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10000 characters article!

From Sinko Music Entertaintment HP

Name of magazine: GiGS February 2010 Extra Issue “OUT of MUSIC * MUSIQ? BACK TO BEST
Size: A4
Pages: 100 pages
Price: 880yen

(Few Sentences omitted)

Tohoshinki Special Issue "Tohoshinki ~What the 'bonds' produces~"



Tohoshinki special issue + Newest 10000 characters article is included in the "OUT of MUSIC・MUSIQ? BACK TO BEST" edition, scheduled to be issued on December 24.
On January 7, Special Edition “Tohoshinki Kenbunroku "Tohoshinki Record of Personal Experiences (title not fixed yet) "will also be on sale.

T/N: Sorry for the rather messy article, lol. Had to summarize up some pages in order to provide all of our O! friends with the correct information.
T/N: "Out of Music" 10000 characters’ article should be a lovely one. They issued one in August, which was really worth reading.
Please click
here for the memorable article.

Source: Sinko Music Entertaintment & oops! MUSIC COMMUNITY
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