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[VIDEO] 091202 FNS - Rainy Blue & Stand by U HD

Rainy Blue

Stand By U

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[VIDEO] 091202 Stand by U at FNS

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[VIDEO+TRANS] 091202 FNS - TVXQ & SMAP Talk + eng trans

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Lady: This is the first appearance for DBSK. How's the stage atmosphere for you?
YH: I think it's a really wonderful stage, and since it's our first appearance on FNS, I'm quite nervous.
Lady 2: Jaejoong-san?
JJ: I'm really nervous.
Guy: We don't really see it though!
Lady: I heard that you're on good terms with Kusanagi-san~
Kusanagi: Yes, that's right. They were on SmapxSmap..
Kimutaku: You just said 'yes that's right!' (about his good relationship with THSK)
Kusanagi: We got along very well.
JJ: Recently he changed his number...
Kusanagi: Ah, we exchanged numbers but I changed the numbers, so I haven't had the chance to tell him. So later...
Nakai: Why don't you give it now?
Kusanagi: Not right now.. after this is over.
Lady: What is THSK's charm, in Smap's opinion?
Kimutaku: Charm? They're really good in song and dance... everyone has really beautiful hearts, and even from a guy's point of view, they're really wonderful.
Lady: What about Smap in THSK's opinion?
JJ: They're really good in their song and dance performances... and they're really active in a variety of activities, and I think that's amazing.
YH: Jaejoong's said it all... I think on the whole they're really great, and I think they're really cool.
-- The rest is omitted because DBSK didn't talk --

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[PHOTO] 091202 FNS Screencaps

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[VIDEO] 091202 FNS - TVXQ Introduction & Greeting

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[PHOTOS] TVXQ Documentary A-Nation Backstage - Jaejoong

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[PHOTOS] 091201 HoMin At Gimpo Airport Part 6

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[PHOTOS] YUNHO - Movie Premiere of "Actresses (여배우들) part 5

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[VIDEOS] Yunho At VIP Actress Movie Pre-Screening

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[TRANS] 091202 TVXQ Receives Award For 2nd Time @ Jap Record Awards

Popular groups TVXQ has won an award at the Japanese Record Awards that looks at the accumulative of the year's Japanese music industry.

According to the 51st Japanese Records Awards (run by the Japanese Composers' Association) awards list, TVXQ's 'Stand By U' has been awarded the 'Premium Award', which puts the song as a nominee for the coveted Japanese Record Award Grand Prix which awards the singer and the production team of a song. This is the group's second 'Premium Award' after winning the same award last year for 'どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?'.

'Rain Is Fallin' of three member group W-inds, which features Big Bang's G-Dragon, also won the award as well.

The 11 nominees for the highly coveted Grand Prix, including EXILE's 'Someday' and Koda Kumi's 'Lick me', will perform live on the 30th, at 6:30pm on TBS-TV before the award is given out.


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[VIDEO] The real reason DBSK will break up (Parody)

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Hilarious!
Credit: mybigkey

Big difference from the original!

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[INFO + PHOTOS] 091202 Mini JaeJoong as Mini Ninja Assasin

While we were too busy drooling over Rain and Joon in Ninja Assassin, there was something we overlooked: Who was the little kid playing Raizo? Yes, he is Korean, but WAIT, I remember those eye brows! He is none other than the charismatic, precocious boy with a good memory and some mad dance skillz, Yoon Sungwoong

And He is "Jaejoong of Mini DBSK! "

Mini DBSk with DBSK

Mini JaeJoong dances to Sad Tango of Rain

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[PHOTOS] Changmin at BLS Skin Clinic

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[FANMADE] Cute Jaejoong Heaven's Postman

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[SCANS] ASTA TV - Heaven's Postman + MAMA Awards

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[SCANS] Heaven's Postman Book

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