Thursday, November 5, 2009

The recent updates about TVXQ members will be released through E! NEWS KOREA.

On last July 31st, three TVXQ members namely Youngwoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu signed up a battle against SM to terminate their exclusive contract.

Currently the active members of TVXQ are only TVXQ U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin. Sometime ago, Jung Yunho had just finished his first acting debut as actor through MBC Drama “Heading To The Ground”, meanwhile Choikang Changmin is also reported to make his acting debut anytime soon.

In exception of those two members, all local activities of the rest members have been suspended thoroughly. Since the submission of application to “terminate TVXQ’s exclusive contract effect”, an information revealed that Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun had secretly tattoo-ed their chest together.

In the tattoo, there’s a huge meaning behind it… The meaning of the tattoo… will be revealed for the first time on Thursday, November 5th SBSETV midnight broadcast of E! NEWS KOREA.

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When I hear Bond and Friendship theres only one thing that pops out my mind its TVXQ and we fans Know that!
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So he Changed the BG and added a Sidebar Tab and removed another Photo

OH nice Song Choice
it kinda Speaks and say something to us

Don't Say Goodbye
Forever Love
and Kotoba ni Dekinai (I can't Put into words)

(Oh oh Lyn's Song the tribute to Junsu LOL)
This is the summary

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We have decided on 『Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT』's 2nd balloting event.
Registration for 2nd event's balloting will start next week on 11/11 (Wed) from 16:00.

※All venues are available for this 2nd balloting. Please only choose the venues that you'll be able to go to.
※People who have already paid for their tickets from the 1st balloting event aren't allowed to register.
(※The system will reject your registration if you try to apply the 2nd time)
※After you've submitted your application, you cannot modify or cancel it.

『Bigeast 4th FANCLUB EVENT』2nd balloting event

◆Balloting period: 2009/11/11(Wed)16:00~2009/11/16(Mon)15:00
(Ticket results will be selected randomly and not based on time order)

◆Details of the balloting process:
・Access Bigeast Official Site starting from 16:00 on 11/11 (Wed) (PC・cell phone)
・Log in with your membership and password.
・Confirm at the 【NEWS】 section on your membership-exclusive page.

◆Members who have successfully balloted for the tickets at the 1st balloting event are expected to pay by 2009/11/7 (Sat).

From Bigeast 2009/11/05.

T/N: Basically this time Bigeast is really determined to have only one ticket/member, so the extra tickets this time are from people who failed to ballot at the 1st event and people who don't pay their money on time.
I did a small calculation of the capacity of all venues in total, and I came up with [Kobe 10,000 x 4 sessions] + [Sendai 7,500 x 2 sessions] + [Yokohama 17,000 x 4 sessions] ≈ 123,000 seats. My friend joined Bigeast at the end of October and her membership was almost 160,000, so there will be more than 45,000 members who can't go to this event :|

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[Info] 091104 TVXQ Mirotic Concert in Shenzhen Ticket Information

We are glad to do the group purchasing for the foreign fans of TVXQ who want to go to Shenzhen Concert this time.

You can get more information by sending email to

Please do not hesitate to contact with us, we are willing to help all the fans who support TVXQ.

Best regards

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Tohoshinki’s YUNHO (Jung Yunho) has finished the last shooting for the Wed & Thurs drama “Heading To The Ground” (MBC).

A related person said on Nov 3 “The last shooting was a soccer scene. It was piercingly cold so that it was much difficult than previously shootings. The staffs wore thick jackets, but all the actors playing soccer (including Jung Yunho) only wore soccer wear (short pants), so it should have been difficult.”

This day, Jung Yunho shot a scene being accidentally toppled by another player, committing many fouls. But he did not forget to smile till the end, and have done his best. All were very impressed. The other actors was influenced by Yunho, and pumped up thinking “Let’s take care of ourselves not to be injured, and hang on till the end”.

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“Thank you very much for all the love you’ve been giving to me. Due to your love we have finished filming HTTG successfully. You guys believe in me and support me, so I’ll try harder next time. Don’t forget to continue loving and supporting me”

Food and gifts from fans (from many different Yunho fans sites):

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