Monday, December 7, 2009

[PHOTOS] 091207 JaeChunSu - GImpo Airport Part 4

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[PHOTOS] 091207 JaeChunSu - GImpo Airport Part 3

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[INFO] 50 Hot Asian Bachelor Guys

From Asian Plus Magazine Vol.50 – DEC’09 Issue

T/N there’s no scores, no positions like who’s at #1 #2 just combine all the 50 guys together (I’m trying to say everyone in the list is considered number 1)

and apparently Yunho and Jaejoong are in the staff poll (the list is from Asian Plus staff)
Let’s see the reason why they are in the list XD and the staff wanna know if their opinion would be the same as their readers or not ^^

Uknow Yunho – His smile can melt your heart
Yunho is a very handsome good hearted man. We’re so sure that he must be nominated in all the good polls too. We don’t know how to explain (YUNHO is more awesome than they could ever explain) , he’s so great at dancing and he looks super duper cool.It’s like the more we look at him, the more he could melt our heart (especially when he did a little grin) XD
Hero Jaejoong – Mr. Cool and Mr. Beautiful
Since his close friend name is in the previous list (Yunho) it’s kinda normal you will see Jaejoong’s name in the list as well. Jaejoong looks good all the time, he got a perfect body. His unigue handsomeness makes him more interesting. How should we explain, his handsomeness of beauty kinda attracts us (make him more handsome in the different way)
See what feautures in this magz


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[Pic] 091207 JaeChunSu - Gimpo Airport Part2

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[TRANS] 091206 Max’s message, right after the Bigeastation closing announcement

(*This message is written the day after Bigeastation 141 was broadcasted, announcing that it will finish at the end of this year. Max is a busy man but it sounds like he wrote this mail for TVXQ fans????? or it might have nothing to do with TVXQ at all???? You decide by yourself)

Good morning.
There are many things happen in this world even if the form of the matter varies.
There are things which become out of control, because it is a strong opinion which could never change.
For example, a fight by the difference of the religion and the war may be such things.
The actual profit of each party puts weight to the matter and that they seem to lose the sight of a really important matter in life for them.

But the things which are large in the thought of that person and religious matters could differ by the each individual.
On top of that, when the interest of more various people coils themselves around that matter, they get impossible to control…

Furthermore, carry it out to let them all go well without any sacrifice…..

By the way,
To solve so-called problems,you must understand who the other party is,
At first, you must identify them.

In the Japanese Internet society,
It is very difficult to identify the partner unless you could use the power of the country.

And in the real world,
To solve the problems such as the discrepancy of the opinion by the difference of the culture,
Even if you know who the partner is, it is difficult for each other to understand one another.

I am talking about general theory and I am not talking about specific matters.

However, many people surely would apply my message to something and will think what I am talking about.
Such times like that,though I am not intending to be specific, one may apply my message to something which is in the mind of that person.

Because we are a human being, it is common to fall into such a thought,
Actually the ones who do not have such thought process in their mind,such person would be hard to understand for me.

When I read messages and comments in this blog,
I should know various problems which is taking place right now.
Why then, still, do I not say or write something about them…
Please understand the behind of the meaning of not being able to write.
“I cannot write” and “I do not write”, are totally different in the meaning.

The things and the information which are not yet clear are not definitely provided here in my blog.
Here, I cannot write the groundless things.
Even when all authority belong to us, when considering the many circumstance and the people related to the case,there are cases that I cannot write or announce about it,
Also, “I cannot write” about them and “I am not moving/working/doing”something about it are totally different in its meanings.

But I cannot say that even if I am “working on them”; they may not go according to our wish as I wrote in the beginning of this message.

It is fine Sunday.
My daughter who does not talk to me normally,
I am sure it took courage for her to say it, when she pestered me to take her to “Disney Sea”,
I said “next time perhaps” and I wounded her and made her cry because
I have to “work”, today.
No wonder my daughter never gets closer to me….

Well, on a good day like this in such a nice weather, how about all of
you getting outside to enjoy it!

Alright then,
Katsuto Matsuura
masato max matsuura

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[Pic] 091207 JaeChunSu - Gimpo Airport Part1

Joongie looks very tired TT__________TT
Nice YooChun new hair style xD

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