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[NEWS] TVXQ Hero JaeJoong clarifies on rumours of love relationship with Japanese actress Abiru Yuu

Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong’s representative spoke up about rumours of love relationship between JaeJoong and Japanese actress Abiru Yuu.

It was said in Japanese weekly magazine ‘Female Seven’ on 26th November, “JaeJoong and Abiru Yuu were seen on a date late night in Tokyo recently. The date between the 2 was first witnessed in early October where they were spotted very initimately together on late night date at about 3am.”

But a representative said on 26th November, “Totally absurd. The date which the magazine stated – early October – JaeJoong was in Korea. How can the 2 be together, we really cannot understand. And according to Avex Japan, JaeJoong has never met Abiru Yuu before.”

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Talk About Groundless Rumors...
Ishihara PD is so considerate!

Once again, there is a lovely article in the Music Japan staff’s blog, EYESBLOG.

To all Tohoshinki (TVXQ) Fans

As you know, Tohoshinki will participate in some music programs in this year end in Japan, such as Kouhaku.

We can see English comments sent from international fans, and also Japanese messages written using the translating engines. Also, there were many messages sent from many international fans for our program, Music Japan.

It may be presumptuous for me to ask you Japanese fans, but I will be very happy if you support Tohoshinki, thinking that you are the representatives of all the Korean and International fans.
Though we are staffs of the Japanese TV station, we are planning to produce programs that our international fans could also be delighted in watching.

Well, I could not request any specific examples.
But I am especially in tears when I read messages sent from abroad…
(Especially, when I think how Cassiopeia members are feeling)

(Ishihara PD) Nov 26, 2009 15:24

Ishihara PD is so considerate about our international friends! So, I’ll once again explain in details for making comments in this blog.
Please scroll to the bottom of the article, click on “コメントを投稿する”.

A small window will arrive. In the top column, please write in your name, and in the second big column, please write in your comments related to NHK Kohaku Utagassen, Music Japan, and Ishihara PD & staff. Again, it will be nice if you can write where you are from as “I am a Tohoshinki fan living in Peru”. When finished, click on the left “送信”.

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TVXQ’s Junsu confirmed for Mozart musical

Although many of you are upset over the TVXQ and SM Entertainment drama, we have some good news for you Xiah Junsu fans! It has been announced that Xiah Junsu of TVXQ will begin his solo activities soon, with fans gathering around to share their interest in this hot new project of his.

On November 26th, netizens became aware that Junsu’s role in the upcoming musical Mozart had been confirmed. And while it has only just been announced, the musical is now currently #1 on the ticket reservations list! There’s no doubt that Cassiopeians are behind this! They have even already nicknamed the musical ‘Xiahzart!’

Many netizens are stating, “I’m glad that Xiah Junsu is going to be involved with this musical,” and “I’m surprised and overjoyed that I can finally see a TVXQ member in a musical.” It looks like Junsu already has many fans supporting him for his role!

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The information are as follow:

Ranking -> Movie Title -> Released Date -> Percentage -> Weekend Sale -> Total Sale

  1 《2012》 2009年11月12日 59.5% 1,041,674 3,250,844

  2 《Byakuyako》 2009年11月19日 16.8% 294,931 351,516

  3 《Cheongdambosal》 2009年11月11日 13.3% 232,896 961,892

  4 《The Soloist》 2009年11月19日 3.3% 58,567 69,265

  5 《Good Morning! President》 2009年10月22日 2.9% 49,967 2,536,184

  6 《The Time Traveler's Wife》 2009年10月28日 1.1% 18,793 719,473

  7 《Executor》 2009年11月05日 1.0% 17,069 367,856

  8 《Heaven Postman》 2009年11月12日 0.5% 8,590 89,195

  9 《Hong Gil Dong's Descendants》 2008年11月26日 0.2% 3,100 17,885

  10 《Abrazos rotos, Los》 2009年11月19日 0.2% 2,721 3,536

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[INFO]091127 TVXQ #11. Arashi #18. 2009 goo Search Ranking

#1 Yahoo
#2 You Tube
#3 Google
#4 Mixi
#5 2 Channel
#11: TVXQ ranks the highest for the actual person or the group in this ranking.

You may be able to spot words such as MSN, JAL (Japan Airline) ad ANA (Airline).
(Wow our TVXQ beats MSN and Japans two top airline company You know people travel all the time.)
followed after that.....
The second in ranking of the person or the group in this chart is Arashi, ranking in #18.

I would say this marks another Top 1 ranking won by our TVXQ in Japan in 2009!
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Reports are in that TVXQ member Jaejoong has been spotted on a late night date which lasted until early morning with Japanese talent Abiru Yuu!

Jaejoong's representative stated to Newsen:

"We do not know anything about Jaejoong's rumor. We will have to look into this."

Source: allkpop

being on a TABLOID Magazine and a bunch of rumors is perfectly normal in the Japanese Media, its a freaking sign your so famous, every now and then I see news of dating in tabloid especially Johnnys, proof...? well... you know, Life is life...

and her i was hoping its Aya Ueto LOL

apparently this Abiru Yuu girl is Yamapi's (Yamashita Tomohisa) EX-Girlfriend
[NEWS] 091126 "What Tohoshinki can do." A News from Korean Media.

Tohoshinki, as they are called in Japan, is set to resume their activities in the country,
according to reports. According to Japanese media including "Daily Sports",
the group is set to appear on Nihon TV's year-end awards ceremony "Best Hit Festival 2009"
on November 26. They proved they remain a force to be reckoned with, being nominated for
the Gold Artist Award alongside top Japanese singers including EXILE and Koda Kumi.
TVXQ has also decided to show up at Fuji TV's "FNS Kayousai 2009" on December 2
and have also been juggling their schedule to make appearances on NHK's "Kohaku Uta Gassen",
translated into "Red and White Song Battle", and other year-end music ceremonies.

Hence, TVXQ will undertaking their activities in Japan as a five-member group for the first time
in three months since last performing together at the A-Nation Osaka concert on August 30.
After Japanese media quoted Korean reports saying the group may be on the verge of disbanding
over legal disputes, TVXQ's fans in Japan had been as worried as fans in Korea over what lies in the
future for one of Asia's most popular boy bands. NHK broadcast a rerun of an episode featuring the
group in its music program "Music Japan" upon receiving endless requests from viewers.
And Ishihara, producer for the program and also executive producer for NHK's "Kohaku",
wrote on his blog, "I know many of you TVXQ fans out there must feel insecure in many ways
these days. I really hope this rerun makes you happy and we hope to be able to make a
second TVXQ special in the near future."

Meanwhile, TVXQ's Japanese agency Avex reaffirmed its stance it announced on August 6,
saying it will continue to carry out full-fledged support of the group's activities in Japan.
Other than making TV appearances, the band is also set to release their 29th single "BREAK OUT!"
in Japan on January 27 next year. But fans will get to hear the lively dance tune ahead of the single's
release, as it will be the theme song to NHK's Thursday night drama "Tomehane! Suzusato High
School, Calligraphy Club" premiering January 7. TVXQ also plans to meet with fans thereafter,
starting with Kobe between January 19 to 20, a week later in Sendai and on the two last days of
the month in Yokohama.

Always Keep The Faith!

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