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I've seen too many comments regarding just one missing post about Yunho. Readers have been accusing us of being bias toward Jaejoong. If we are we should be calling ourselves Jaejoong Knights right? I'm really sorry that we haven't posted that one video of Yunho's fanclub. First, we haven't seen it. Second, I did saw the Korean video but I haven't seen a youtube one. Sometimes our server does not accept and won't play Daum Cafe videos. My internet itself won't play Daum Cafe videos. Third, if we are bias then why do we have more than 100 parts of Heading to the Ground pictures?

Please be understanding. We can't just be alert most of the time and we just continue to update fast. We will always miss something. However, it would have been better if you guys had sent a message to us in our email and not in comments and accusing us. I'm really sorry and from now on, I will try my best to monitor all posts especially now that I'm on winter break.

I'm really sorry if DBSKnights had failed to put that post but I will, when I go back from school. DBSKnights staff always try their best on something. Also, a surprise news will come out soon and treat it as a gift for the upcoming 10 million hits. This surprise news will come out soon. Please anticipate.

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Sorry for causing any problems. and just to clarify, we love all members equally.

[INFO] 091218 60th Kouhaku Uta Gassen's Song List

Tohoshinki is going to perform Shennen Koi Uta (A Thousand Year's Love Song) and Share The World!

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[TRANS] 091218 Oricon Yearly Top Rankings for Singles, Albums, and Total Sales

2009 Oricon Yearly Top 50 Single Ranking
From 2008/12/22 to 2009/12/21

21 - Stand by U - Tohoshinki - 225,812 copies

30 - Share The World/We Are! - Tohoshinki - 174,508 copies

32 - COLORS~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter - JEJUNG&YUCHUN (from Tohoshinki) - 169,564 copies

49 - Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide - Tohoshinki - 110,717 copies

Tohoshinki and AKB48 Had a Big Jump in This One Year

If we have to talk about groups that have had a big jump in 2009, they are no one other than Tohoshinki and AKB48. Both groups only had one of their singles to rank on the Yearly Top 50 Singles in 2008, but this year, Tohoshinki enters the chart with three singles - "Stand by U" which becomes their highest rank on this chart grabbing the 21st place, "Share The World/We Are!" (30th place), Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide (49th place). Moreover, their special unit JEJUNG&YUCHUN (from Tohoshinki)'s single "COLORS~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter" also ranks at 32nd place on the chart. Moreover, the unit's single even beats the other 3 singles to create a new record for first sale number. To be achieve things such as to become a promotion face of a Japanese CM, they have worked really hard from being a Korean artist to the point where they are being recognized in Japan, and their hard works have been paid off.

2009 Oricon Yearly Top 50 Album Ranking
From 2008/12/22 to 2009/12/21

2009 Oricon Yearly Top Artist Total Sales
From 2008/12/22 to 2009/12/21, which includes all single, album and DVD sales

1 Arashi - 14,461,000,000 yen (≈160 million USD)

2 EXILE - 12,932,000,000 yen (≈144 million USD)

3 Tohoshinki - 6,895,000,000 yen (≈76 million USD)

4 B'z - 5,374,000,000 yen (≈60 million USD)

5 The Beatles - 5,200,000,000 yen (≈58 million USD)

Tohoshinki Who Had a Big Jump in 2009 and Continue with Their Great Success

Speaking of artists who have had a big jump in 2009, we cannot not mention about Tohoshinki. All of their items were distributed widely, and they have enthusiastically welcomed in the last one year. They also started a special unit, and that is just the first step, and we are not yet to know how far they'll be able to go in the future.

T/N: DVD sale ranking has not yet been available.
Want to see Tohoshinki being in the top 10 of 2010 chart? You can contribute to that success by participating in BREAK OUT project by ordering your BREAK OUT single.

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일시 : 2010년 1월 24일 일요일
시간 : 오후 2시
장소 : 광운대학교 대강당

Date : Jan.24 / 2010 Sunday
Time : 2 PM
Place : GwangWoon Univ. grand hall

2010 HERO FESTIVAL is held by HeroJaeJoong Fanclubs united (BabyJJ, 까칠한히어로즈누나들, 님과함께, LikeAHero, 멜리데히어로, 영웅, 영웅지재, OnlyHero, HeroWings, HealingVoice).

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“BVLGARI’s 125th anniversary charitable event”, is to have a larger contribution to Save the Children’s “Rewriting the Future” large-scale children education public welfare project, the “Rewriting the Future” program will provide education for all-round development for 8,000,000 children who live in conflict arisen areas. BVLGARI promised to support this project for the entire year of 2009, to celebrate the brand’s 125th anniversary with this meaningful action, their goal by the end of the year of 2009 is to raise 10,000,000 euros. BVLGARI have donated 1,000,000 euros ahead of time to Save the Children, but rest will be raised in 2009.

This series of jewelry are inscribed with Save the Children symbol, 20% if the sales revenue from February 1st, 2009 to December 31st be donated to aid Save the Children’s “Rewriting the Future” large-scale children education public welfare project.

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20. Someday by EXILE
19. Koisuru Hitomi wa Utsukushii by Superfly
18. Kimi ni Okuru Uta by Sugawara Sayuri
17. Share The World by Tohoshinki
16. Garden feat. DJ KAORI, Diggy-MO', Clench and Blistah by May J.
15. My Best Of My Life by Superfly
14. Shunkashuto by Hilcrhyme
13. Ariamaru Tomi by Shiina Ringo
11. Yume wo Mikata ni by Ayaka
10. Minna Sora no mini coopera by Ayaka
9. Alright!! by Superfly
8. My SunShine by ROCK'A'TRENCH
7. Setsuna by GReeeeN
6. Kiseki by GReeeeN
5. Ichibu to Zenbu by B'z
4. 366 Nichi by HY
3. Ayumi by GReeeeN
2. Butterfly by Kimura Kaela
1. Haruka by GReeeeN

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