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[TRANS] Letter #20 Jung Yunho. Kim Jaejoong. Park Yoochun. Kim Junsu. Shim Changmin
One year and seven months and then three months

Another eleven months and then today......

2008. 12. 29 SBS Gayo Daejun
Our happy three months together were too short for us
We did not know that the 'goodbye' we said to them then would be so long
and we sent them to Japan once more

It was so strange to see a stage without them
It was so strange to see a stage with only three of them
It was so strange to see them moving around separately
It was even so strange to see them so exhausted and worn out
that I became exhausted and worn out as well

If we had known that this 'goodbye' would last so long
We would have held on to them and told them not to go.
We didn't know that this 'goodbye' would last so long
so we let them leave like that

The top star loved by 1.5 billion Asians
Recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records for Most Photographed Singer
Recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records for for an 800,000 member fanclub
Ranked 1st on the Oricon Weekly Chart six consecutive times

I sincerely hope that the 'goodbye' we said, is a 'temporary goodbye',
not a 'goodbye forever'
Why is it that whenever we say 'goodbye',
we have to say 'goodbye' for so long
'I should have just liked a singer who performs only domestically'
There are times when thoughts like that cross mu mind
but then I curse myself for thinking such things

I think this is the first time I've ever wanted
to see all five of them together so bad
Before, I used to wish that I could see at least one member
But now I want to see all five of them together

I hope that they are together right now, laughing and smiling

Yunho and Changmin.......................
who probably have it harder than Yoochun, Jaejoong and Junsu
All I hope for is that they are not hurting
I hope that our leader and our maknae are not hurting

Our six years
Five years full of hardships, yet happiness
It's only been six years
They've finally become six-year seniors
But it is so hard for them right now
This year has been so hard for all of us

Like how the sky brightens after rain
I hope that next year, in 2010, they will be happy

ChunJaeSu, HoMin
You ask who the traitor is?
If we had to pick out a traitor,
that traitor is you
By dividing ChunJaeSu and HoMin up to see who the traitor is,
you have become the traitor
When did we start dividing and calling them ChunJaeSu and HoMin?
Don't waste your time trying to figure out who the traitor is
If you really want to know who the traitor is,
think of whether or not you are the real traitor for even trying to find a traitor
All they are is the five member group TVXQ

You may be divided into ChunJaeSu fans and HoMin fans now and arguing about who the traitor is
but when they return, as if nothing had happened,
you'll shout 'TVXQ, we love you'.

If you're going to be like that, don't call yourself a Cassiopeia and go to some other fandom

They do not give me a chance to even let my mind wander or get sick of them
Jung Yunho. Kim Jaejoong. Park Yoochun. Kim Junsu. Shim Changmin

Source: [Daum Television]
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I believe even many of you have noticed there are a lot of messages from TVXQ fans which contains support, advice, anxiety, and even frustation.

There are quite many things are sent to me.

Would everyone give these serious idea and/or feedbacks to AVEX as well?

I would like to thank you for all the advices you sent me.

Meanwhile, for me not being able to respond anything, I’m truly sorry.

The first time I began writing about Tohoshinki on my blog was on December 29th, 2006 “Tohoshinki single Step by Step is coming out next year!!!”. It’s been 3 years since then. From the promotion, to the first appearance in Music Station, to appearance in Red and White, etc… the staffs have put so much effort to all those events, my heart is trembling when I try to recall everything.

We’ve done our utmost effort (to support the boys), however, there are a lot of things we’re not given any information.

Therefore, please understand that this is not the right time to release any official statement.

Indeed, we’re going to do everything we’re supposed to do.

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[FANACCOUNT] Evisu at Myeong Dong and Ewha Womans University

From the source:

Hihi, I'm back with more photos, this time round, Evisu's pics.
I actually visited two outlets, one at Myeong Dong and another one at Ewha Womans Univ.
Coming soon~ more photos of TVXQ-related stuffs in Korea to be uploaded soon~

At the Myeong Dong Outlet, I bought the Yunho Tee, at first I tried to ask the sales guy if he could give me the big paper bag which has Yunho’s face on it, but he rejected saying that he can only give me that big paper bag if I purchase stuffs like jackets. Just when I felt a lil’ disappointed, the kind sales guy took out a Yunho poster from his drawer and gave it to me!!! I was really happy and said “Thank you” to him many times ^^

When I went to Ewha Womans University station for shopping, I came across another Evisu outlet too, here are the pics:

Evisu in Myeong Dong

My Yunho Tee & the big poster/calendar that the kind sales guy gave to me^^

Evisu near Ewha Womans University

Poster outside the shop with Yunho and other celebrities’ endorsement for Evisu.

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[TRANS] 091129 TVXQ Junsu casted in musical "Mozart", all tickets sold out

[TRANS] 091129 2009 HMV ONLINE Sales Ranking. TVXQ No. 1

Random thing I saw while visiting HMV japan

Tohoshinki has their Own STORE kekeke
along with Beatles, MJ and Pokemon WOW!
[NEWS] Netizens spot similiarities between Micky YooChun and Amber

Some netizens have spotted some similarities between Dong Bang Shin Ki Micky YooChun and f(x) Amber.

We all know that Amber is known to be lookalike to many male idols. Add one more to the list?

Netizens points out the similarities. Do they lookalike?


Yoochun Can SEE YOU
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