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[TRANS] 091118 Avex, "Our stance to support TVXQ has not changed from our press release last August 09!"

From around November 14, 2009, messages started to appear in various TVXQ fansites
mentioning "a project to cheer up TVXQ" in very large quantities.
These messages are exchanged amongst TVXQ fans, wishing to "support TVXQ in every possible way."

The message writes, "Please write in 50 yen postcards, 'We Love (heart mark here) TVXQ'
with red in the middle of the postcard," and please write supporting messages to them
in the other space. Please mail it on November 29, 2009, at the same time."
(T/N: Overseas fans should do their best to make sure that the the postcard arrives at around December 1st, 2009.)

The address to be sent is, The AVEX Entertainment Co. Attention: "TVXQ"

Could AVEX meet the expectation of such fans?
We requested their response to our question.
Avex spokesperson had answerd by saying,

"Our stance to continue supporting TVXQ has not changed from what we said
at our August 6, 2009 press release."

AVEX Entertainment Co's promise to continue to protect TVXQ has not been changed
from the time they made this promise at their press release in August this year.

Always Keep The Faith!

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The post card thing is on the news now. I am so glad this news paper company in Japan called AVEX.
And AVEX said "Our stance to support TVXQ has not changed from August 6th, this year."
Date: 16 November
Time: 3.23pm

On the 16th, it was revealed by Mnet's office that they have invited TVXQ, whose members are in the midst of a legal dispute with their management company, to attend their year-end awards "Mnet Asian Music Award" (hereafter known as MAMA). This year's MAMA will be held on the 21st November, Seoul, Jamsil Gymnasium.

Their office said, "MAMA's aim is to show the rest of Asia Korea's culture" and "the award ceremeony will be aired across the 10 main countries in Asia, like Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, where TVXQ is the best artist. Thus, Korea's top artist cannot be excluded from the invitation."

On MAMA's end, they have expressed interest in inviting TVXQ to attend their awards. On the 16th, they said that they would get in touch with TVXQ's management to see whether it would be possible for them to attend or not. However, TVXQ's company, SM Entertainment has declared that they would not be attending MAMA, so a lot of attention has been cast on TVXQ to see whether or not they will attend.

An official from the KPOP industry said, "Last month, the courts approved a partial injunction to the 3 members' exclusive contract with the company, and the 3 members are allowed to participate in their own individual activities" and "while we hope that all 5 members can attend together, the possibility of only the 3 members attending is high".

MAMA is holding their award ceremony on the 21st, which was originally the date of TVXQ's concert in China. However, SM Entertainment claimed that, "The 3 members expressed that they did not wish to participate in the concert that was to be held on the 21st, and the remaining performances are uncertain." In contrast, the 3 members' side claimed that "From the beginning, the China concert (Shenzhen) was not in the contract."

A representative from a company for idol groups said, "SM Entertainment and the 3 members have differing opinions, and the dispute is becoming more serious. Disbandment might be inevitable."

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You know the representative for an idol Group Company is so Obvious that he's jealous of TVXQ's Success kuhu KISS OUR ASS
TOHOSHINKI PREMIUM SHOWCASE at Omotesando - 2009.07.02-2009.07.06

Love playing pranks~★

Putting this on the top of the phone strap machine!
Who's the culprit of this prank...!?

It's Yoochun
(^o^; )
[T/N: in this pic, it looks like he's hiding the pen in something too lol]



Yoochun loves being mischievous too much.
During their break time, Yoochun was secretly watching their fans through the window ☆

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lol I don't think the fans downstairs mind being peeped at by Chun though XD
Currently DBSK is at number 1 for this categories:

2009 TOP 10 sections


2009 STAR sections


This particular event is BIG! They’ll have an event for it on December 16th

This is the first Melon Award because they used to be only a chart ranking site but now they’ve created an event for this year(why this year??????)

The nominees are the ones that were active between December-October 2009 so that is why our boys are one of the nominees

They are taking into account artistes that have been active from December of 2008 to October of 2009. The winners will be determined by streaming counts (30%), numbers of downloads (50%), and extra downloads such as ringtones (20%).

we need to log in to vote, and we’re not yet discovering how to log in and whether do you need Korean citizen id to register

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According to the “News flash for the video software sales of September 2009” made by Japan Video Software Association on November 2, the total sales amount for September was 26,420,000,000 yen, rising 111.9% from the sales of September 2008.

The DVD sold 24,143,000,000 yen, sales increased 106.3% compared to last September. Especially, DVD sales for individuals reached 14,760,000,000, 113.1% in growth. For the rental shop version, it has declined to 9,283,000,000 yen, slightly decreasing as 98.2%. However, the number of DVD released (for rental shops) has increased to 3,650,000, making the highest shipping record. Blu-ray disks has had good sales too, selling 2,268,000,000 yen. This was the 2nd highest month in Blu-ray sales, the highest month was December 2008.

This month, the live DVDs for Tohoshinki, Namie Amuro, and Kinki Kids were released. Also, movie “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” “Gran Torino,” “Twentieth Century Boys Part 2,””The Triumphant General Rouge,” “CROWS ZERO II,” overseas dramas “Heroes Seasons 3,” “Terminator 2: Sarah Connor Chronicles,” animated cartoon “K-ON!” etc., DVDs for all genre were released. As a result, the total sales from January to September were 193,473,000,000 yen, and is 90.5% as of the same term of 2008.

T/N: OMG, the numbers and the names of the movies are making me dizzy smile.gif. Hope I translated it correctly

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Here is the special site which announces the TVXQ special's rebroadcast on NHK.
It will be aired tonight, Japan time. (Ah~~I wish they air it here.)

Click fir TVXQ Music Japan Special site:

What is interesting is that other Music Japan Specials featured artists are
The Beatles and Michael Jackson. Kind of neat, huh?

Always Keep The Faith!
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We all know how much DBSK loves to eat (especially Changmin!). And it seems the television shows know too - they're always feeding our boys!

Here are some of my favorite eating scenes with DBSK. What are some of yours?

Mirai Soudouzo - Grilled Pork & natto

Key point: Feeding tofu natto to Yoochun

Zoom-in -Korean gourmet

Key point: Changmin "in gourment report mode"

Music Japan - Takoyaki

Key point: Yunho's reaction to Junsu's takoyaki + Jaejoong carefully choosing which takoyaki to feed which member...

Channel-A - Strange Japanese food

Key point: Junsu's reaction to the stinky fish

Channel-A - Spicy food!

Key point: Poor Junsu's inability to eat any of the food...

Sakigake - Belgian desserts

Key point: Junsu stealing Yoochun's food

And even when there isn't food...
Channel-A - Air!

Key point: The look on Yoochun's face!

i'm uploading the Video in youtube...
Click Play to watched You'll hear Tohoshinki's new Song "BREAK OUT"
Visit: http://www.nhk.or.jp/pr-movie/
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Uploader's note : The whole audio takes 73minutes. I'm not sure whether I should reupload all 8 parts onto YT or not. So please give your opinion. I dont want to spoil everything. but its so detailed the audio. You can hear almost every word! Its not complete, I think! xD I think the beginning is missing. The end part is exactly the same as the ones we all uploaded onto YT! xD

Please dont ask me to sub! I dont understand Korean, so you all have to wait till the official video has been released. Once its released, GOE-SS will be subbing it asap!

In the meanwhile, you can just listen to Joongie smooth talk! LOVE LOVE


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It killed me many times already
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