Sunday, January 3, 2010

This entry is about Kikuchi P went to Tokunaga Hideaki's concert at Tokyo International Forum which Tohoshinki also snet flowers to. He had a conversation with Tokunaga Hideaki after the concert.

I went to see Tokunaga Hideaki's concert at International Forum.
Since I also went to Makky's [Makihara Noriyuki] concert the other day, so I went to concerts 2 days in a row!!
On Monday I also went to Kuraki Mai's concert, I went to International Forum a total of 3 times this week (LOL).
After his live, in the dressing room, I had a talk with Tokunaga-san.
He said, "The reactions of Tohoshinki's fans were so amazing (LOL)," and laughed.
And then, I was reminded of his words to Tohoshinki's members after their performance of "Rainy Blue" on "FNS".
I could still remember him saying "Perfect! Perfect!" to them.
This year you have taken care of us a lot.
Let's have a good relationship next year too!

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In response to the news that the popular Korean group Tohoshinki has disbanded, AVEX said, "There has been no change in plans for the 5 members to continue working together."

Last year, 3 of the 5 members, including Jejung (23), had conflict with their management company when they filed to suspend their long-term, exclusive contract. Their activities in Korea are on hiatus, but the 5 members are still performing together in Japan.

Even so, at last year's New Year's Eve Kouhaku Uta Gassen, it was observed that the 2 members including the leader, Yunho (23), appeared to be unmotivated, and viewers were exposed to the deepening rift between the members.

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