Friday, January 1, 2010

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I woke up early on New Year's Day and made everyone surprised. At this moment, these are the words that I can say.
Right now, nothing has yet been decided.
We are always thriving our very best just like we always say.
However, honestly.

There are a lot of problems that are taking place, and they are not easy problems to solve,
however, we will keep doing things that we are able to.
We have no choice.... but we believe in that.
We are willing to accept the blames and criticisms no matter what the outcome will be.
Because we are doing all that we could with our whole hearts.

Please understand that I can't be very specific on what I'm talking about.

However, just one thing.… No matter what I'm being told, my feelings are the same as yours.

New Year's Day.

Starting from today, I'll be traveling abroad with my family.
However, because of the time difference, I won't be able to send you these friend messages like I always do,
but I will try my best to send as many as I could.

Because that's what I want to do.

I don't remember the exact day, but when I was hospitalized the year before,
my doctor told me to take at least one week off per year.
However, I love sending messages to everyone,
so I believe that it's a good thing to do.

My sentences have become a little scattered now I can't write anymore
however, for me, I will definitely be doing things that I can do.

Matsuura Masato
masato max matsuura


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Here comes a brand new year, the year 2010. Which artists were born in the Year of the Tiger? Let's take a look.

A few members of Asia's top groups are included in the list:

* Hero JaeJoong (Dong Bang Shin Ki) - 26.01.1986
* UKnow YunHo (Dong Bang Shin Ki) - 06.02.1986
* Micky YooChun (Dong Bang Shin Ki) - 04.06.1986
* Xiah JunSu (Dong Bang Shin Ki) - 15.12.1986
* Kim HyunJoong (SS501) - 06.06.1986
* Heo YoungSaeng (SS501) - 03.11.1986
* Lee HyukJae (Super Junior) - 04.04.1986
* Lee SungMin (Super Junior) - 01.01.1986
* Lee DongHae (Super Junior) - 15.10.1986
* Lee ChangMin (2AM)
* Kim JaeDong
* BoA
* Ha JooYeon (Jewelry)
* Kim EunJung (Jewelry)
* Tiger JK
* Park MinYoung
* ChungLim
* TaeGoon
* Jo Yongpil
* Kim JinHo (SG Wannabe)
* Lee Juk
* Choi SooJong
* Kim DongRyul
* Dana (CSJH the Grace)

These are the artists who were born in the year 1986. It mostly consists of males who will be turning 25 this New Year.

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Changmin is not here because he's 88'er, a dragon ^^
I swear too many kissing scenes here T_T On the bed, in the street, in the library, in everywhere.. T_T Micky enjoyed it *giggle

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