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I WANT! me want....!
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No. 60 NHK Red and White Singing Contest (Live appearance)

12/30/Wednesday/18:30~ 22:30 [TBS]
No. 51 Shine! Japanese record grand prix
“Stand by U” is chosen as an Excellent Best Music Award. (TVXQ is nominated to win grand prix award.)

12/29/Tuesday/19:00~20:55[BS Fuji TV]
2008 Asia Song Festival(Rebroadcast)
The Asian song festival that was performed in Seoul in October, 2008. Rebroadcast.

12/23/Wednesday/16: 00~18: 00[Fuji TV NEXT]
Odaiba fork village deluxe 2009 #3 of Konosuke Sakazaki(Rebroadcast)
JeJoong & Yuchun from TVXQ.

12/20/Sunday/Time of the broadcast TBA [NHK]
MUSIC JAPAN Christmas Special
“Christmas message from the members and “Stand by U” full chorus!

[Broadcasting at CS/TBS channel]
Four programs in December.

12/24/ Thursday 23:00~25:00
TVXQ 4th LIVE TOUR The Secret Code – FINAL in TOKYO DOME.(First time showing)


TVXQ LIVE 2007 in SEOUL. TVXQ THE 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT “0″ (First time showing)

TVXQ LIVE 2006 in SEOUL “2006 TVXQ LIVE CONCERT RISING SUN”(First time showing)

[KNTV Yunho staring, drama "No Limit - heading to the ground."]

A preview broadcast with a special program & episode 1 shown in December.

12/23/Wednesday/19:40 ~ 21:00
prebroadcast episode 1

Actual broadcast starts on 1/24/every Sunday /21:45~ 23:00/
no cut with Japanese subtitles, all 16 episodes.

[KNTV TVXQ Special!]
Selected carefully from the past appearance of TVXQ from MBC/SBS.

★ 【The December broadcast plan】

*12/06/ Every Sunday/13:00~ 16:40.
2004-2008 TVXQ songs and ballads in the big festivals.

“K-POP vintage TVXQ special feature 2″ “happy on Sunday”

★ 【The program of the January, 2010 broadcast plan】

*01/03/every Sunday/24:15~ 27:45
Intensive broadcast of “TVXQ special”,& “inversion drama/X man.”

* Every Thursday/17:55~19:00/ broadcast start day TBA
TVXQ in SBS popularity songs and ballads

*Every Sunday/13:00~16:40 /broadcast start day TBA
2004-2008 TVXQ in songs and ballads in the big festival celebrations

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[T/N We don't translate the whole part about the details of admission, since all Bigeasts who are able to attend this event must understand Japanese anyway]


Hello Bigeast,

For the December 25th, 2009 “Music Station SUPER LIVE 2009″, (Tohoshinki) has been decided to cast ♪
With this confirmation of cast performance, then we’ll hold an admission recruitment.

For more info about admission, please go to https://ssl.avexnet..or.jp/form/fc/toho091225 / (PC · common mobile)
☆ Deadline is 12/11 (Fri) 13:00.

2009/12/25 (Fri) live “Music Station SUPER LIVE 2009″

Makuhari Messe Event Hall

live starts at 19:00 to 23:10

[Dress Code]
The broadcast day is on 12/25 and is scheduled to be a Christmasy-themed production. Therefore please wear bright-color clothes as possible.

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coral2010’s note

Too bad I can’t find a clearer picture. The top isn’t sold anymore.
there used to be a tank top version of this design at Forever21 too tat’s also sold out
[i know this cuz i wanted the shirt/tank but it didn't fit me D=]
But if you compare the two tops, Jae’s faith shirt’s “t” dips down similarly to the Forever21 top,
and the definitions of both shirts beginning with “trust” have similarly bolded words.
It seems like the bottom seam is a bit different tho
Of course, maybe it’s a universal design or Forever21 ripped off the design
But if it IS the Forever21 top, it’s a girl’s shirt

But Jaejoong still looks hot! And works it veeery well
And it’s possible he chose the shirt cuz of “faith” =)


Found the Tanktop in Baidu from Ameba

"Telecinema7", which stars TVXQ's Hero Jaejoong, 2 Big Bang members TOP and Seungri, as well as Korea's top stars like Kim Ha Neul, Ahn Jae Wook, Cha In Pyo and Han Hyo Joo, will meet everyone in the form of a manga.

Kenaz (http://www.kenaz.biz) expressed that from the very beginning, "Telecinema7" garnered a lot of interest because it had a famous Japanese scriptwriter, one of the best Korean directors and the participation of famous Hallyu stars. As such, the manga will be published through SKT Manga site (http://www.toondosi.com).

"Telecinema7" began airing in Korea since November and they aim to publish the manga early next year, at the same time that it airs on Japanese TV.

Kenaz's representative said that they "plan to turn 'Telecinema7' into a manga and anime, and the artist will earn substantial income from the royalties alone, what more with the goods that comes along with it".

SKT Manga site Toondosi, the exclusive distributor for the manga, will hold an exclusive, free broadcast of "Telecinema7" on 30 December. Invitations to the exclusive event are currently in progress.

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Tohoshinki To Attend MUSIC STATION SUPER LIVE 2009!
Applications to participate as part of the audience are now open to BIGEAST.

Date: 2009.12.25 (Friday)
Venue: Makuhari Messe Event Hall
Time (to exchange for your entrance tickets): 14:00~17:30
Time (Doors Open): 17:30
Live Broadcast time: 19:00~23:10

**Please note that you will not be able to enter or leave the arena once the Live broadcast has begun.

To apply: https://ssl.avexnet..../fc/toho091225/ (mobile/PC)

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Date: 2009/12/08
Time: 00:00
Blogger: Ishipii

Jul - Somebody To Love(PJ)
Nov - My Destiny(PJ)

Apr - 明日は来るから(ME)*New
May - Rising Sun(PJ) *4 person version

Feb - STEP by STEP(PJ)
Feb - Choosey Lover(ME) *New
Jun - Choosey Lover(MJ)
Jun - Lovin’ you(MJ)
Sep - SHINE (MJ)
Nov - LAST ANGEL feat.東方神起(MJ)
Nov - Forever Love(MJ) 

Jan - Purple Line(MJ)
Feb - Purple Line(MJ)
Feb - Forever Love(MJ)
May - Beautiful You(MJ)
May - 千年恋歌(MJ)
Jul - どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(MJ)
Aug - Beautiful You(MJサマーEXTRA)
Nov - どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(恋うた2008)
Nov - Choosey Lover(恋うた2008)
Nov - 呪文-MIROTIC-(東方神起スペシャル)
Nov - Love in the Ice(東方神起スペシャル)
Dec - Purple Line~どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Kouhaku)

Jan - Bolero(MJ)
Mar - Survivor(MJ)
Mar - 明日は来るから(春うた2009)
Jun - Stand by U(エコうた2009)
Jul - Stand by U(MJ)
Sep - COLORS~Melody and Harmony~(MJ)
Dec - Stand by U(MJ Christmas Special)

Now, all the MJ directors are heading to the Kouhaku project room, so there's just me doing the list alone, it was difficult.


Previously, for the voting done during the [Tohoshinki Special], there were 16 songs, from "Somebody To Love" that was performed on POP JAM on 16 July 200 to "Beautiful You" performed on Music Japan Summer Extra on 7 August 2008. However 2 songs were missing. They are the 4 person version of "明日か来るから" and "Choosey Lover" performed on Music Express on 30 April 2006 and 25 February 2007 respectively.

These 2 songs, including this time's MJ Christmas Special where they performed "Stand By U", there are a total of 30 songs.

These are all the songs that Tohoshinki performed with myself as the producer.

NHK also has rare material (that was introduced previously), the "Bolero" performance broadcasted on 17 March 2009 and this year's New Year's Eve Kouhaku performance.
Up until this year, that will be a total of 32 songs.

From my point of view, there are 2 more songs that I really wish were added in.
They are the "Rising Sun" performance that was done with a dancer who replaced Jejung, as well as "Share The World".

I hope that this list will slowly grow longer and longer

Source: [Music Japan Blog]
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“TVXQ can’t disband…”

Old-timer Shin Seung Hyun (singer) expressed his regrets towards the crisis of disbandment that his juniors TVXQ are currently facing.

At a recent press conference, after expressing his curiousity regarding “what will become of TVXQ”, Shin Seung Hyun sighed and said, “A group like this can’t disband…”.

Shin Seung Hyun, who also enjoys tremendous popularity in Japan, said this about TVXQ who have developed into top singers, “When they appeared on the billboards in Tokyo, I felt such pride. In Japan, TVXQ are not Hallyu stars. Instead, they are the top singers in Japan, and receive a lot of love from everyone.”

He also said, “It is very rare to have this kind of group, it would be such a waste if they disband.”

source: [ohmicky朴有天中文网]
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Yoochun seems really fascinated with something?
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