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TOHOSHINKI’S JEJUNG, who is involved in a legal mess and forced to break away from the members promises worried mum, “Unity at NHK Kouhaku”.

“We’d like to sing here as soon as possible.”

The smiling faces of the 5 members of Tohoshinki could be seen during their appearance at the Best Hits Music Festival live performance stage on November 26.

“It’s been 3 months since the 5 members appeared on stage, and the fans responded with excitement. The moment they appeared on stage, the hall erupted with the sound of crying and cheering. This happened in spite of (?) the legal mess that the members are embroiled in.” – Music Staff

Jejung (23), Yuchon (23) and Junsu (22) had filed for a case at the end of July. Althought their fans have been longing to listen to their voices once again, the members have kept their silence regarding the resumption of group activities.

“This time, the members have split into 2 groups. 3 of them appearing on the 24th and the other 2 appearing on the 25th. It seems that their agency have disallowed them to appear together except for work (?), Up till now, the members have been living together when they are in Japan, I heard they are living separately now.” – Former Music Staff

Before coming to Japan on the 21st, the 3 members had appeared on Korea’s ‘09 Mnet Asian Music Awards. “Although Tohoshinki had won the Asia Star award, they were not allowed to attend the ceremony. Yunho and Changmin did not turn up.” – Korea TV

“However, the other 3 members chose to turn up, angering the agency. However, the members are still very close to each other.” – Korea TV

At the ceremony, Jejung had said “Maybe the 2 of them are watching now, if they are, I just want them to know that I love them very much.” It was his message of unity towards Yunho (23) and Changmin (21).

“In fact on that day, Jejung’s mother was among the audience. It seemed like she had come alone. When the boys’ turn was over, she secretly left the hall.” – Former TV Station Staff

From now, Tohoshinki will appear at the New Year’s Eve Kouhaku Music Battle.

“After that, the 5 members’ last stages could be the exclusive fanclub events in January taking place in Japan. Fans are still pleading with the members’ agency to allow for the continuation of the group.” – Former Music Staff

“We want to see a 5-member Tohoshinki next year too.” Not only fans, but mothers too feel the same way

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Another happening occurred as three members of TVXQ, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, stated that their contract with SM Entertainment was unlawful.
The three members filed for an exclusive contract suspension request, and received a verdict on October 27th that, "SM must not set new activities without the consent of TVXQ. SM cannot interfere with any individual activities the members of TVXQ may want to pursue." However, SM refuted this in a press conference that, "This is a nationwide scam that is packaging human rights and slave contracts as the main problem of this situation."
Many have begun to predict that the two sides will part with the forged signature controversy that erupted with the note of confirmation of the Shenzhen concert in China.
However, the people taking the most active stance in this dispute between the three members and SM Entertainment, is the 800,000 member fanclub 'Cassiopeia'. After this dispute began, they began boycotting SM while stating their reasons and what goods were to be boycotted. The reasons for boycotting span three pages of A4 sized paper and are as follows: the cancellation of 'SM Town Live 09', the unchanged attitude of SM Entertainment regardless of the numerous complaints by fans, and the unlawfulness of the TVXQ contract.
Cassiopeia stated, "SM Entertainment stated that they would continue on with the concert regardless of the legal dispute with the three members of TVXQ over their exclusive contract. However, a week before the concert, SM indefinitely postponed the concert giving a reason that, 'It is impossible for the singers to be united in the concert because of the TVXQ legal dispute.' This is an act that does not even consider the basic consideration that should be given to the consumer who bought tickets." Fans also pointed out, "They used the fact that we were fans to produce quantity more than quality with many goods containing similar contents and they completely ignored the complaints of the fans and the rights we have as consumers."

After that, the fanclub held an offline and online petition that collected around 188,000 signatures from people who were against unlawful contracts, and submitted this to the Seoul District Courts under the name 'People Against SM's Unlawful Contract'. They also visited the Human Rights Commission and submitted a petition urging the commission to work hard to eradicate the contract of clauses that violated human rights. Some state that the three members of TVXQ were able to receive a partial acceptance of their request by the Courts because of the actions of the fans.
These two events cemented the fans' position as 'consumers' with authority. Also, they showed the entertainment agencies that idol group members were not mere 'products' to admire, but were 'people' who could be moved by the power of the fans.
One entertainment representative recognized the consumer power of the fanclubs by stating, "Fans do not have control over the creation of groups, individual activities or the act of a member leaving the group," and "However, entertainment agencies do feel the pressure of the fans' wants. This is because fans are what keep a group and an entertainment agency alive."


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If you are a relatively new fan of DBSK (like myself),
perhaps you have never seen DBSK's 1st Live Concert.

Well, now's your chance because thanks to our diligent Cassies,
the whole thing is up on You Tube!

Take a look:

Intro & Tonight

Hug & 너희들 것이니까 (I wish...)

Whaterver They Say & MC

믿어요 Miduhyo

Tri-Angle & Free Your Mind

Dangerous Mind & Dance Performance (Yunho)

여우비 (Like Weather...) (Micky Yoochun Solo) & 지금처럼 (Like Now...)

약속했던 그때에 (Always There...) & I Never Let Go

I Wanna Hold You & 마법의 성 (Magic Castle)

All Rise (Xiah Junsu Solo) & 발걸음 (Yoongwoogn Jaejoong Solo)

MC & LOVE after LOVE

넌 언제나 (You Always) & MC

The way U are

Rising Sun & Insa ("A Millionaire's First Love" OST)

One & MC

My Little Princess & Drive

It's really interesting to see how they have developed as performers and changed over the years. I think they've gotten even better since then. And doesn't the venue seem small? Especially when compared to Tokyo Dome~

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