Monday, October 26, 2009

These are my tickets I didn't get the most expensive ones TT__TT coz' they're soldout already~ I already saw them up close in Bangkok so I'm very happy~ already But! anyways next time I'll see you again! I'm applying for a part time Job~ Were going bankrupt becoz' of my DBSK love... and all these overseas concert...anyways girl this time I'll wave the Banner of DBSKNIGHTS!

To Answer's Everyone Question

How Did I buy the Tickets?
I Did not bought it online rather, I asked someone in ShenZhen China to buy it for me.

How Much are the tickets?
RMB(¥): 280 480 680 980 1280
USD($): 43 74 105 151 197
(i got 4 $105)

Yes I will fly over to China, get a Visa and everything
this is my 2nd concert of TVXQ last June 2009 I went to Thailand for them.

I'm from the Philippines, they are costly coz' I need to go overseas for them. but for DBSK! i will do everything.

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