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Something about History of Heaven's Postman

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Release : 2009-12-03

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January 20 - February 21

WOOOOT! Junsu is like so talented Bringin the house down BABY!
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WOW this is a very Big Spread with Colors XD
I think its the 5 of them being on the same stage again!

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Korea-Japan movie project Tele Cinema is presented as new shape of business model that is likely to have great settlement.

Samhwa Networks project “Tele Cinema” is created by collaboration of Japan famous writer and Korea actors and directors whose movies and dramas are pulled into theaters and TV in both nations.

Vice president Park said, “Currently Tele Cinema 7 has been obtaining results which is above expectation in 4 sides of local movie theaters. Tele Cinema produces movies that is in “short movie” scale and for TV, it’s categorized as “TV movie” segment. Out of 50,000 – 100,000 target audiences, ‘Heaven’s Postman’ starring Youngwoong Jaejoong and Han Hyo-joo is approaching 100.000, Lee Ji Ah’s ‘Love is Blind’ is exceeded 50,000, Big Bang’s TOP and Seung Ri who appeared together with In Jae-heo in ‘19-Nineteen’ are recording 30,000.”

“Through the broadcasting circle and movie rights, we have already covered up 80% of initial production costs. This is somehow due to the simple movie structure we have thus it’s easier for us to achieve surplus.” Vice President Park continued, “Also, since One Source Multi-Use is going to publish the cartoons of Tele Cinema characters as additional content in the upcoming tour event soon, there’s even brighter earning outlook we’re achieving.”

Vice President Park ended, “Ever since ‘Winter Sonata’ and ‘Yi San’, we never can get through Japanese TV prime time. However, with the Japanese top script writers we have as the base, in April next year, Tele Cinema will be getting good hours broadcast in TV Asahi.”

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First Jaejoong with Heaven’s Postman, then Yunho with Heading to the Ground, and finally Changmin with his upcoming drama Paradise Meadow. And now it looks like Junsu is working on a little solo project of his own, too.

The DBSK member’s role in the upcoming stage musical Mozart was recently confirmed by netizens. The Korean rendition of this Austrian musical was only announced a few days ago, and already tickets for the show are selling like hotcakes. Thanks, Cassiopeia.

The book for Mozart was written by Michael Kunze, and music composed by Grammy-award winning composer Sylvester Levay, who says that he decided to write a musical on Mozart not as a composer, but simply as a man. The show’s plot will focus more on the composer’s life rather than his music.

“We decided to use his music only at some certain points but most of the time, the rest of the music is our works. We also put rock ‘n’ roll parts in it so we can represent a nowadays Mozart. I think maybe when he was alive he could have been one of the rock ‘n’ roll stars in the world,”says Levay.

In the musical, the character of Mozart will dress up as a rock-star, a stark contrast to surrounding characters who will be donning 18th-century European garb. Oh, how avant-garde.

The original Austrian production of Mozart was fairly well received, and Levay anticipates similar enthusiasm for the Korean rendition of the show. “I have felt that the quality of the Korean artists is very high….I think the Korean version of ‘Mozart!’ will be of high quality,” he said. Well, yes, I suppose. But the flood of fangirls in the audience probably doesn’t hurt, either…

Any Broadway junkies in the house? *raises hand* Glad to see that Junsu’s still alive and kicking. Fans have been anticipating Junsu’s solo activities ever since Jaejoong and Yoochun embarked on activities for their duet single, and Yunho and Changmin’s acting roles were announced. There were rumors of Junsu coming out with a solo album, but I guess a stage musical isn’t too bad, either. That leaves Yoochun as the only remaining member who hasn’t had an acting opportunity…yet. Personally, from what I’ve seen from Banjun and DBSK’s miniseries Vacation back in ‘06, Yoochun seemed to have the strongest acting abilities out of the five. But hey, we’ll have to see, right? For now, best of luck to Junsu and his latest endeavors!

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