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we do not have the trans but its so cute!
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Director: Kim Chul-Gyu (Hwang Jin-i / More Beautiful Than A Flower)
Production Company: Samhwa Networks (We-ding / Snow Flower / Mom Is Mad / First Wives Club)
Screenplay: Jang Hyun Joo (The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince) / Seo Hui-Jin (Into the Sun)

Year 2010 MBC drama scheduled to be broadcast from January to February

90% of the pre-production are targeted to be filmed in Australia and Jeju Island for the location filming, filming scheduled to start in November.

Main Cast
Shim Changmin - Han Dong-Soo
Lee Yeon-hee - Lee Da-ji
Yoo Ha Na - Jin-Young (The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House)

Ren Soo-Sang - Da Eun (Lee Da-ji's brother?)
Song You-Hyeon - Song
Ren Ai-Young

Side Cast
Ra Young-Hui
Lee Doo-il

Film Lineup
F D - Gold ternary
Clothing - Kim Sam-Won (The Painter of Wind / Baby and Me)
Clothing - Kim Woo-Soo
Make-up Group – Kim Yoo-Jin
Make-up Group - Kim Jung-Eun
Camera Photography Authority - Kim Seung-ho (Sad Love Story)
Camera Mirror's chief executive – Lee Hyeong
Lighting Authority - Choi Jong-Geun (Alone in Love)
Log keeper - Shin Eun-hui
Arts - Kwon Ye Seul

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Note From xU : Since The Photo from Bigeastation 138 hasn't come out yet so I added the old photo of JaeSuChun ^^
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We are accustomed to seeing our boys on
the tops of the most knowed rankings .
Navigating in the site mu-mo
I noticed that they are 10th in the ranking.
Taking into consideration that "Share The World"
is not a single very recent,
I conclude that it is a good position.

* mu-mo is a registered trademark of Avex Marketing Inc..
It´s a Mobile Site which you can pre-order singles,
DVDs and other items of AVEX artists.

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Bigeast Report:

I went to Roppongi Toho Cinema theater in Tokyo with my friend.
There were many tourist around the area.

(T/N: Two of our friends had reported about Tohoshinki Live Tour 2009 at OneTVXQ previously.
This one is from my friend from Japan who just went to see it. ^^ Yes, the show is going on.
Before more shows were added, 50,000 fans purchased tickets. So how many by now??
Everyone reports bit differently which is nice so that we can feel little more about this showing. Agree? ^^)

Info about this theater showing:
We went inside of the theater and many TVXQ goods
such as DVD's and magazines were being sold there.

The DVD which comes with the purchase of the ticket was hand given at the entrance area.
After the up coming movies commercials were being shown
and when the theater became dark, we were so excited!

Unfortunately MC parts by the members were not being shown.
The showing started with the Tokyo Dome Tour's opening video.

≪Tokyo Dome≫
・Opening Video
・Secret Game
・Stand Up!
・Sky~Somebody To Love
・Stand by U

≪PV Ranking≫
#10:Stand by U
08:O -Seihango-
07:Asuwa Kurukara
06:Choosey Love
05:Purple Line
03:Rising Sun

・Share The World
・Purple Line
・Doshite Kimiwo Sukininatte Shimattandaro
・Stand by U
・Somebody To Love
・Summer Dream

At the end of the theator showing, Tokiwo Tomete's full song was being played. ^^

I have seen the Tokyo Dome Tour aired by TBS TV and also I purchased and watched
the Tokyo Dome DVD as well. I think that the one shown at the theater was slightly different
from the other two, so I believe they showed some original work at the theaters.
(T/N: Ah~~~~ I wish Avex will sell DVD of this full showing later!)

Personally, I loved the a-nation part the best. To be able to see a-nation performance
which I participated on August 28th, 2009 in full! The DVD in which Avex will release will
only include one song of TVXQ and even WOWOW TV only showed few songs of TVXQ.
Therefore, it was both a rare and a great show!

(T/N: She sure is lucky to go to a dome tour, a-nation and watch TBS, wowow
and be at the theater as well~~~! I know friends how you feel.
Still I am glad Bigeast share their report with us. I am sure you do too!^^)

Since it is shown at the big theater, I felt like I was back to Tokyo Dome and back to a-nation.
There were some fans who brought the red pen light with them and waved at TVXQ on the screen.
LOL. ^^

The DVD they had given at the theaters was not clear with no sound.
It could have been better I felt.
Everyone was very quiet as they watched the videos.
Since it was shown in a huge screen, our TVXQ's smiles were so big and wonderful.

If you are a Junsu fan you would fell in love with him all over again when you see his adorable smile at the summer dream time, when he lay down and place his hands on his cheeks and smile at us. ^^

(T/N: Ahh~~~~I want to see his huge smile right NOW! Junsu~~~~)

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Japan music industry consist of many different genre of music, which include J-pop, J-rock, Classical and many others. This chart is the compilation sale chart for CD JAPAN and also the J-pop CDs chart.
#2 on J-pop CDs
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#90 on Compilation Chart
#92 on Compilation Chart
#97 on Compilation Chart
#109 on Compilation Chart
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