at Vancouver, there's photographs, but sorry, we can't share. Some of them saw them eating in Vancouver and drinking.
Yesterday night they left Korea at 5:30, taking Air Canada and arriving in Vancouver at 11:00. According to them, they will leave Vancouver in a short while to Toronto (Maybe they already went to Toronto). They left together with their manager and stylist.
Hero Jae Joong came to film a japanese documentary. As what we see, seems like they were filming together (This I am not so confirm)
I was told tomorrow we could see the phototgraphs.
Hi everybody, I am a 3rd Yr High School student in Canada Vancouver! It's a bit.... messy.... try to be understanding!! Today I have good luck~~
First.... My elder sister is studing in Americas University, she come back for holiday for some time... now the holiday just ended , she is leaving for America tomorrow~

My sister's birthday falls on the 22nd of this month, to celebrate the party, so we went to eat Korean food. When we go to XX to buy cake!! We saw DBSK's Hero Jae Joong & Kim Hyun Joong!!!!!!!!!!! Although my eyes were wide open, but I felt like I am dreaming.... my expression was completely..... (Like a blooming flower)
Soooooo....... charming!!!! Completely charming, my heart were beating loudly~~~
I wanted to take photographs, but my hand was shaking!!! I have only brought my handphone with me~~~ The manager when saw me taking the photographs immediately said: "No!" TT
But ..... they are reallly very charming ah!!!
In order to have some close up photo, I don't even click my eyes and looked at Hero Jae Joong and Kim Hyun Joong.......
Even if they met my eyes for..... 0.0000000000000000000000000001 seconds also.... hehehe
Kim Hyun Joong.... looked very tired and don't smile, Hero Jae Joong is also similar.
When paying the bill, there's some Japanese mothers around !!! and they used japanese to chat for a while.
That's all, because I am too shocked causing me to not remembering anything..... so..... even never seen in Korea but actually seen them in Canada!!!! It is really very great~~~
Really too charming... and their face were small... every the foreigners also cannot compare with their charm. Really too charming TT
Ah.... really too good.... TT
Although very regret... TT ah... should have used my own camera to take Hero Jae Joong... should at least greet him TT
Really.... no matter what!!! Quick, completed! Learning time, going back to Korea to meet them again!!!! Not matter what!!! Must !!!! Ahh..... really very regret that I didn't greet them. TT "Korean undergraduate overly excited, heart almost exploded's missing story, and there's no photographs, there's only text" Thanks for reading everybody...... hehehehe

Credit: (Chinese translation) Jea Joong Tieba + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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2010.01.09 Hanareum Mart

I couldn't stop shouting
I am so happy today!
This few year I have been very hardworking and learn in the library. On my way, on another street's Hanareum Shopping centre and also together with Xiong Oppa we were chatting. Coincidentally saw in the lift.
Song said: That person look like Kim Hyun Joong.
Xiong also said: He is Kim Hyun Joong ah!
At that moment, I........ can't say anything, as if my heartbeat stop beating
But.... infront of me, it is the real Hero Jae Joong.....
I am stunned and keep staring at Hero Jae Joong....
He just walked passed me
Smiling and greet: "Hi" TTTTTTTTTTTTTT
The Kim Hyun Joong who was beside him said: "There is a Ppongtta(Korean frozen desserts) in Canada, too."
We just see both of them chat
My all mighty Xiong Oppa, cunningly asked Kim Hyun Joong, saying that he is too charming and wanted him to sign an autograph for his sister. Song also requested for his signature.
After received, hehehe, but.... it is very small, hehehe
But Song also accepted it happily.
Today all thanks to Xiang Oppa, we could talked to Hero Jae Joong
Even joke with him, really like won a lotto.....
He kept walking around infront of me
Even if I don't eat I also can live, hehehe

Credit: (Original Source) cyworld + junjun198705 @ Baidu Tieba + (Chinese Translation) 睡娟 + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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No Yunho? FAIL, arirang

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100101 The 86 Line in the industry
EH: Today we had a meeting of the 86 line, about ten were there. Myself, 2AM's Changmin, Supreme Team's E-Sens, Jewelry's Eunjung & Juyeon, Ex After School member Soyoung, Seeya's Boram & Yeonji, & lastly Junsu. We got together & had a meal, we even went bowling - even right now they're still together. I said I have to go off for a program so they can stay here & wait for me, after the program ends I'll rush off & look for them.
ET: What about BoA? BoA & Junsu are very close, ask her along. (Note: Whenever Eunhyuk mentions people of the same age, Eeteuk will tease him about the awkward relationship with BoA.)
EH: Then, I'll try.
ET: Will BoA play with you?
E: If she doesn't want to then it's fine. Next time I'll bring this group of friends into the studio. This is the first time I've ever gathered with so many other celebrity friends.
ET: I haven't met with other celebrities outside before. Before I become the nation's xx, I won't meet with anyone outside.

100105 Eunhyuk & Junsu stand up for H.O.T.
ET: Eunhyuk, when you were younger did you frequently discuss about celebrities with your friends & end up arguing?
EH: Yes, very frequently. Especially male celebrities.
ET: H.O.T., Sechskies?
EH: I'm a major H.O.T. fan, & my classmates would say bad things about H.O.T. on purpose, especially after I joined the company as a trainee. They would say awful things to provoke me on purpose. At that time, Junsu & myself hit back at them together, even the faces were scratched.

original; kimseohye @ cyworld.cn
translation credits; fragment @ sj-world.net
found & requested by; viragis @ sj-world.net
may take out with proper credits, BUT NO ADDING YOURSELF IN THE CREDITS!

Soompi: Well, since you've been here, you've obviously met a lot of people in the entertainment industry since you go to a lot of performances and events. Who have you met that has blown your expectations out of the water. Like, you had a lot of respect for them before but when you met them, you were amazed.
Tiffany: [pause, thinking] Definitely BoA. And I mean, she still tends to amaze the world.
Jessica: [thinking] Um... for me... Dong Bang Shin Gi.
Tiffany: [cuts in] Yeah, I have to say that, too. They're so professional.
Jessica: Yeah, they're like different people.
Tiffany: That's why we admire both of them. BoA unnie, she's tiny and little and cute and completely lovable. And she goes onstage and she's completely different.
Soompi: She's got a lot of power onstage.
Tiffany: With both of them, that's something that we definitely admire. When it comes to music, their passion is so intense that they're like different people, and that's what we admire.

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Any kind of bashing or just hinting of bashing against SNSD will be deleted immediately. Cassies, please be nice... and don't be immature alright? It's getting old.
Good news for those who love playing the piano and at the same time, our boys. Yamaha has decided to release two music score books featuring TVXQ songs!

If only I continued going to my piano lessons when I was a kid. T_T *sigh* Now, I'm regretting it.

Music Score #1: "TVXQ Selection piano recital with a musical instrument for Piano-Bolero-"

Score "TVXQ Selection piano recital with a musical instrument for Piano-Bolero-"
Yamaha music media
[Price \ 2,300 yen (Around $25 USD)]

This will include:
1. Asu Wa Kuru Kara
2. Begin
3. Heart, Mind and Soul
4. I'll be there
6. Forever Love
7. Love in the Ice
8. HUG
9. Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattandarou
10. Sennen Koi Uta
11. Wasurenaide
12. Kiss The Baby Sky
13. Stand by U
14. COLORS - Melody and Harmony
*and a bonus score of Begin (t/n: not sure what it means by bonus score when they already included "Begin" in the list. Maybe another version? O.o)

All 16 pieces are a full chorus, comes with a luxurious color page.

Music Score #2: "TVXQ Selection for Piano - piano solo - Amaku Hateshinaku (Endlessly Sweet)-"

Score "TVXQ Selection for Piano - piano solo - Amaku Hateshinaku (Endlessly Sweet)-"
Yamaha music media
[Price \ 2,100 yen (Around $22 USD)]

This will include:
1. Stay With Me Tonight
2. My Destiny
3. Somebody To Love
4. One
5. Asu Wa Kuru Kara
6. Heart Mind and Soul
8. Sennen Koi Uta
9. Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattandarou
10. Wasurenaide
11. Amaku Hatesinaku (Endlessly Sweet)
12. Bolero
13. Kiss The Baby Sky
14. COLORS - Melody and Harmony
*and many more

Each music piece with one chorus, all 25 pieces are arranged to be able to play easily.
Comes with a luxurious color page.

Here's a sample image of the sheets:

Source: Amazon.co.jp
Credits: junsulv@onetvxq.com (for translation and post)
Shared by: DBSKnights

As you can see, some of the songs are present in both scores. So, I guess you'll just have to pick which songs you like best, or which songs you want to play. Unless of course you wanna buy both, then go ahead.

Btw, I'm still not sure if it's available for overseas purchasing. If it is, please tell us under the comments to inform other fans out there. ;)

The ranking of idol group members have been the hot topic online amongst netizens.

Fans of each idol group revealed the ranking of the group which they support. In So Nyeo Shi Dae, member SooYoung was ranked #1, while in 2PM and Dong Bang Shin Ki, the youngest members ChanSung and Max ChangMin are ranked #1 in their respective groups.

Other than ranking the members in each group according to age, height, build, time of joining the company, broadcast hit etc they also compared the potential for further celebrity career development, mass popularity, fashion sense, language abilities and individual talents etc.


Dong Bang Shin Ki

For Dong Bang Shin Ki, youngest member ChangMin was ranked #1 overall in the group for his confidence and ‘gluttony’/appetite.

Micky YooChun was ranked #1 for fashion sense, UKnow YunHo ranked #1 for his build and general popularity, Xiah JunSu ranked #1 for charisma and gag skills and Hero JaeJoong ranked #1 for broadcast appearance.

Credits: Sookyeong@Wordpress
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You Ha-Na is to cast in the drama "Paradise Ranch".
Photo credit: Innolife

You Ha-Na will act together with Changmin (Max) of TVXQ.

It is made clear that You Ha-Na will play the position of a promising interior designer
who is a daughter of a financial combine during a drama, and You Ha-Na develops love story
between Changmin and Joo Sang Wook, reported on January 11th, 2010.

Backed by a beautiful nature of Cheju Island, "Paradise Ranch" is to draw work and love of youths.
It is aimed to be broadcast in March 2010. >March? It's not far, it's not that close either. But we'll wait, won't we? ;) For March celebrants, like me, this will be a great birthday gift. XD

Source Credit: Daily Chosun News. (Similar News also reported at innolife today.)
Trans: Junsulv (responsible for trans+post)
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com + DBSKnights

So, what do you guys think? I think she's really pretty and it looks like she'll be a great match with Changmin. :)

Article in Innolife says that You Ha Na will show a transformation from a girl with a cute charm to an urban woman. Can't wait to see how she acts this out ;)

Btw, if you guys are wondering what Jong San Wook looks like. Here's a picture:
Photo credit: as tagged

I was surfing videos in youtube and stumbled upon this:

Looks like our flower boy, Jaejoong, is torn between two lovers. :D
JJ: I love the members but I don't love them, love them! I like women! Women with pretty hands and feet!

DBSKnights: Oh just keep quiet, Jaejoongie. *ties JJ's hands and covers his mouth with tape.*

YH: Weee! Now you can feel what I felt during the variety show in Saipan! XD

Now, where were we? Ah! Yes! Which of these two handsome, young men would you like
for our beautiful Jaejoong?
YH and YC: We're waiting....O.o
DBSKnights: Alright, alright...Ahem *Clears throat*

Do you prefer the soulmate couple, JaeChun?
YC: Do you want that? I'll buy it for you.
JJ: Really? *eyes sparkling*

Or the very famous, YunJae?
YH: Careful. I don't want to see you get hurt again.
JJ: Then, don't let go of my hand. :}

Well, I, for one, vote YunJae. Loved that couple since I saw "Dangerous Love".
Do you guys remember that? :}

Speaking of YunJae, don't you guys just miss their "tandem" lately? *sigh*

Now, for the last picture. I've always wanted to share this picture here:
JS: Umma, I need allowance to buy lunch. Yoochun appa says I should get it from you.
YH: Aish~ Why is this kid doing this in front of me? Jaejoongie, if you give him allowance, Minnie will be sad.
YC: Go ahead Junchan. Don't stop begging until umma gives it.
JJ: Should I? Or should I not? What if Minnie finds out? O.o I'll be in big trouble. But I can't neglect him either. He's my kid too T_T

Till here, ciao! ;)

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Warning: if you want JAEMIN so bad, then this is the cure for you. xD

Changmin! Oh Changmin, where are you?

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Before we begin, let's promise to keep quiet, okay? No screaming!
(that is if you can contain yourself)

If you think you can't handle it, close your eyes...Like...

That's cheating! Cover your eyes clearly, Junchan!
Alright, alright. Here ya go!

Are you hungry, Junchan??
I think I'd rather eat you than food :P

See what I mean?? *fans herself

Our Junchan truly has the greatest charisma!


And he's also adorable!

So adorable ^^,

Swear...if he keeps doing that I'm gonna take a bite out of him. LOL

Ladies, if you see a guy like him sleeping on your bed, what would you do? I'll leave it up to you guys to imagine. :D

That smile! *dies* I wanna be that pillow :P

Junchan, does your ears itch? Let me scratch it for you ;)

Oppa, are you trying to be manly now? You don't hafta. We still love you :)

If I see a dude like this in the desert, I will, without hesitation, give him a ride. XD

I think I'm having a heart attack. Someone help T_T

Omo~ Junchan, you must miss having a girlfriend. :( It looks like you wanna kiss that coconut. XD Those aren't lips! :P

Looks like he wasn't ready for the camera. Junchan! Close your mouth! ;)

Wonder who's in the picture that he's looking at...That smile is just so heart melting :} Maybe it's mine? Just kidding!
(runs and hides in closet before Junsu fans can attack her)
I've got a lot more pics of Junsu. But for now, let's end it here, shall we? ;)

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JJ March, 2010 issue. special feature & cover: TVXQThe front cover & the first page gravure will feature “THE VERY BEST OF TVXQ!” It is complete monopoly of TVXQ who we must keep an eye on continuously! It covers about their “reboot” of their end of 2009 activities and a lot more and even more! And there are super rare “TVXQ 100 questions and 100 answers” of such “thing”, that “thing” and this “thing” that we certainly want to know! It will also feature “fresh/raw polaroid photographs” which will be “generosity presented to the readers. This issue is TVXQ eternal memorial special edition which has special features to find all about TVXQ

Trans by: sharingyoochun.net
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It's confirmed! Hyunjoong of SS501 is with our lovely Jaejoong in Vancouver!
Looks like SS501's leader spotted the camera

Is he helping her? Or is he just checking out whatever is in that thing?? O.o

Anyway, enough of Hyunjoong. Next pic is the ever so attractive Kim Jaejoong!

Jaejoong looks like he's having a fun time shopping for groceries :)

Whoever got this autograph is really lucky. I'm like so envious now. :{

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