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The number of people who applied for compensation, at the Korea Consumer Agency, for the cancellation of SMTOWN in August have reached 872.

On 10 December, a representative from the Korea Consumer Agency – Court Committee of Consumer Disputes said, “SM cancelled the contract (T/N: Here, the term contract is used because it is a business exchange between the ticket buyers and the company) and this caused the other parties to request for compensation. Adding the 240 people that filed for compensation on 9 December to the 632 people that filed previously, there is a total of 872 people.”

A representative said that a majority of the applicants were youths, and proper proceedings will be carried out after these 872 applicants have been verfied. Due to the dispute SM is having with 3 members of TVXQ, the “SMTOWN LIVE ‘09″ concert that was to be held in August was cancelled.

The Committee estimates that the total sales for that concert amounted to roughly $9,090,000,000 (Won), and the Family Ticket which allowed 4 people to enter together amounted to $143,000 (Won). The Committee will take into consideration that most of the applicants are youths, so the latest the verdict will come out is by next year, and a conclusive verdict will be given then.

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“Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT Cancellation Notice”

We have announced the notice from supporting fanclub Bigeast secretariat and comments from Tohoshinki members,

It’s regretful about the cancellation of the event,
for all fans who have been waiting for this, I truly apologize.

The five members feel reluctant, but they’re considering the present circumstances.

After repetitive discussions over discussions in which included the members, it’s still a tough decision.

Indeed, for today’s announcement, we ask for your understanding.

As quoted from the secretariat, we will continue to support the five members activities in much power.

Thank you.


My heart is also going on with you, Bigeast….

(t/n: Yes. The line “My heart is also going on with you, Bigeast….” is written by Matsuura-san. I didn’t add anything ^^)

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Taken From History in Japan~
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10: When you're acting with younger actors, it seems that you manage to create more of a romantic tension than make the relationship into one between a mother and son. You did it with Daniel Choi in TV series "The World that they Live In" and with TVXQ member U-Know Yunho in drama "No Limit".
Yoon: The producer had intended on it from the beginning in the case of "No Limit". He kept making Yun-ho call me "Aeja-ssi" [similar to Miss. Aeja] but there is no way it could've been easy for him since it was his first try at acting. The producer had to end up telling Yun-ho to think that he was dating a grandmother. Yun-ho is the type that will work very hard just as he's told so he would call me whenever he has time, saying 'Aeja-ssi, it's Yun-ho' or 'Aeja-ssi, did you eat?'. Of course, he doesn't call me that anymore but he calls me time to time. I asked him if he wanted to come to our screening and he really did. I thank him for that.

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Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT” Cancellation Noticement

For all your even warmer support for Tohoshinki, thank you very much.
Today we have to deliver everyone a very important notice. We finally decided to cancel the “Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT” which is planned to be held for one month next year.

We know that all Bigeast has been waiting for the event with much anticipation, therefore for us to write this announcement, we feel really sorry.

We think some of you may have already known from media that currently Tohoshinki is having some domestic problems and after we did much consultation and discussion with the members themselves, in the end we come to decision that we need to cancel this fan club event.

For all Bigeast who has been watching over Tohoshinki in warm support, we again have to apologize that the result turns out like this.
We hope for your understanding that we just can announce this today.
About any refund for this event, we will contact you later.

Bigeast secretariat strongly hopes that you all continue supporting Tohoshinki activities as five members. Thank you for the future of Tohoshinki.

- Bigeast secretariat -

For everyone who are always supporting Tohoshinki, Thank you very much.
Encouragement from Bigeast gives us more power. Nevertheless, to always give you such worriness, we feel really sorry.

Now that we have to stop the fanclub event you all have been looking forward, we have to apologize even more.

We always have feeling to create a stage as professionals so that all of you can enjoy the circumtances, and in front of all Bigeast, we have will to be honest.

Afterall, when our true smiling face can not be shown yet we still stand on stage, it means that we lie to all fans there, thus we decided to cancel the event.

We need time to organize our mind, and finally we would like to meet everyone with a true smile.

Really sorry to cause you worriness.

- Tohoshinki -

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There's a "raging war for seats" going on for the 3 TVXQ members' charity fanmeeting, which will be held on 12 December.

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun will be meeting their Korean fans through a charity fanmeet.

On 12 December, 5pm, they will meet the fans through the "Smile Again" charity fanmeet, to be held at Koryeo University Hwajung Gymnasium.

A staff member of the activity told Newsen on 8 December through a telephone interview that, "'Smile Again' will not be attended by other celebrities, and only the 3 members of TVXQ will participate." Also, "There will be donation boxes around the venue area. All proceeds collected during the fanmeeting will be donated in full to a children's charity."

Tickets for "Smile Again" went on sale on Yes24 on 8 December, 8pm. As tickets were very limited, there was a "war" amongst the fans for the entrance tickets.

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To Exceed 500,000 In Sales

"Let the 5 members of Tohoshinki continue to shine forever."
That must be what a lot of people wish for.

Also, to ensure that they can continue down this road in a better way, there are many Japanese fans who can do their best for them.

Do you wish to see the 5 members of Tohoshinki happy; do you wish to see their cheerful smiles?
Do you wish to put all our thoughts and gratitude into one heart?

This is our [BREAK OUT!] plan to exceed 500,000 copies in sales.

~We want to show the Japanese fans' "Love" and "Thanks"~
Please buy Tohoshinki's new single [BREAK OUT!] as a gift and give it to someone important to you, someone you like, someone you love, and even someone whom you hope will be cheered up!

This is a really good song that is full of energy and courage. Anyone who listens to it will definitely feel happy!
If everyone takes part, 500,000 will not just be a dream number.

This project depends on everyone's support, but please do not force yourself, just do as much as you can.

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Here's a quick look at the stars of dramas that will be filmed in Jeju Island in 2010.

A lot of dramas that will be airing next year, have chosen Jeju Island as their main filming site. Jeju Island was not just chosen for a scene. Rather, the filming for the dramas will take place there from the beginning till the end.

Currently, the dramas that have decided to film there are: SBS' weekend drama [T/N: Unsure of name], KBS 1TV's period drama [T/N: Unsure of name],and MBC's "Paradise Meadow" which is in discussions over filming.

This drama will star TVXQ's Choikang Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee, and for now, it has been decided that the filming site will be at Jeju Island.

Youthful stars Choikang Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee will also stop over at Jeju from the beginning of next year onwards. The innocent love between the two will be shown in the anticipated drama "Paradise Meadow".

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When Jaejoong forgot the dance moves
and he's just standing there like


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Tohoshinki Bigeast limited 2010 Calendar

Price: 5,500 yen (shipping tax included)

In addition to the offshot snap pictures, there are also illustrations the members drew themselves containing interesting messages from them~

Haven’t you owned it?

Week Calendar (55 pages)
[Size] 184 mm x 152 mm
[Materials] calendar: paper, ring: iron, nylon.
[Origin] Japan

Members messages inside:

Junsu: first of all, I’d like to wish you all a happy New Year. My birthday is coming up soon after (T/N: he’s referring to his registered birthday in January). Junsu in 2010 will be more handsome, active, and also work harder. Hope that it will be a better new year ^___^

Jejung: I’m already 24 years old~ eh~ I’m working to be a much better quality man~ Everyone should support me~

Yunho: This year I’m going to be 24 years old! It’s because everyone support that makes me to be what I am now… We’ll keep growing in the future, so please continue suporting us alright~


Changmin: It is my birthday! Ha Ha Ha the day of my own! You! Congratulate me, quick! \ ^ o ^ /
Yuchun: I’d like to thank everyone not just in my birthday, I feel grateful to you everyday, so… ARIGATO!

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Just some old stuffs
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When the members of w-inds were playing a game on the Japanese show Ontama, they sang a small section of 'Doshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandaro?' Prompted with the kana 'Do' (ド) the group quickly recalled TVXQ's song.

They sound pretty good too

Wouldn't it be fantastic if DBSK and w-inds had a concert together?

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I can't decide if this is brilliant, hilarious or frightening.

Maybe all three.

In any event, you have to watch it:

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