Sunday, November 8, 2009

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they call these peeps, Noona coordinator~

aigooo~ no one updated while i was happily resting~
Why am I the only one Always Updating...
I hope we find more authors... sometimes they Just go *poof*
I sacrificed a lot...
but you must all know
That I'll be going away for a while...
and I'm afraid If i'm not around no One will update as much as I do...
But I have to go... thats the way things are... till the they I'll be back..
Please Wait for me~
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I should ask my relatives in ShenZhen to Pull out some for me~
I have a thing for poster especially i'm from a place~ that TVXQ is not famous in YET
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How cute They're just a Bunch of teenagers~
Sorry For The Naming I don't know what these photos are from... coz' during these times I have no Idea that theres a Great Thing in South Korea
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