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Welcome Back "Baby Love"
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“Due to the legal actions taken by the 3 members against their label, the remaining 2 members had separately visited Japan for the event. To see the five finally took the stage together again, the high screaming of joy from the fans was occurred during the recording. At the interview taken before the music festival, it’s said, “I want to perform on stage soon.” revealing their feeling.

The group will be performing in couple of Japan TV year-end programs, and there’s also an announcement of their new song that is going to be released in January, as well as the fanmeeting that is under arrangement. Nonetheless, the group activities after February onwards, are still in pending.”

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The five members of Tohoshinki finally stood together again, standing together on the same stage after the start of the problems.

At 7o'clock on the 26th, the three members who were in a turmoil with SM, along with the other two members approached the "Best Hits Festival 2009" stage together in Japan.

This day, Tohoshinki was awarded the "Gold Artist" award, and was the 19th artist to perform out of the 21 performers. The five members appeared in white suits on the stage, and received a lot of the audiences cheers.

Leader Yunho spoke as he held the award, using his fluent Japanese to convey his joy and feelings of thanks towards the fans. This is the first time they stood on stage after the release of their 28th single . [T/N i'm not too sure about the "first time"..]

On the other hand, apart from Tohoshinki, artists like Big Bang, Koda Kumi, JUJU, AAA, EXILE and others also attended.

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A Japanese womens magazine reported on the 26th that Tohoshinki's member Jejung was dating with a certain Japanese actress, talking about their date during the late night. This magazine reported: "witnessing the two dating at 3am."

Jejung's reply to this: "This report has no evidence, and we've never met before, and i do not have the heart to date anyone at the moment."

One of Jejung's friend has stated: This report has no proof and Jejung has been in Korea after finishing the Shanghai concert in China on the 2nd of October, and has been there right up till arriving in Japan on the 24th. As well as that, Jejung has never gone out by himself at night, this is all a rumour.

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"Heaven's Postman" has moved tens of thousands of people to watch it at the cinemas, and has now the glory of first place in the tele-cinemas viewership ratings.

There has been information released that "Heaven's Postman" will be broadcasted around April in Japan on Asahi TV, during prime time.



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Dong Bang Shin Ki members Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun who are involving in a lawsuit issue with their respective agency company are currently planning a fanmeeting in korea secretly.

A staff from ‘Best Hits Song Festival’ mentioned, “The 3 members will be holding a fanmeeting at korea to meet up with their fans.” One of their assistance also stated, “Fanmeeting this December is in the process of planning, but the exact date and location are yet to confirm.”

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