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This is Tohoshinki's Official Website New Layout! ohhhhweee! :D

these boys are too yummy *___*
recommended for you to have a goodnight sleep :))

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Junchan! FIGHTING!

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ahhhh, Yunho! you'd be the sweetest thing ever! *__*

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Welcome back Jaejoong and Yoochun! :D

Dear Jaejae, your bag looks pretty...can i have it?

Chunnie, let me help you take those off...xD

Diamonds are jaejoong's bestfriend??? kekekeek ^^

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take a look at zoomed Jaejoong. :D Enjoy!

the most beautiful silouehette i've ever seen. LOL. xD

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On the 2nd, the day of the gathering, it was very cold, not even joking, it hailed in the morning. I had to go to class in the morning, but at 11:30 I skipped class╮(╯▽╰)╭ . When we arrived around 12, we saw Jaejoong’s poster, me and a friend ran over and kissed it, haha

(*^__^*) Hehe……I kissed the Jaejoong on the right

We were still early when we went in line, there were about 20 people. Saw a lot of friendly faces and greeted them. There were a couple of fan arts on display, each with lots of love

Then inside, everyone’s given things as memoirs (T/N: hard translation, forgive me), Heaven’s Postman magazine, a specific membership card, my card number is 310 (*^__^*) also green glow sticks. Those that showed up late did not get the souvenirs, but everyone got the Heaven’s Postman magazine, I kissed the magazine again ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Everyone had a towel in hand, later with signs, the signs shown so brighly that when a friend dropped something, you can find it using that light–
That day, with the honored guests (T/N: VIP??) and audience, there were about 200 people, not too many! But many seems to come from out of town, there was even one from Australia ~~~(>_<)~~~~ (T/N: If I was her, I’d go back to the warm land and stalk JCS!) There were a couple that are from Shanghai that arrived today and leave after the event, also there are some from Guangzhou and brough me some wife cookies (T/N: 老婆饼… What is that?) ╮(╯▽╰)╭ There were still more that will go abroad the next day, as the result of the snow storm they were almost unable to leave… Everyone came here because they love Jaejoong, not because of anything else, so the gathering was filled with love.
PS: Because this involves Jaejoong’s family members, therefore the pictures are dark for protection, please forgive me

Then we watched a little film on Jaejoong made by HeyJJ: his childhood, his gentleness, his group and so on. I have to say, there were a couple of Yunjae shots, whenever those came on screen there were lots of screams (T/N: *waves Yunjae banner and screams with them*)! Seriously, Yunjae fans, very amazing- – Then this video made me cry, when I saw some of the clips, like the period when Jaejoong’s leg was injured, I cried, so embarrassed, I lowered my hat to cover it up! After the film ended, the host asksed, “Do you think this is well mad? Touching? Have you cried?” Everyone waved their glow sticks. Someone in front of me continued to wave her glow stick, the host even came and interviewed her, I immediately wiped away my tears, lowered my head, thank goodness she stood in front of me, hiding me, hehe! PS: Don’t know where they invited the host, seems like someone’s colleague- – she had on makeup, when she came close, she scared me to death~~~(>_<)~~~~ Jaejoong filmed a VCR for us, he smiled so happily, I couldn’t hear anything he said at first, because everyone were screaming, so I can’t hear anything, later whenever one calmed down he greated as saying: WELCOME TO HEY JJ. Then he smiled beautifully ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Basically he said he was sad that he couldn’t attend, but if there is a chance in the future, he would come to China and so on. I didn’t film the video, I think HeyJJ will release it themselves in the future, we weren’t allowed to film there anyways. Can’t help it if someone else did film it though!! Everyone wait to watch this clip!! hehe
Then comes COSPLAY, the most exciting part of the event, the group is pretty good. COS Jaejoong looks like the real person in some angles, but not much when you look close up. COS Changmin is very much a like too, the same feeling. COS Yunho is very good too, very handsome. COS Yoochun is a girl as well, very interesting, COS Junsu,(*^__^*) hehe…… Seems just like Junsu, hehe

COS Joongshim, amazing picture, almost hard to tell apart (T/N: I AGREE)Then Jaejoong’s family spoke – - this time Jaejoong’s parents, eldest sister, 3rd sister, 6th sister, 8th sister, a nephew, 2 news came, we’ve seen them before! Jaejoong’s mom looks rich and honorable, gentle, said many touching words, the same with his dad, he seemed emotional, continually saying thanks, they mentioned DBSK, but I didn’t understand most of it, my Korean is still at the beginner stage~~~(>_<)~~~~, then they let all of us to sing Happy Birthday. The eldest sister and the 3rd sister were like usual, 6th sister this time wore leopard print (T/N: I’m fashion retarded, please forgive me), looks very very young, compoared with last year’s wedding picture, she looks at least 10 years younger ╮(╯▽╰)╭ 8th sister is still the same, I don’t have much thought, I said to my friend maybe she should change up the hat, since she always wears that one ┭┮﹏┭┮ like in previous winter outfits. Then Jaejoong’s cute nephew and niece said something, the niece is so cute, ran around the place with a camera- -、,when her mom got ahold of her, she said “annyeong haseyo” and nothing more, her voice is so cute. To protect the family, I wont upload their pictures. PS:A little side story, when we were in like, before the performance started, I put down my stuff and went to the restroom, later when I came back, they were seated at the VIP table, but I wasn’t paying much attention and continued walking to my seat. Because it was very dark, when I was near the 8th sister, I tripped, so I saw the 8th and 6th sister, they were sitting close by, I was behind them ╮(╯▽╰)╭ when I got back to my seat I told them Jaejoong’s family is here, they all went to take pictures ~~~(>_<)~~~~ but they were all shooed back, because they weren’t allowed to take pictures~~~(>_<)~~~~ In the end, its time for the birthday cake. The cake is very pretty (T/N: as shown in picture below so I wont translate the description!), Everyone sang Happy Birthday many times, Jaejoong’s mom had lead us in singing. Then we cut the cake, and ate it. I didn’t want to eat at first, but I was hungry so I grabbed a plate. In result I got the piece with the mouth, the entire mouth is mine, HAHA!!!! BOBO

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So, it's confirmed. Junsu's doing work in Sydney for Mozart. Amazing!

is that the Mozart script? oooooh!

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GUESS WHAT GUYS?! The mission has been completed! I just received word from Helen over the phone! At first it was like ‘Hello? LeeYen?.. AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH’. She asked me to post this so, I’ll go over the entire story. Be warned, it is long.

Basically my friends and I arrived at the hotel around 1:30PM. We kind of waited around the lounge of the hotel because we received word that JaeJoong was coming down. We really wanted to talk to the manager so we waited for him to. When he came out, we got one of my friends, Narly, who helped to translate the letter/card we gave with the hampers (along with Winnie), to go up and talk to him. Basically what we got her to say was:

We’re fans representing an Australian TVXQ forum called TVXQ Australia, and we have gifts for the members, YooHwan and the staff to officially welcome them to Australia.

He told her that she could give it to him now but we couldn’t because it had not been made yet. So, by the time we were going to talk to him again to clarify the situation, JaeJoong came out of the elevator. One of the best yet, scariest moment of my life. Why? Well because JaeJoong looked really pissed off at the fans loitering in the hotel lobby and outside on the hotel property. He did look like how fans describe him. Angel-doll like? (Helen don’t laugh! AHAHA).

So! We couldn’t clarify the situation with the manager because he had left with JaeJoong. My friends and I didn’t want to waste time so we went up to the hotel room to build the hamper, well it actually turned out to be a big box with 2 gift bags ahaha Credits to SuJin, JaeYeon, Anita and Cynthia for packing and wrapping everything. Much love to you guys!!! While they were doing that, Helen, Narly and I decided to go look and buy some open shoes for men to give to the Park brothers mainly because some fans had wrecked YooChun’s favourite pair. Found 2 pairs, bought by Helen. The more you look at it, the nicer it looks I guess.

We practically just chatted for 2-3 hours waiting for the boys to return so we can talk to the manager. But unfortunately they didn't return until after my friends and I had left. I asked one of my friends who works the hotel if she could bring it up to the boys. Unfortunately because we had a box and security wanted to have a look inside because it might be a bomb threat. You have to understand that it’s for security and safety reasons for not only the recipient but also for all of the hotel guests and staff, along with neighbouring businesses (and for image and reputation sake). Well, we didn’t want it to be opened by security because the box was packaged with no easy way of opening it without destroying the pretty bow that SuJin had tied. So Helen and Alice decided to wait until the boys had returned from their dinner to give it to the manager specifically. Now this is where the fun stuff begins.

When the boys returned, Alice quickly ran up to the manager! The other fans thought that she was going to mob the boys. So they quickly ran up to them too. But Alice was like: ‘MANAGER!!! MANAGER!!! MANAGER!!!’, while the fans were like: ‘BOYS!! BOYS!!! BOYS!!!’ So I think the boys were a bit lost at why Alice was doing that and the manager seemed happy and thought that she was his fan!! Well I can’t remember the order from this point on, but I think it was like this:
Helen and Alice couldn’t really speak to the manager right away kuz they had to take the boys to their room. So they decided to wait a bit in the lobby. Apparently the co-ordi’s came down and tried to shoo the fans away and the two tried to explain that they had gifts for them. The co-ordi’s said that they didn’t want it and that Helen and Alice could leave it with reception so then they can decide what to do with it. But Helen said she didn’t want to because some of the gifts were expensive. When the co-ordi’s asked what gifts and when they said ‘food’ the co-ordi’s rolled their eyes. (I know -__-). Well I think they knew that Helen and Alice weren’t one of those annoying psycho fans so they left them alone while they tried to make the others piss off.

Now, a while later, a manager came down and talked to Helen and Alice again but he left because I think JaeJoong called him. But he came back down again. When that happened, the two tried to explain to the manager that we were Australian fans from the forum (TVXQ Australia), and that they wanted to give presents to the boys, YooHwan and the staff to officially welcome to Australia. The manager’s English wasn’t very good so he kind of had this one word reply.

Alice: Get your friend on the phone to talk to him!
Helen: *thinking the manager is Japanese* CHOTTO MATTE!!

Helen quickly runs up to her room, grabs all the presents, runs back down and gives it to the manager. The manager seemed really happy!! Because there was like 1 huge box and 4 huge bags to carry, which is a lot for one man alone they were REALLY heavy, the manager somewhat hinted that the girls could help him bring it up. Although some of you may find this stupid, you have to respect this, they didn’t want to because it’d be awkward. Yes you get to see them but what are they going to do?! Kiss and hug you?! Well I myself would find it awkward to go to their hotel room(s). Ok as the manager was leaving, well before he left, he shook the girls hands and said thank you in Korean. He said that they were happy to receive the gifts.

YAYYY! Mission complete!!!

On another note, when I saw JaeJoong, he did look pissed that there were a lot of fans there waiting. He’s there as Kim JaeJoong, not YoungWoongJaeJoong the celebrity. He’s on holiday. He doesn’t want to be harassed 365 days of the year. I know it comes with being celebrity but it’s not like he asked to be harassed. He’s just doing what he loves, and being a celebrity does not mean that he can control his feelings all the time. They do have their pet peeves and having fans follow him around was one of them.

Basically what happened was my friends and I were sitting in the lounge which was about 10-20 metres away from the exit of the hotel. We had this glass barricade so we couldn't exactly run towards him. We sat, chatted, and nursed 1 drink for 3 hours until JaeJoong came down. His face was as dark as ever. You could tell he was really annoyed at the fans screaming and such, because the fans ran after him in an instant. It was like the scariest thing I’ve seen. Like a lioness after an antelope. My friends and I stayed in our seats not even screaming (just admiring the view keke).
So please try and give the boys some privacy. If you want to stalk them, don’t let them see you!!! Seriously, it’s like when you secretly get a boyfriend/girlfriend, you go on a date and your parents are secretly following you around.

Helen told me that she and Alice decided to have one last stalk. When the boys left again, I think it was just JaeJoong, YooChun and YooHwan that went, the girls hopped into a taxi. The taxi driver was crazy! He was like ‘I’ve never chased a celebrity before! But I’ve always wanted to do it!’ he drove at what felt like 120km/hr and kept up with the boys. Guess what they were doing?! Just admiring the Sydney city life. The didn’t do anything very celebrity like, just normal stuff. They sat down, had a couple of beers, they took photos. They were laughing and having a good time. They even took off their hoodies, caps and sunnies. They weren’t going disguised!! Well the three then headed towards this place and sat on the grass chatting, having a great time and enjoying each others company. During that time, that’s when the three knew that Helen and Alice had followed them, but they didn’t care because they knew that the two were keeping their distance, 100m distance. After a while, Helen and Alice decided to leave them alone. The girls waved and the boys smiled and laughed.

NOW! I’m telling you guys this because it seems like they can’t have fun unless it’s wayyy after hours. We’re glad that they’re enjoying their time in Sydney, but we hope that they can enjoy and create more fond memories of their time in Australia while they still can as they’ll be flying back by the end of the week. So fans, I am asking you to please keep your distance.

P.S. Please do not ask me about which hotel they’re staying at or where the boys were throughout the day because I will not disclose that information. I’m not being a selfish fan firstly because I do not stalk and secondly I’m respecting their privacy. And if the locations that they were at were pleasant, I’d want them to be able to go back again.

^ making paper roses as the bedding
^ wrapping the alcohol and chocolates.
I bought one red and one white wine. VB courtesy of Anita who also
paid $10 and gave those cans of her own free will.
^ packing them into the box.
^ 5 pairs of Havaianas.
^One of the two pairs of shoes bought for the Park Brothers
Dunno if the boys will wear them but I think the staff will ahaha

^ All packed up!!

^ the letter/card.
We chose hug pics because hopefully it'll bring them back to their humble days.

^ Box tied with a pretty ribbon thanks to SuJin =D

^ close up on the bow and TVXQ Australia badge
^ Letter put on it. Doesn't it look nice?!?!

Congratulations TVXQ Australia on the successful delivery.
The gift looks lovely. Well done!

Credit: LeeYen @ TVXQ Australia
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