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[VIDEO] Yunho At Koji Koji After GDA SM party

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[TRANS] Fans of Junsu and Hwangbo have donated money

According to the Snails of Love foundation, Xiah Junsu’s fan community ‘Xiah Soul’ and Hwangbo’s fan community ‘Estella’ showed their deep love and interest for the hearing impaired by donating money to cover fees for surgery and verbal remediation for children and teenagers.

To celebrate Xiah Junsu’s birthday last year on December 15th, Xiah Soul decided that they would help a good cause rather than give their celebrity materialistic items and donated 8 million Won for the surgery and verbal remediation of Kim Dan Hee (6th Grade) to help her find her lost hearing.

Although Dan Hee’s sister Dan Ah (9th Grade) was also hearing impaired, she gave up the chance to get her hearing back and let her sister be treated first. When Xiah Soul heard of this, they decided to donate money to sponsor the surgery and verbal remediation of Dan Ah for Xiah Junsu’s birthday this year.

‘Xiah Soul’ donated 10 million Won to the Snails of Love foundation and showed their warm hearts by helping those in need.

Xiah Soul’s Master Ahui (nicname) said, “We hope that Xiah Junsu’s contract problems are solved well, and continue to be remembered as a singer who the hearing impaired can listen to once they are treated,” and “Dan Ah, and Dan Hee are so pretty and lovable, we wanted to give Dan Ah a chance to hear as well and we are so happy that she is able to go through with the surgery.”

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[PHOTOS] Stalking JaeChunSu

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[PHOTOS] JaeSuChun - Smile Again Part 8

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[INFO] 091213 MUSIC STATION SUPER LIVE 2009 - List Of Artists

List of artists performing at MUSIC STATION SUPER LIVE 2009








•大塚 愛





•KinKi Kids


























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[TRANS] 091213 Music Lovers "Best Performance Special" - Voting Open

From amongst all the performances aired in 2009, choose the number one "live performance that I want to see again", and those chosen will be edited into a special broadcast. From the list below, select the performance that you want to see again. (You can only check one performance.)


1) ペンネーム(任意)Pen Name (Optional)Enter your nickname.

2) Select the performance
3) Enter / Reset

On the left, confirm. On the right, reset.

4) Your vote is confirmed once you see the following:

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[INFO] Schedule For "Paradise Meadow" Revealed

17-19: Filming in Seoul
20: Make their way to Jeju Island
21~ : Filming in Jeju Island commences

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[VIDEOS] Junsu Unbuttoning - Smile Again Fanmeeting

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[TRANS] 091212 JaeChun's Birthday Wish for Junsu - Smile Again Fanmeeting


在以前 啊 不是以前 是不久前
Last time, ah, not last time, not too long ago,
我实在很累 就打电话说:俊秀啊,我快做不下去了。
I was feeling very tired, so I called and said: Junsu-ah, I can't do this anymore.
那时俊秀说:有天呐,如果你做不下去 那我也不行
At that moment, Junsu said: Yoochun-ah, if you can't do this anymore, then I won't be able to hold on either.
Because of these words, because he said we'll go through this together, that's why I'm still here.
I wanted to tell him, Happy Birthday.


I went to Japan with Yoochun to release a single without taking Junsu along,
我认识的俊秀 一直都是 每个瞬间都很乐观地练习和活动
The Junsu I know is always optimistic when practising or going through with all the activities.
哈 真是让我得到很多力量的朋友 精神上
Ha... He's really a friend who gave me a lot power, spiritually.
这位朋友 其实在我们3个里面是领袖 精神领袖
This friend, is actually the leader among the 3 of us, the spiritual leader.
哈哈 队员感到累的时候 在精神上给很多帮助
Haha... whenever the members feel tired, he gives us a lot of comfort/help spiritually.
I want to say to Xiah Junsu, Thank you!

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[VIDEO] TVXQ in One Word (or so...)

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[VOTE] TVXQ for 'Artist of the year' in Peruvian magazine

The Cassiopeia of Peru need our help!

We've been contacted by the staff of TVXQPeru:
'Zona Joven' is a Peruvian magazine and now is having a poll to vote for
the 'Artist of the year' and TVXQ is competing, but it's hard to vote with Paramore
and Tokio Hotel fans T-T, it would be awesome if people of other countries help us.

And they wrote all of us a handy tutorial, take a look!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
If you want to vote, we created an account:

This is the site:

When you enter this will appear:
Usuario/User: tvxqvote Contraseña/Password: tvxqvote → Entrar

When you log in, click on 'Vota'

Please do it like the picture, and don't forget to put Tvxq and NOT TVXQ/DBSK or THSK

If 'Gracias por votar' appears, that means the vote has been counted

If you want to see the results, click on 'Ver Resultados'

Voting will continue until December 13th at midnight

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you, TVXQPeru~!
Alright Cassies, let's go!

[FANACCOUNT] 091212 - 재중.유천.준수 SMILE AGAIN Fan Meeting

I don't know how to begin sharing this. T.T
I cannot explain my happiness... T_________T
And my excitement might not show in how I write now but I know it will show later when I get into details hehe~
Anyway, I hope you guys would find my account of the event very useful~ I was taking down notes while enjoying myself so I don't forget anything. XD

I live just beside Korea University so I wasn't in any rush to go to the venue cos it's really just in my area~ BUT I didn't know it was way uphill! I climbed my way up and was dead tired when I got there. The venue was so organized with tents arranged by ticket numbers where people can exchange their online reservation printouts to ticket bracelets (if that's what you call them)...

My online reservation number was 3004 and I got there around 4pm? Since it was so organized, I got my bracelet easily and lined up to get in. The security was 333% tighter today, one girl beside me was stripped off her bracelet by the guard checking the tickets cos her bracelet seemed to have been reattached and she can't show enough proof that she is the real owner of the ticket. YIKES.

Anyway... Right after the boys got in, they greeted fans and the MC started the interview~ they sat on a couch comfortably~^^

MC asks them how they have been doing~

Yoochun says that he didn't contact any of the members last October and that he just stayed in his home for one month cos he was busy studying composing~

Jaejoong was busy with household chores and that he enjoyed doing them~ like doing the laundry, cooking and stuff~ XD

Junsu said he was busy with exercising and with teaching Yoochun baseball~

The MC asked whether Jaejoong joined in the baseball lessons too but Junsu said Jaejoong preferred to watch at the sidelines and he was "응원남자" or "cheering boy"... That time we shouted "보여줘!" or "show it to us!!~" and what do you know, he obliged. He has to. Haha!

So Jaejoong stood up and starts cheering only for Junsu and Yoochun told him to sit down haha~


091212- Jaechunsu 2 - Jae cheering for Junsu

Then a board with post its that is filled with questions from fans were brought onstage. It's Q&A time!!~

The MC picked out some questions... and she asked this first:

What color is your underwear?

Junsu was first to answer and he said that if he remembers it right, it's gray with a bit of green? And Yoochun butts in and says that Junsu might not be wearing aything! Haha~ The fans shouted "보여줘"again, screaming so hard for Junsu to show it haha~ But of course he can't.

Jaejoong said he was wearing a lilac colored one with black trimmings~ Hee-hee~

And Yoochun said his was "simple".. Just black everything~ And the MC commented, "you must like sexy style" and Yoochun denies this and said it's Jaejoong who likes sexy underwear~

And this is the part where Jaejoong starts talking about this incident when he was at some countryside (for what reason, we dunno. T.T) and he forgot to bring underwear (maybe it was one of his out of town trips with Taegoon or Junsu/Yoochun?) so he went to a store that sells underwear and was so surprised that the designs available were too much for him, like having hearts all over and some even were like fish net... and they were briefs!!~ No mention whether he bought his lilac ones there though hehehe~

And then Jaejoong mentions about wearing underwear for about one to two years before changing them and Yoochun butts in again and says "without changing, ever???" (he's just so funny today haha) and they continued talking about underwear but had to stop cos it's getting out of hand. Haha~

Second question was, "What will you do this Christmas?"

Jaejoong says they will be in Japan cos they have a broadcast on that day~ So they might not be spending Christmas at all cos they will be filming from the morning until late at night...

They greeted us 'Merry Christmas' in failed unison at first and Junsu was first to greet so he just laughed and they counted again and greeted together^^

The MC asked Junsu to stand up to pick a question and his butt was sticking out as usual and Jaejoong stood up and pointed to his butt so the fans were crazy shouting haha~ XD

Looking at the Q&A board, Junsu was seeing many questions about underwear and asks why it's that so and said, "Girls are all the same" hahahaha~ So finally the MC gets to pick a question for him and it was: "What do you do when you miss Cassiopeia?"

Junsu goes back to his seat and answers... he says that he watches the concert videos and read letters sent by fans~ And one time, while he was watching a baseball match... he saw a fan he recognized who was watching the baseball match too. But the fan was shouting "(baseball player's name), I love you!" and he was sad after that that he drank 2 glasses of soju~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Jaejoong says that he goes on the internet whenever he misses Cassiopeia and goes directly to DNBN... He says he goes to DNBN first whenever he goes online~

I think Yoochun didn't answer this part...

Next question was: "Jaejoong Oppa, how was the kiss at Heaven's Postman?"

Yoochun was quick to spill the beans on Jaejoong and said that Jaejoong was telling him "it was okay" and sort of being too cool about it and Jaejoong was too embarrassed or maybe Yoochun was just teasing him, so he stood up and turned his back on the audience, putting his hands on his waist and laughing hard... after Jaejoong gained his composure, he said, "It was acting. It was nothing but official business... Because Hyoju-sshi is a good actress, she doesn't really take this too hard and when we kissed, it was just a kiss"...

The MC followed if he was satisfied with that and he said he was. And he followed it up with----"because I was acting." Hahaha~ DEFENSIVE YOU!!! XD

And then it was Yoochun's turn to pick a question and he said this is a question he really wanted to ask Jaejoong and Junsu too~ "What do you think of "미대생" or "Art students"? (Art students have some image of being pretty and very feminine, so...) And the MC asks who among the fans are Art Students and everyone raises their hands~ It was pretty funny... Jaejoong whispers to Yoochun that he should pick from the crowd who among them is his type and Yoochun says there isn't one among them~ and there was more teasing and playing around and then since many fans are in highschool, many fans shouted "여고생" or "female highschoolers"~

There was more talk in here and I didn't really get them much. T.T

There was a follow up question and it was "What do you think is a good major then, if not art?"

Jaejoong says "Law" and Junsu says "Music"....

The next question was... "What do you think of volunteering?"

And of course they said it's a good thing to do and said more kind words~ There were also some jokes on Junsu and I didn't get it much... T.T Yoochun always jokes about Junsu~~~ Jaejoong says they should volunteer once too~ Then Junsu says, "Let's go to Cambodia!" Hahaha~

After that, another question the MC picked was: "Yoochun oppa, are you really studying composing??? I don't believe it!!" (and the MC was really funny cos she made it sound like the fan who wrote the question didn't really believe any of what Yoochun said haha~ saying it in different words like 절대 absolutely, 진짜 truly, 정말 really and NEVER (Junsu said it almost whispering hehe~!~)

To which Yoochun says that he's been writing a lot of songs lately... just practicing writing and composing... And the MC asks if he has one song he can perform now but he said he's still trying to perfect it... and the fans started cheering asking him to sing it and he refuses but the MC somehow "convinced" him to perform his song and then it was Yoochun's solo stage~

A piano was brought on stage~ T___________T

Then Yoochun played some notes with the keys and the fans cheered, and he was like "I am just practicing! I haven't even started with the song yet~" hahahaha~ But of course piano + Yoochun = screaming fans. XD

So he started singing his song entitled, "설레임" or "Restlessness" (I dunno if it's a working title, and I'm not sure if it's the appropriate English translation. T.T)


The lyrics goes like this:

너의 맘이 내 어깨를 두드리고
눈물 가득 나를 어뤄만져도
너에 기도가 나의 잠을 깨워도
혹시 네가 잠시 등을 돌려도
난 괜찮아

하지만 매일 나를 기억해줘요
그때도 그리워 해줄래
고마움을 너의 곁에 남겨둔 전할수있도록

내가 먼저 네 어깨를 두드릴게
눈물 가득 너를 어뤄만질게
나의 기도 너의 잠을 깨울게
혹시라도 너를 잊지 않을게

그게 너니까
그게 너니까
그게 너니까

나의 너니까


If your heart taps my shoulder
and comforts me filled with tears
If your prayer wakes me from sleep
Even if you turn your back on me for a slight moment
I’m okay

But remember me every day
Will you miss me then
So that I can express my gratitude to you

I will tap you on the shoulder first
I will comfort you filled with tears
I will wake you from sleep with my prayer
I will never forget you

Because it’s you
Because it’s you
Because it’s you

Because you are mine.

Because it’s you (plural) <---- I think he changed this part for Cassiopeia~<3 href="">091212 Jaechunsu celebrating junsu's birthday2

Everyone sang the birthday song for Junsu with Jaejoong leading the song and he blew the candles on the cake~ Before that the MC asked him to make a wish and he said if it's okay if wish it from his heart and so he was quiet and was just looking at the candles and looked like he was really sincere in wishing~~~ T.T he was also given a bouquet of flowers~~~ Jaejoong said that normally when they get birthday cakes, they throw it on the celebrant's face but they can't do it today cos they got an ice cream cake for Junsu and it's so hard haha~ They all took turns touching the cake it was funny. XD And Yoochun and Jaejoong said their wishes for Junsu... Yoochun said something like for Junsu not to take it too hard now that they're having hard times and for Jaejoong, he wishes that he can do something (i didn't get what T.T) with Yoochun without Junsu... And people laughed. I didn't get what he said, sad. T.T But then he was joking and proceeded to a more serious tone, and said that among them three, Junsu is the one who's really taking it too hard and where they get their strength from, and that he was like their leader (among them three).... Junsu looked like he was about to cry from what he was hearing from the other two, but he's just listening hard and concentrating I guess. ^^ And fans started to shout "안아줘" or "hug!" and the the MC told him he should hug the members and it was so funny cos he was laughing like a kid and he went into the middle of Jaejoong and Yoochun and went to hug Yoochun first and then Jaejoong~~ <333 href="">091212 fanmeeting Greatest love of all by Junsu

091212 Junsu- Greatest love fancam

Ignore the fact that he forgot some words and he slurs some of them, he sang it with all his heart and I was so touched by this I had tears falling down my eyes it was funny. I don't cry easily except when I'm really really happy or touched, and this is definitely one of those times. T.T

After Junsu's solo stage, the three got back on stage carrying some items... Yoochun has a wine glass, Jaejoong had 2 DVDs, and Junsu has a heater. Turns out those will be presents to three lucky fans in the crowd... Jaejoong said that since it's a special day, 12.12, they will give the gifts to birthday celebrants of that day... and there were about 12 or 15 celebrants present among the crowd~ (yes24 provided them a list^^)... so first Yoochun explained about the wine glass.. there are 4 wine glasses in his house but two got broken so he's left with only 2 more wine glasses... he'll give one to the fan and the other one is his, so they will be couple wine glasses~ XD Jaejoong's DVDs are Moulin Rouge and The Secret Code Live in Tokyo Dome... He said he has watched Moulin Rouge for over 10 times and he likes it a lot so he wants the fan to watch it too with that in mind~~~ and Junsu... it was epic. Haha! He was holding a heater, one that looks like an oven toaster hahaah~ He says it's cold nowadays and fans should keep warm, and he even signed the front of the heater. XD Everybody was cracking up but hey, that's practical and useful~ I won't mind getting a heater from Junsu hahahaha! XD

So they picked winners and each fan gets to go up the stage~ While picking out winners, Jaejoong jokingly called his own name and gave an innocent stare hahaha~ All the three fans who got picked were too shy to come near them and were squeezing themselves with each other and Jaejoong said, "Are you all friends?" hahaha~ cos they were too close! XDDD So they separated a bit and the fan who Yoochun picked was sent to get her prize (but she's too shy and seemed like she didn't even wanna get near Yoochun... WHY?! It's your chance!!! Grab it! hahahaha~) and fans were shouting 안아줘, signaling the fan to get her opportunity of a lifetime to get a hug from Yoochun BUT she was extending her hand waving "NO!" and it was so funny cos everyone was like, "wtf?! It's YOOCHUN!!!!" and even Yoochun was taken aback by the reaction and was like, "it seems like she doesn't want me to hug her" but then with more cheering, she shake his hand and then he hugs her for a millisecond. She then bows away and stays as far away as she can from Yoochun heheheheh~ Maybe she's afraid jealous fans would hunt her down cos they know her name and her birthday, very easy catch. XD

The next one was Jaejoong and she gave the fan those two DVDs, and it was funny cos he wiped his hands well on his jeans and just shook her hand. No screams for hugs, no nothing~ XD Same for Junsu, he just handed the gift and shook the fan's hand.

After giving gifts to the fans, the representative for the foundation went up the stage and gave some speech and the cheque worth 10,000,000 Won (about $8500) was given by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. I'm not too sure if the amount came from their pockets, maybe it did. T.T Not even receiving proper compensation and still having the heart to do such deeds. <3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 400px; height: 400px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5414568560333688786" border="0">

This time the three went out wearing santa hats and they looked soooo cute!~
Jaejoong said that everyone should sing along!!~ They sang a Christmas medley which they started with 'Silent Night' followed with 'White Christmas' and 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'... Yoochun was playing with the snow maker and was spraying a lot while singing, Junsu was just concentrating on singing and Jaejoong keeps on forgetting the words but Junsu's there to fill the gaps hehehe~ It seems they didn't practice for this and might be just an impromptu performance cos they weren't sure of which version they would do for 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'... they were doing some parts in Korean and some in English, and the three have been doing different versions each but all the more that it was fun and special~ XD They just sing and they were enjoying it a lot, figuring out how to sing the song while they're singing it~ But of course they're professionals and could pull off a performance without any practice so... there we have it. A very special Christmas medley. <3 href="">091212 Jaechunsu singing White Xmas
091212 Smile Again Fanmeet Carol Song
After that, it was really done and everyone was rushing to go outside and go home cos it's exam period for most college students and they all have to study of course... When I got out of the gym, this is what I saw. Whoah.

The power of three.


NOTE (from the author)

Pictures of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu taken from the event ARE NOT MINE.
Credit goes to the awesome people at these sites. How they got to play ninja and sneak in pictures and videos is just beyond me. Wow. You're amazing, people~ THANK YOU VERY MUCH. <333>

credit: x_xpaox_x@LJ
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