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Warning: if you want JAEMIN so bad, then this is the cure for you. xD

Changmin! Oh Changmin, where are you?

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Before we begin, let's promise to keep quiet, okay? No screaming!
(that is if you can contain yourself)

If you think you can't handle it, close your eyes...Like...

That's cheating! Cover your eyes clearly, Junchan!
Alright, alright. Here ya go!

Are you hungry, Junchan??
I think I'd rather eat you than food :P

See what I mean?? *fans herself

Our Junchan truly has the greatest charisma!


And he's also adorable!

So adorable ^^,

Swear...if he keeps doing that I'm gonna take a bite out of him. LOL

Ladies, if you see a guy like him sleeping on your bed, what would you do? I'll leave it up to you guys to imagine. :D

That smile! *dies* I wanna be that pillow :P

Junchan, does your ears itch? Let me scratch it for you ;)

Oppa, are you trying to be manly now? You don't hafta. We still love you :)

If I see a dude like this in the desert, I will, without hesitation, give him a ride. XD

I think I'm having a heart attack. Someone help T_T

Omo~ Junchan, you must miss having a girlfriend. :( It looks like you wanna kiss that coconut. XD Those aren't lips! :P

Looks like he wasn't ready for the camera. Junchan! Close your mouth! ;)

Wonder who's in the picture that he's looking at...That smile is just so heart melting :} Maybe it's mine? Just kidding!
(runs and hides in closet before Junsu fans can attack her)
I've got a lot more pics of Junsu. But for now, let's end it here, shall we? ;)

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JJ March, 2010 issue. special feature & cover: TVXQThe front cover & the first page gravure will feature “THE VERY BEST OF TVXQ!” It is complete monopoly of TVXQ who we must keep an eye on continuously! It covers about their “reboot” of their end of 2009 activities and a lot more and even more! And there are super rare “TVXQ 100 questions and 100 answers” of such “thing”, that “thing” and this “thing” that we certainly want to know! It will also feature “fresh/raw polaroid photographs” which will be “generosity presented to the readers. This issue is TVXQ eternal memorial special edition which has special features to find all about TVXQ

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It's confirmed! Hyunjoong of SS501 is with our lovely Jaejoong in Vancouver!
Looks like SS501's leader spotted the camera

Is he helping her? Or is he just checking out whatever is in that thing?? O.o

Anyway, enough of Hyunjoong. Next pic is the ever so attractive Kim Jaejoong!

Jaejoong looks like he's having a fun time shopping for groceries :)

Whoever got this autograph is really lucky. I'm like so envious now. :{

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this is back stage of KOHAKU UTAGASSEN

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TVXQ's Yunho (U-know)(23), real name Jung Yunho, donated a scholarship to his alma mater.

According to Yunho's alma mater, Kwang-Il High School (Gwangju, South Jeolla Province), Yunho went to visit the school on 7 January and also donated a scholarship to his alma mater. He also gave a cake to the teachers and students of the school, and had a good time with them.

In addition, he also visited Yonjin Orphanage (T/N: Name translated according to the Japanese Katakana), a social welfare facility, and donated household appliances and signed autographs for the children.

A representative from Kwang-Il High School said, "For the past 6 years, during his vacation period in January, Yunho would visit the the gravesite of his ancestors, old folks' home and church, and he would also donate scholarships. He would always come back to his hometown to show his support. Not only does he do this during his fixed vacations, he would also come back to volunteer with friends and acquaintances whenever he has time."

Reporter: Lee Soo Hyeon
Photos provided by Kwang-Il High School

Source: [STARNEWS/Chosunonline]
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fan’s note:
hmm~ i got these photos from my friend~
she’s sooo lucky!!

they were there in pacific centre and
they spotted JJ,, the manager/security
wouldn’t let them take photos…but they still did

JJ was Videotapping sumthin..
(he’s holding his camcorder) but its kinda blurry on the photo~

Very mysterious... Wasn't Yoochun recording something in Sydney?

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Who is Lee Myung Bak?
Only the president of South Korea!
And do you see what he's holding?
This isn't just any old red balloon - it's a TVXQ one!
See 東方神起 printed on it?

Thanks for the tip, Mhyra ;)
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You may recall that the Japan Record Award was a live performance on December 30, 2009. Tohoshinki participated with their song, “Stand By U”.

The audience cheered the most for Tohoshinki. The power of us, the fans of Tohoshinki was greatl! We cheered our best for our boys!

The time of the announcement for the Japan Record Award was approaching, and the 5 members came to sit in the seats.
Junsu was talking with Kumi Koda, and Yunho was singing the song “TSUNAMI” together with Keisuke Kuwata (T/N: who was performing on stage). Jaejoong and Yoochun were singing together with Mr. Children’s performance.

I was in tears, delighted to see such scenes.

When it was the time for the announcement of the Best Newcomer Award, Jaejoong laid his hand on Yoochun’s knees, and the members were looking as though they were praying…
When the name “Bigbang” was announced, they were clapping their hands as though they received the award themselves…
Like big brothers… The 5 members are truly good guys!

I really like their personality and their kind attitude to others. I was in tears again.

Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu seemed to be good friends with w-inds,
Yoochun and Junsu were talking to Keita and Ryouhei, and they seem to be enjoying themselves.

They were moving their bodies hearing the songs.
When the Japan Record Award was announced, they stood up to bless EXILE, according to the Korean customs.

During Bigbang’s performance, they were smiling during the comments of BigBang…and was cheering the CEO Mr . Matsuura, too. (T/N: Matsuura was on stage together with EXILE, who received the Japan Record Award).

In total, the five members seemed very relaxed.

Were they watching Bigbang’s award like this?

(few sentences omitted)

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Recently, Jaejoong has been wearing a necklace bought from a store in Japan called BOSSA NOVA

The first time we saw this necklace clearly was on Music Station on December 25th. On the 26th, fans went to the store to ask for it, and it was out of stock on the 27th.

The sales clerk of the store thanks Jaejoong in the store blog.
This is the clear picture of the beautiful necklace:

Following the the translation of BOSSA NOVA blog entries:
December 27th, 2009
Today, a lot of people asked for the necklace (the one Jaejoong wore), its surprising.
Um, everyone, which part of the artist do you look at?
Really completely surprised. How should I say this? Frequently Tohoshinki fans/costumers would advise (T/N: tell/inform?) us, we apologize for being a store that is a little out of date (T/N: rough translation)
On TV, you can’t see clearly whether the crystal is black or white. The one the artist is wearing should be black.
So, those costumers that came from distant places, and bought the white one
If you want, you can come exchange for a black one.

Staring from yesterday, a lot of people asked for SET4-1374L (Jaejoong’s necklace), the store is already out of stock
We are taking orders, so those that want to but it, please come to our store.

December 30th, 2009
Even though our shop is in a remote place
To find our shop, costumers may be lost but find it eventually
There are people coming from all over Japan, from all over Asia, Australia, America, Canada; and those those regular costumers,
This year, we received a lot of care (TN: ?? something along the lines of we were really well looked after)
Although our shop is sleeping originally, but is the very remote place. In order to seek for such shop, although becomes lost the visitors who or found; Visitors who comes from the Japanese nation far place; From the entire Asia, Australia, US, Canada’s visitors; Also has frequently the patronage patron, this year is really, really obtains looks after.
Also, Mr. Kim (Kim Jaejoong), thank you!
Will always support you.

January 4th, 2010
There are lots of costumers today as well, thank you.
A lot of people asked for SET4-1374L (Jaejoong’s necklace), the store is already out of stock.
We are receiving orders, so for those costumers that want the necklace, you can come to our store, or order online.

Really, Jaejoong had wore the necklace when going to Japan on the 23rd, but it’s hidden!

Jaejoong also wore the necklace when returning to Korea January 7th.

*wanna buy?! :D

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CD RANKING: 10-01-10

DVD RANKING: 10-01-10

oh yeaaah!
wooah. that's amazing boys! we'll wait until you dominate the International Music Industry!

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omgoshness it's Changmin baby,..i's baby Changmin!xD

this one's my fave! wooot!

all young and innocent.

oh, the puppy eyes. ^___^

Changmin shall keep you awake at all times!!! xDD

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