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[PHOTOS] JaeChunSu At Gimpo Airport

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[NEWS] 091124 Selling Tickets Without Government Permission, TVXQ Fans are Complaining to SM

TVXQ fans has filed a complaint to SM (CEO Kim Young-min) to relevant department about the starting of ticket sales of Shenzhen concert scheduled on last November 21st before getting any permission from China government.

On last November 16th a complaint file entitled “SM Entertainment ignores China’s Administrative Procedure-A concern to China Cultural Exchange Inhibition” was received by Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism from TVXQ fansite DNBN.

“According to the complaint filed in homepage of Department of Cultural Affairs, the official approval for TVXQ concert that was supposedly held in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China was out on October 28th, however the ticket sales was already accomplished at the end of September, eventually SM had sold concert tickets without any permission from the Chinese government.” the fansite pointed out their complaints.

“Eventhough now there’s a ticket refund for the audiences that are supposed to go to the concert hall, however it’s still not considered transportation costs, visa fee to enter China for especially foreign audiences including the opportunity costs damage everyone has suffered.”

(the screen capture of TVXQ’s fans complain in Ministry of Culture website)

In particular they continued, “SM ignored the administrative procedure as they announced the concert to public in the process of China’s approval. This unreasonable South Korea Entertainment ticket sales could leads to national image damage as the Chinese government would think other South Korea singers may do the same act of holding concert before getting any permission.”

“Usually SM artists’ concert is held at least 4-6 months after gaining the permission, thus this process of Shenzhen concert is definitely unreasonable.”

Towards this accusation, SM official responded on the 24th to Star Money Today, “TVXQ’s 3rd Asia Concert in Shenzhen is their 12th stops which was planned already when the contract with Dream Maker was signed back then in July 2008. Under the agreement, all aspects that are related to the concert including ticket sales and permission approval from local government are obliged to Dream Maker.” he said.

“Therefore, the claim of selling of TVXQ concert in Shenzhen ticket without any permission from Chinese government shall not be directed to SM.” he strongly refuted. “We also had contacted Dream Maker earlier about the plan to conduct the last November 21st-scheduled TVXQ Asian Tour in Shenzhen and they confirmed that there’s no problem at all in ticket sales and any related legal procedures.”

Dream Maker, in other side, explained, “For this last stop of concert in China, the Ministry of Culture of RRC autorizhed TVXQ’s concert in last October 21st. ‘The content of Korean TVXQ Guangdong (Shenzhen) concert agreement is ratified by the Ministry of Culture [2009] No. 2146′”

SM said, “(related to fans’ complaint) the permission approved by the Cultural Affairs of Guangdong Province issued on October 28th was unrelated to the ticket sales permission, it’s merely about visas for foreign artists which will perform and relevant documents and information submission.” he also added, “Because the cancelation of concert in Shenzhen, we’re now in the situation where have to pay for the damages. As we already sold the tickets, canceling a concert is definitely not our intention. In the future we hope there’s no more false claim like this being refrained.”

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[NEWS]091124: TVXQ to appear on NHK's "Red and White Song Battle"

Korean idol group TVXQ is set to appear on NHK TV's "Red and White Song Battle" next month,
according to the Japanese broadcaster's website.

NHK announced on its official website on Tuesday that the K-pop boy band will appear on "Battle",
which has been Japan's signature year-end festivity for the past sixty years.

The show brings together the most successful music acts in the country and Asia and divides them
into two teams -- the Red Team for female artists and the White Team for male artists.
The singers or groups perform for their teams and the winning team is decided at the very end of the show,
which ends shortly before midnight.

According to the report by NHK, TVXQ will be performing for the White Team which includes 24 other
top singers and groups such as Arashi and SMAP.
This makes TVXQ the only Korean artist to appear on "Battle" for two consecutive years.

TVXQ, a five-member boy band, is one of most successful K-pop acts in Asia.
Recently, the group has not been performing as a group since three of its members are
currently in a legal dispute with their agency SM Entertainment.

SM, however, was quoted as saying that they are,
"working on having all five member make an appearance."

"Battle" airs live on NHK channel on December 31.

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[TRANS] 091124 Avex President Max Matsuura's Blog Entry

[T/N: I previously translated Max Matsuura's blog entry about a fake email about Tohoshinki was being spread around. However, today, another fake email has been spread around again, so he had to clarify it on his blog.]

An email regarding Tohoshinki has been spread around. Please take note that the irresponsible email below is completely nonsense and groundless.


[T/N: This is another fake email about Tohoshinki that has been spread around.]

As everyone already knows,
there are some people who have been causing troubles to Tohoshinki lately,
and those people who think badly of Tohoshinki
have been slandering and harassing them.
All the members have been getting a lot of damages due to that.

I, as the responsible personnel of the company,
wasn't able to stop those harassing websites early enough.

However, because of everything that is going on right now,
I have been thinking
that I should take some actions
to shut down those harmful website and mobile sites
that I mentioned above.

I believe that the fans who have been loving Tohoshinki
from the bottom of their hearts,
have been hurt a lot.

I am asking for your understanding
regarding this situation.

Avex Entertainment Inc.

Source: Max Matsuura's Blog
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[TRANS]091119: One Piece Home Page on Fire! Where is "Share The World?!"

"One Piece" is a popular anime that has been broadcasted for ten years at Fuji Television Network. Their Title Songs had became a big hit one after another, and their previous theme song, "Share The World" sang by TVXQ had acquired 1st place by Oricon ranking chart and also at the cable network request chart.

As soon as the change of the theme song had happened on November 15, 2009 the viewers had fired up the One Peace Hope Page mentioning that they prefer the previous song much better than the new one.

Fuji TV sporkes person had explained that at this point of time they plan to keep on playing
the new song until the viewers get used to it.
(T/N: Yep, everyone wants TVXQ at everywhere! ^^)

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[NEWS] 091122 Music Awards Has Fresh Yet Disappointing Start

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

The Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) came to an end Saturday, but unfortunately, there were some shortcomings despite it being called Asia's best music award event.

The much-anticipated event was held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, with young fans lined up near the entrances in hopes of catching a glimpse of some of their favorite K-pop singers.

Mnet Media scrapped its 10-year Mnet KM Music Festival (MKMF) in October, announcing that it was bringing an upgraded music event for not only fans in Korea, but throughout Asia as well. While the overall show was entertaining, it failed to truly captivate fans with its results and concept.

The red carpet entrance was a good way to kick off the six-hour event, with female singers donning stylish outfits, mostly in black, some in fur and others in leather.

MAMA offered eight main stages, or ``waves,'' each with special concepts and performances.

The first wave, ``Asian Fever,'' featured Drunken Tiger, who later won the Best Male Solo Artist. The award for the Best Female Solo Artist went to Baek Ji-young. The Best New Male Artist went to the Supreme Team, while 2NE1 won the Best New Female Artist, and two other awards eventually, including the Best Music Video and, one of the grand prizes, the Best Song of the Year for ``I Don't Care.''

The second wave, ``Girls x Girls,'' featured top girl groups the Brown Eyed Girls, which won the Best Female Group and Best House & Electronic awards, and KARA, which won Best Dance.

Seo In-gook, the winner of the Mnet's popular reality program, ``Superstar K,'' also performed in the third wave, ``Super Stardom,'' while the fourth wave, ``21st Street,'' featured the girl group 2NE1 performing in a short musical skit. The stage was decorated like a small village with shops and a two-story house, which was where Park Bom sang her solo number ``You And I.'' The musical was lively with the members singing ``I Don't Care,'' with a chorus line twist, but the signboards were embarrassing, misspelling a couple of words, including ``coffee.''

After former g.o.d. member Kim Tae-woo received the Best Ballad/R&B award, the stage made way for the Best Asian Star, TVXQ. The first official appearance of the three members Xiah, Micky and Hero since the dispute with their agency started surprised fans for two reasons: one was because the group's agency SM Entertainment boycotted the event citing flaws in the judging system and the second was because they appeared without the other two members. The three members are currently engaged in a legal dispute with SM regarding their contracts and cosmetic business.

``We are very happy as the award was given by our Asian fans. For our fans, and also our two friends who may be watching this somewhere, we would like to say that we love you,'' Hero said.

The fifth wave ``Free to the Women'' brought an exciting lineup of female rappers, while the sixth wave ``World of Temptation'' captivated fans and singers with a vampire-inspired stage featuring sexy singer Ivy and 2PM's Nichkhun.

Park Jin-young, the creator of the Wonder Girls, also made a special appearance to receive the Best Asian Composer award.

Big Bang members Tae-yang and G-Dragon rocked the seventh wave, ``Korean Dream,'' dressed in black and white with impressive dance moves. The last wave was a tribute to veteran singer Sim Soo-bong, who was the first singer to make it to the MAMA Hall of Fame. Singers Kim Tae-woo, Epik High and Seo In-young sang some of Sim's best songs, while all the singers came on stage to congratulate the singer.

Along with 2NE1's win for Song of the Year, the other two grand prizes went to G-Dragon for Album of the Year and 2PM for Artist of the Year.

``Thank you, Jae-beom. I know you're watching. We love you,'' Chan-sung said in tears, referring to the group's leader who left the group after being criticized for his comments he made of Korea when he was a trainee. Fans also expressed their excitement and sorrow by screaming out Jae-beom and the group's name.

The event ended with Tiger JK from Drunken Tiger promising a bigger event next year and, indeed, MAMA needs improvements to live up to expectations.

The event did surprise fans with congratulatory messages from famous singers, including Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas and even Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls.

However, despite the title, there was nothing Asian about MAMA. No Asian singers other than ones from Korea were nominated in even one of the main 19 categories, nor were there any foreign artists performing on the local stage, except for two short performances by Asian Recommended winners Bang Bang Tang from China, which was carried out in Chinese with no subtitles, and Japanese group AKB 48 in Japan.

Along with frequent camera mistakes, the event did not include some of the most popular groups, including Girls' Generation and Super Junior, while famous trot singers such as Jang Yoon-jeong and Park Hyun-bin also boycotted the event, questioning the fairness in selecting candidates for the newly established Best Trot award.

The launch of the new event this year seemed like a teaser trailer, full of catchy acts and sequences, minus some key players and reasonable ratings. According to Mnet Media, MAMA will be held in different regions in Asia next year. Perhaps this will help the event live up to expectations as Asia's best music awards, but for now, it has a long way to go.

Source: The Korea Times

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[TRANS] 091123 Kohaku 591,274 request to attend

Only 1,353 are chosen to participate.

On November 1st, 2009, with the presence of the national police men/women,
"The 60th Kohaku Utagassen" drawing to select the audiences for this year's Kohaku was held.

(The request to attend was open only to the people registered as the official NHK viewers.)
The drawing was held at the NHK official drawing event hall.

Out of massive 591,274 request to attend, 1,353 were chosen to be able to participate.

Source: NHK
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[AUDIO] We Believe - Miduhyo English Version

A message from fans to Dong Bang Shin Ki

Lyrics by: Meimei and Yzze
Arranged by: Yoona
Singers: Neru, Eeeney, Yoona, Yzze, Meimei, Raemi


boys let us prove that our love is real..
well always keep the same faith in you..
please trust us..
ooooh.ooohh hhhhmmmmm..

we believe..
you can surpass all these things, you just believe..
there comes a times when things are tough but dont be sad..
open up your eyes,
and together lets find out
why you need to smile again..

dont be scared,.
dont ever put a doubt, well never let you go,.
just always know that our love is here to stay,
even if all things you do went out all wrong,.
we will be here till the end..


we believe in you, just believe in us,
well always guide you through,
always stay together,
have faith and be stronger
coz well always stand by you,.
when youre down and lonely,
turn around and youll see,
we are here to give you strength,
thank you for the music,
songs that youve been singing,
made us happy in every way
like before..

saranghe, the words we want to say
its coming from our hearts,
the love we had for you will never ever fade..
memories of you and i, i wont forget,
thats a promise we have made..

a thousand miles, we are connected by your voice
from time to time
those voices that has touched our life and inspires us..,ooh
dreams you have inside your heart,
will forever glow..
like the stars above the sky..


we believe in you, just believe in us,
well always guide you through,
always stay together,
have faith and be stronger
coz well always stand by you,.
when youre down and lonely,
turn around and youll see,
we are here to give you strength,
thank you for the music,
songs that youve been singing,
made us happy in every way
like before


we would be singing your songs forever,
we would be standing by you together,
through all these ups and downs
our love will never end
oooohh.. oooh


(i believe in you my love)
we believe in you, just believe in us,
well always guide you through,
always stay together,
have faith and be stronger
(we will always keep the faith in you..)
coz well always stand by you,.
(keep the faith in you)
when youre down and lonely,
turn around and youll see,
we are here to give you strength,
(the faith)
thank you for the music,
songs that youve been singing,
made us happy in every way

we wont let you go

dong bang shin ki

Credit: parkyoona3